Part 2

Chapter 1


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"SILIKA?!" Maliha cried in vain, the lioness was nowhere to be found. "SILIKA!"

Kiara padded over to the meerkat with confusion. She hadn't seen Silika or Kisasi anywhere. And personally, she wanted to spend the day with her son today.

"Maliha, what's going on?" she asked.

"Kiara! Silika ran away! I can't find her ANYWHERE!" Kiara went cold, so her assumptions were correct. If only her daddy was here. She really felt like she needed his council. When she saw him during her near-death experience, he didn't say enough to help her be queen. Since when did her father become wise and mysterious?

"I'll send some lionesses to look for them." Kiara decided, "And if you could get Kovu to hurry with his patrol, that would be great!"

Maliha dipped her head, she always loved the queen Kiara. She scrambled to King Kovu, who was alone, patrolling the borders. She gasped when she saw three silhouette lionesses prepare for an ambush. Before she could warn him, Ruzuna appeared from out of nowhere just as the lionesses were going to kill Kovu. She defended him, and fought until the lionesses left. She whirled around to face Kovu who seemed surprised. As he should be, it was well known that Ruzuna would never give her life for Kovu when she knew no one would know that she didn't help him.

"What was that?" Kovu asked, meaning her sudden change in loyalty.

"A bunch of rogue lionesses who were going to ambush you." she said kindly.

Maliha nearly threw up in her mouth. The lioness was very attractive and was using her beauty as a tool.

"I saved you, doesn't that mean I get a thank you?" she asked, taking another step, her tail moving side to side.

Kovu nodded, he thanked her, and they finished the patrol together, talking. Maliha slapped her face, not wanting to tell Kiara, why were the male gender so gullible when a fancy female was toying with them?! She began walking toward pride rock when Tumbo and Banga swooped down to her. An sad expression on their faces.

"'Ello Maliha." Tumbo gave a small bow. "We've got a situation."

"What are you talking about?" Maliha asked, a little impatient in wanting to talk to Kiara.

"Well you see, the other meerkats are tired of you bein' here. We can't stay any longer."

"Tumbo, I'm staying as long as I have to. Ruzuna is up to something and I have to find out what." Maliha growled.

"What do you mean up to something?" a voice purred from behind.

Maliha turned around to see Ruzuna and a few others. She gasped as they gave her a sly smile.

"Everyone knows that you were going to leave, and they didn't know when. They said their goodbyes and now they'll never see you again, murderer." Ruzuna continued.

Maliha's eyes widen with surprise as she realized that her secret was coming out, she couldn't let the pride landers know her crime. And if the pride landers knew, Silika would find out sometime or another.

"What do you want?" Maliha asked darkly.

"You. Dead." Ruzuna smiled. "Attack."

The lionesses roared and began launching themselves at the poor unsuspecting victims. Maliha jumped back just in time to avoid a lioness's strong jaw. She jumped onto Banga as he slowly swooped upward. He was a big bird, it was hard to take off so fast. But they were lucky, they managed to get high enough in the air to avoid the thrashing claws of the angry lionesses below. Ruzuna climbed a rock and launched herself at Banga, she missed him but made Maliha tumble down to the ground where the fierce lionesses awaited. Banga and Tumbo could not do anything to save her, the two vultures watched as one lioness killed Maliha with one blow. Normally they would cheer for a death, which meant a meal, even teased Maliha about eating her when she died, but they never meant it. In their strange family, Maliha seemed to be the mother, the adult. Even their vulture stomach could not hold what a horrible and sudden fate Maliha went through.

"What do we do with those vultures?" Kabisa(KAH-bee-sah, For good) hissed, eying the birds as they circled them in shock.

"Nothing, they did not see the important part." Ruzuna commanded, she lowered her voice so the vulture could never hear her. "But keep an eye on them, feel free to kill them if they get close enough without you seeing them. Everyone must deny me being here if they tell Kovu. I need to get close to him."

Above, the vultures circled, completely lost as to what they should do. Maliha always told them what to do, and they never realized how much they relied on her.

"We should tell King Kovu and Queen Kiara!" Tumbo gasped, his accent was heavy.

"No." Banga said. "We need to find Silika! She'll be able to 'andle this! She left the pride lands!"

"You knew that and you didn't tell us?!" Tumbo yelled, trying to hold in his tears. "You IDIOT!"

"We should leave as soon as possible." Banga couldn't look his comrade in the eyes.

Banga and Tumbo were used to death, and Maliha's death only frustrated them, made them sick, and of course, they might break the vulture code and mourn. It would have been more of a joke if Banga or Tumbo died, they didn't care about them dying, but Maliha was in their care, it was their fault that she died. So as they flew away from Pride Rock, it was actually the smartest thing they did, because the lionesses thought they were too scared to ever return, and were officially taken care of. But they would return, with maybe the angriest lioness ever.

Kiara was pacing, she could not find her son anywhere, and Silika was missing. Maybe they went to go see Tau? Maybe. But if they return and that was the case, they were going to be in big trouble. Nala came over and chuckled, she rubbed her head under Kiara's chin.

"You're going to make that leg ache all week if you keep walking in circles." she said motherly. "Come sit with me."

Kiara sighed and sat down, her head low. Nala nudged her, eyes worried.

"What's wrong?" she asked, Kiara didn't say anything. "Kiara, I'm your mother, and anyone who wasn't blind could tell that somethings up."

"Kisasi and Silika are missing." Kiara blurted. "I can't find them anywhere. And Kovu isn't worried."

"I wouldn't be, our problems should be over now." Nala smiled. "I thought for the longest time that Scar was going to come back, after he died in that battle. But he never did, we had peace and harmony for a long time, until Zera. This problem is over, you should relax."
Kiara sighed, realizing that her mother went through something similar when she was her age, but still, Kiara didn't feel safe yet. And anything out of the ordinary was something to follow up.

After Ruqaya, she was sure that this feeling would never leave her.

"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" Eshe laughed, running from Rifaa. Eshe looked almost exactly like Nala, which most of the other lions teased her about, but she didn't care. She was always upbeat and always willing to make friends. Rifaa groaned and rolled over, not getting up to chase his friend. Kamaria (kah-mah-REE-ah, like the moon), Eshe's sister, laughed and poked Rifaa's bellie, he groaned again and rolled over. Kamaria was the smaller of the twins, always shy around others but never backed away from a challenge. She wasn't good at fighting at all, but enjoyed trying. She never minded loosing. But of course, when around her sister she could be just as naughty.

Eshe came back looking disapointed.

"You guys are no fun." she pouted.

"You'd better run, Eshe," Kamaria grinned. She slammed her paw on Rifaa's tail. He yowled and looked at them. Kamaria pointed at Eshe and he growled and chased her. Kamaria smirked, she always knew how to get them both smiling, because at the end of the chase, Rifaa would be laughing harder than Eshe. They looked around, things were so much more fun ever since Kovu changed into a nice, full of fun, hairball.

Oh my gosh I just killed Maliha! I seriously can't believe I just did that... And I really didn't put enough emotion into that, but honestly, they're vultures, it was very emotional for them. They just don't show it the same way we do. But don't worry, Silika will do all the mourning the world can handle when she finds out. And I know it seems rather slapped together, I suck bad, but it's Spring and I wanted to hurry with this chapter. I'll have time later, hopefully. And I'd like to thank all of the readers who read my first book, and many more thanks to those who reviewed. And for the new readers, I've got a little charrie bio on my profile, so you can learn just who these characters are and how they know each other.