First Comes Marriage

Summary: Eighteen-year-old, seventh year Hogwarts student, Hermione Granger finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage to her Potions Professor Severus Snape, because of a marriage law that the Ministry of Magic has passed. Can she survive being married to someone who has more secrets than a lost city? Someone who doesn't love her? Someone who is growing to love her more with each day? And can she survive the love that is growing within her?

Author's Note: I have read several of these Marriage Law fanfic's and thought I'd try one of my own. I know that their supposed to be short but this one is going to be longer because I want it to be so read and review and tell me what you think. I have added some of my own things to the fic so it's not going by the guidelines that most of them do. I wanted to spice something up a bit. This is pre-HBP and Dumbledore's death; also Snape's past is not correct this is just my imagination running wild and the plot kitten that has replaced the bunny that used to sit on my shoulder has taken up the bunny's old habit of drinking. Please, someone save me. This fic contains graphic adult situations, forced marriage, some slight angst and many other things please exercise caution when reading. Author is not responsible for injuries received during the reading of this fanfic.

Chapter 1: Her Wedding Day

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Tears welled in the eyes of her mother and her best friend Ginny Weasley as they looked at her. There was no smile on her face, no happiness emitting from her as she adjusted the bodice of the white wedding dress. Oh, the dress was absolutely beautiful and everything was perfect on this very special day. But the lack of smile and happiness were because she didn't love the man she was about to marry. But she didn't have a chose.

She thought back to the day when Dumbledore had called her into his office and asked her to do this for the Order. Snape had been outraged that he had asked her but had been quickly subdued when told about the marriage law. Every wizard had to marry a woman who was a match to him or at least compatible in several ways. So because she had been the closest thing to compatible Hermione had been asked to marry Snape so that he could continue to work for the Order as a spy and not get thrown in jail.

"Hermione," the voice of her other best friend Harry Potter came from the doorway where he stood with Ron Weasley and her father. She took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders. Turning she walked toward her father who smiled and kissed her forehead. Her parents thought she loved Snape. She'd done her best to convince them that she would be alright and that she was actually in love with him. But that was as far from the truth as one could get. She'd never loved Snape, never even liked him as a teacher or a person. She hated his guts, loathed the ground he walked on. But she had to think about the wizarding world and the safety of her parents and friends. Why else would she throw herself into a loveless marriage with a man who was easily twice her age?

As she descended the stairs toward the Great Hall she heard the sound of music coming from inside and the voices speaking. Dumbledore had insisted that they have a large wedding to keep up appearance and invited the whole school, the Ministry and everyone else he could think of, the Malfoy's had even shown up, seeing as how Lucius was Snape's best man they couldn't not come. She stopped outside the doors and waited for the wedding march to start. Tears filled her eyes and she raised her hand to whip them away but they wouldn't stop. Her father noticed and smiled down at her.

"I'm so happy that you've found someone to love you 'mione. I really like this man; he seems to have a lot in common with you. I hope you'll be happy for a long time." He said as they stood together and watched as the others entered the Great Hall ahead of them. A little girl Hermione didn't know standing in front of her with a basket full of red rose petals shifted from one foot to the other nervously and the little ring bearer stood in front of her bouncing on his heels. She looked up at her father the tears still coming down and forced a smile onto her lips. "I just don't understand why you can't wait until you get out of school to get married."

"We just want to get married as soon as possible. We love each other so much that we can't wait." She lied again to her father and watched as he shook his head.

"If it's what will make you happy then I'm not going to stop you but I still don't understand." He said softly as the wedding march started and the children started down the aisle ahead of her. She looked inside and noticed everyone was looking back at the door. Her eyes traveled up to the front of the Hall and met Snape's. He had his hands behind his back and stood ram rod straight looking back at her. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a red rose boutonnière sticking out of the lapel on his chest and his hair looked as if it had been washed and slicked back.

She felt the bottom of her stomach drop out as her father started to move and she moved forward with him. This was it, she was going to marry him and be tied to him for the rest of her life. There was no divorce, even if he was abusive or cheated there was no way out of this for her. She was about to give the rest of her life to a man who hated her as much as she hated him.

