I quit, I'm done

I don't think it's gonna work out OK

It's no fair and it's no fun

If every time it's gonna end the same way:

Me: zero

Big bad world: one - Jonathan Coulton, 'Big Bad World One'

It didn't take the doctors and the robotics specialists too long to create a new life support system for him. When they'd presented it to him, he would have vomited if he'd still had a digestive system.

Spider legs. They'd put his head on a set of spider legs. They assured him that a human-shaped suit was in the works, but in the meantime he scuttled about his own hideout like the very same pests he'd killed off when he first moved in.

As his legs clicked mechanically on the tiles, the magnificent view of the city across the river caught his eye. He turned and placed two of his legs up on the glass, resting the bubble that covered his head between them.

Somewhere there's a hell that was meant for me, and I think I found it. He glared out the window at Gotham City, cheerful in its holiday decorations.

But why should I live there alone?

He raised his head and fixed a piercing glare at the twinkling lights of the city. People were happy in that city. People were normal in that city. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair. With his lip gently caught between his teeth, Mr. Freeze began planning his final assault on the world.

Step one: settle into his new robot body. Step two: Get a set of cheap hench-wenches to throw away as needed while out and about. As for step three, well...He glanced down the hallway to a locked door with the words 'DANGER: EXPLOSIVES' stenciled on it in large urgent letters. He was sure he could come up with something suitable for step three.

Author's Note: And this, of course, leads into the episode 'Cold Comfort'. Thanks for reading!