He gives me that look of utter loathing again. What did I do now? I look at the glass in my hand.


I sit patiently through his talk. He looks so cute when he's angry. I'm not paying any attention to him. I think he can see that. Scowling, he tells me I'm free to go now.

I stare blankly at him, realizing he's not talking any more. I'm lost in him now. I push him against the wall; my lips cover his. He's frozen in my arms.

I release him, allowing him to breathe. He stares at me, unable to speak.

He tries to push me away, but I pin his arms above his head on the wall…kissing him again. My other hand snakes up his shirt, caressing his abdomen.

I am rewarded with a moan when I force my tongue into his mouth.

I pull away again, sensing that I might go too far before he's ready. I don't want to hurt him.

He moans my name, wide yellow eyes pleading with me to stay with him.

I hesitate, thinking of the consequences. His eyes seem to grow sadder with each passing second. It breaks my heart to see that.

Quickly, I return to him, kissing the sadness out of him.


We break away, stunned. I hold him protectively, one hand around his waist holding him close, the other hand on the side of his head making his head rest on my chest.

Or sisters are standing there…staring and gaping at us.

They drag us away from each other; we fight to return.

My world is falling apart. Why can't I have the only person I've ever loved…? Why?

I can tell he loves me, he wouldn't've begged me to stay if he didn't. We make our way back to each other, crying, hugging, kissing, whispering each other's names. He is Ren Tao, and I am HoroHoro the Ainu.