The eyes of her friends and classmates followed her progress and she thought she might faint from the stress of all the thoughts that were running through her mind. But she had to do her part to save the world from Voldemort's evil. Hogwarts students stood in rows dressed in their best while the teachers stood in the second row closest to Snape and the preacher. Her mother, the Weasley's, her friends and Snape's family stood in the front row on either side of the Great Hall. She looked over at Snape's mother and smiled, the older woman smiled back. It was amazing that his mother actually liked her, she'd never met Snape's father because he had walked out on the two of them not long after Snape was born. She felt his eyes on her as she got closer and she felt the bottom of her stomach drop even further toward the floor. Oh, Gods this was not something she wanted to do.

When she and her father reached the front of the room he turned and kissed her cheek and handed her over to Snape. He took her shaking hand in his and stared down at her. She hadn't realized that she was shaking until she took his hand. He held it gently almost like he cared that she was scared. His black eyes seemed to be trying to tell her that it was okay and she shouldn't worry. But she was worried and she was scared and she didn't want to marry him.

You don't have a chose. You agreed to this so live with it. You have to protect the people you care about so put on one of those fake smiles and swallow this bitter pill.

She did just that plastering one of her best smiles on her face and looking straight at him. His lips twitched and finally a smile crossed his lips. It was the first time she'd seen him smile. Usually it was a smirk or an evil snarl but this one looked real and took about ten years off his face. For the first time in her life she found herself thinking that Snape was almost handsome. She quickly pushed the thought away and brought her eyes up to his once more.

"Dearly beloved we are here today to witness these two people in holy matrimony. The act of marriage is an open confession of the love two people share for each other. These two young people have decided that now is the right time and place for their confession." The preacher said as he looked out over the crowd of people. "Severus Charles Snape, do you take this woman Hermione Jane Granger to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or worse as long as you both shall live?" He stared down at her the fake smile on her lips slipped slightly as he turned to the preacher.

"I do." The words didn't sound awkward or forced they were just words. Kind of like their marriage was going to be. In name only, there would be no love.

"And do you Hermione Jane Granger, take this man Severus Charles Snape to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse as long as you both shall live?" The moment of truth had appeared and Hermione took a deep breath turning to the old preacher. She felt a lump forming in her throat.

"I do." The words tumbled from her lips and she thought she heard the Hall give a great sigh. Closing her eyes for a moment she listened as the preacher continued on with the ceremony. Ringers were exchanged and she waited for the moment when she'd be forced to kiss Snape in front of all these people.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." She opened her eyes and stared up at Snape. He swallowed and bent forward slowly. She braced herself for it but when his lips touched hers she felt like she was floating. His lips formed over hers and gently pressed. He wasn't forceful or demanding he just kissed her, like one would kiss someone they cared about. Pulling away first she stared up at him and smiled. The smile came easier this time, almost like it wasn't forced onto her lips.

"I am proud to present to you Mr and Mrs Severus Charles Snape." They turned hands clasped tightly and everyone stood up clapping and crying. Ginny reached over and grabbed Harry's hand while Ron held Lavender's hand in his. She felt her heart break at the sight of everyone looking so happy. They'd been successful in tricking everyone into thinking they were in love. Now it was official, now there was no turning back, she'd never be Hermione Jane Granger, book worm extraordinaire and best friend to Harry Potter. She was Hermione Jane Granger-Snape, wife to Professor Severus Charles Snape, follower of the Dark Lord Voldemort and spy for the Order of the Phoenix.

The couple walked down the aisle twin smiles on their faces, hands clasped together and their free hands waving as they walked. They turned left toward the dungeons when they exited the Great Hall and made their way down to Snape's private rooms. There would be a reception but they wouldn't be there. Hermione had tried to convince Dumbledore that they didn't need a large reception but he'd insisted on it so they'd came to the compromise that they'd have one but wouldn't be there.

