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Dear God, it felt so wrong.


In human years, they were as old as the dinosaurs. But in both their races' years, they were just teenagers!

"Et... Etna..."


Not to mention...they were girls.



It wasn't normal!



She was an angel! She wasn't supposed to be going against nature!


This was such a sin!


Etna looked down at the Angel Trainee. Her face was flushed and she looked shocked at what had happened. "What is it, Flonne?" It was getting so good before she started to complain.

She was an angel. This was a sin. She wasn't supposed to be going against nature...but...


But the forbidden fruit is always sweet. And Etna's fruit was...addictive.

"Then stop trying to push me off! You wanna get done before the Prince gets back, right?"

Flonne nodded her head quickly before Etna kissed her. She could feel Etna's tongue on hers and could feel the younger girl's fangs against her lips. Etna's gloved hands were wrapped around her and she could feel the fabric. They weren't going too far. It wasn't like they were going to...do 'It' as her parents had once referred to it. Just kissing wasn't a sin, was it?

Was it?

In all actuality, despite what Laharl and the others thought, Flonne's first sin was not striking down those of her own race. And she was tainted before she ever became a Fallen Angel.


(Oo) Where the hell did that come from?! Anyway...I got bored in school during lunch and this managed to pop outta my deranged little mind. My first yuri fic... I'm so proud!! I just hope no one looks at me funny. I'm not a real supporter of the EtnaFlonne pairing, but I just wanted to try something out. Later.