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Horo hadn't seen Ren all day, and was beginning to itch. He hadn't made fun of his purple haired friend. Where the hell was he?!

"Ren!" Horo screamed at the top of his lungs. "Ren! I'm gonna drink ALL your milk if you don't come out soon!"


Horo was shocked, Ren didn't come running for his precious milk. He became a little worried, but mostly suspicious.

'Maybe he's sick…' Horo thought doing another quick run around of the house.

His running slowed and came to a stop at Ren's door. 'C'mon, you can do this. Don't be worried. He won't kill you.' Horo tried to raise his spirits. (A/N: No pun intended!)

Gulping, he touched the handle. When he didn't receive the shock of a lifetime, he grinned and threw the door open.

Horo gaped at Ren. He was wearing a…a dress! He couldn't pull his eyes away from the sight.

Ren saw Horo in his mirror and whirled around to glare at him.

Horo quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind him. Ren looked incredibly sexy in that dress.

Ren's glare fell and he blushed, staring at the floor. He began fiddling with the sleeves on the dress…too embarrassed to say anything.

The dress was purple with long black sleeves and a square neck cut. It went down, sweeping the floor, widening at the bottom. The purple matched his hair color, making his beautiful yellow eyes more prominent.

Ren tried to speak to defend himself…but was unable to. He found he could not speak. Silent tears began to spill from his eyes…hands quivering.

Horo walked over to Ren, standing very close. Using both hands he lifted Ren's head, hands placed on cheeks , thumbs wiping away Ren's tears.

"Hey," HoroHoro spoke softly, startling Ren. "It's okay. You look beautiful."

Ren was rendered speechless. Horo thought him beautiful? Was this the same Horo…?

…or a fake…?

Horo couldn't help it. He brushed his lips gently against Ren's lips.

"Horo…?" Ren asked confused but slightly excited.

"Yes?" Horo asked nuzzling Ren's chin.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Ren asked biting back a moan as Horo moved down Ren's neck.

Horo stopped abruptly and stumbled backward from Ren looking scared. "Please…don't kill me…I-I'm sorry! I-I shouldn't've done that!"

Ren advanced and Horo backed up till he was against Ren's closet. "Horo…"

"D-don't talk! I-I might try t-to kiss you again! I-I'm sorry!" Horo tried to make Ren stop.

Ren felt tears pricking the sides of his eyes.

Did Horo actually not like him?

Horo saw the tears and felt bad. 'Does he really like me like that?"

Before Ren could break down and sob, Horo was there hugging him tightly.

"I'm sorry, Ren. I'm so sorry for making you cry. Please don't ever cry again, Ren. It hurts to see you cry, Ren. Please. I love you. It hurts to see you cry," Horo told him kissing the tears from his eyes.

'Horo actually does like me? No he doesn't like me, he loves me. He said so. How do I feel?' Ren heard himself think. He felt his mouth move on its own. "I love you too, Horo."

He saw Horo's entire face light up when he said that. Horo laughed kissing Ren full on the mouth and twirling him around in all his excitement.

Ren felt a rush of joy he never felt before as he melted into Horo's mouth and arms. He was happy to have someone love him.

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