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AN: Yeah...just a quick little thing I wrote up while insanely bored. Enjoy!

One by One

One by one he releases Them.

One by one he sets Them free.

The inner demons he contains.

The inner demons he controls.

One by one.

First he releases the Sorrow.

Soon after his stomach,

And heart begins to ache.

He can hear the patter of the rain,

Despite it being a cloudless day.

Next he releases the Hate.

The burning intensifies.

The icy, gripping hands of grief

On his chest turn to tendrils of hellfire.

His heart becomes cold and alight in chorus.


He releases the pure, unadulterated Bloodlust.

A beast he despises,


Even he cannot deny the ecstatic pleasure of

Tearing his enemies limb from limb.

One by one,

He releases the monster inside.

One by one his defenses against them

Hit the floor with deafening sound.

One by one.

His demonic eye glints as he licks his lips,

The ebony vines binding him

Twitch in anticipation.

He's ready.

Are you?