Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to write on of the best fan fictions you have ever read. Ok not really, in my dreams right? This story is going to be a tale about Edward and Bella continuing off of the very beginning of New Moon. The Cullens do not leave, and all is happy... or is it? Watch (read) as Edward and Bella's relationship is faced with challenges of the mind, the heart, an and outside force.

I would like to make clear before I start to add chapters that I will not be interrupting this story with annoying author notes. I seriously hate those! I think, YAY!! A new chapter!! Yet, all I get is an A/N saying "I'm going on vacation, don't worry about story." So you don't have to worry about that.

I will also try to remain constant on my updates. I will try to do so at least everyday. Maybe more!! I will even try to update tonight!