As soon as the door to Snape's rooms closed behind them they broke apart and went to separate sides of the room. Hermione turned to the kitchen to make tea and Snape went to the bedroom to change his clothes. She pulled the veil from her hair and laid it on the small table in the corner of the small kitchen. She didn't see why Snape needed the kitchen at all but she guessed he didn't want to disturb the house elves every time he needed something. She began to make the tea by hand thinking it was slower and would keep her busy longer than if she'd made it with magic.

She took the kettle and sat it over the fire in the living room before going back and getting two cups from the cupboard and selecting two tea bags from the canister on the counter. On her way back to the living room fire she tripped over a corner of the rug but before she hit the floor two arms wrapped around her waist and caught her. She sucked in a breath and held it as the arms pulled her up and put her to rights. She held herself stiff as the arms stayed around her longer than what was really necessary.

"You'll have to watch more where you're going in here. Things are always trying to jump out and attack you." His attempt a humor didn't go unnoticed. And Hermione gave a real smile and a laugh.

"I'll keep that in mind." She said as she bent down to pick up the cups and tea bags. He reached down to help her and she noticed he had changed into his teaching his robes. She looked down at her white dress and wished she'd had a change of clothes brought here. He noticed and rose with her, taking the shattered pieces of cup from her.

"Dumbledore had your things brought down here. The elves have put them away." She stared up at him in disbelief. Dumbledore had moved her into the dungeons with her husband. "Go change and I'll finish making tea."

Slowly Hermione rose and walked toward the bedroom Snape had just exited. She closed the door behind her and took a quick survey of the room. The walls were covered with heavy black wall hangings that made the room darker than it already was. The light from the candles illuminated a large four poster bed covered in black and green satin. She walked forward and ran her hand over one of the polished mahogany poster and down to the bed coverings. The silk felt good against her bare skin and she could only imagine what it would feel like to roll naked in them with a certain man who just happened to be her husband.

As soon as she realized her thoughts were straying to places they shouldn't she pulled back from the bed and turned toward her trunk that sat beside Snape's in the corner of the room. She opened it but there was nothing inside. She looked around the room and noticed a chest of drawers and a closet. Walking over she opened the closet and found her things hanging beside his. The sight made it real, for the last few days it had all seemed like a bad dream. But seeing her things hanging with his things in the closet made her step back. She backed until she bumped into the bed and dropped down onto the soft mattress burying her face in her hands and letting the tears flow down her face.

She sobbed until her throat was soar and her eyes burned. She was curled in the middle of the bed when she heard the door open and the sound of footsteps coming inside the door closed softly behind the person. The bed dipped as the person climbed on and she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

"Miss Granger, please, do not cry. I'm not going to touch you; you'll remain as you were when you came here. I'm not going to make you consummate this marriage." Hermione rose up and blinked a few times. He came into focus, the look on his face one of concern and understanding.

"It's not that." She moved to sit completely up and wrapped her arms around her knees the puffy dress getting in her face. Snape reached over and pushed it down for her and she gave him a soft smile. "I just never thought that I'd find myself eighteen, married to a man who doesn't love me and whom I don't love, and in the middle of a war that could very likely kill everything I care about." She brushed her hand over her face. Mascara ran in small rivers down her face and she knew that her hair was a mess but she didn't care, it wasn't like she had to worry about Snape thinking she was ugly. He hated her.

"Well, since we're being so open with each other I'll tell you right out I never expected to be forced to marry one of my students. I never expected to be married at all. And it was a bit of a shock when I found out that Dumbledore had picked you for me. What kind of self respecting man has to have his boss find him a wife so he won't get thrown into jail?" Hermione nodded and for the first time she felt like she understood Snape.

"Professor, I'm not really sure what you're expecting of me as your wife but I'm going to try and be a good wife for you. This might be a marriage by name only but it's a marriage nevertheless." Snape gave a smirk and shook his head.

"And the great Hermione Jane Granger never does anything half way." She put her head up straight and straightened her shoulders.

"That's right." She said with a brisk nod and let her arms fall away from her legs. She lay back on the bed and sighed. "This had been one hell of a week." The curse was mild but Snape looked down at her for a moment before he let out a laugh. It came from deep within him making his whole body shake. She stared at him and shook her head.

"Its highly unlikely you've never heard a woman use the word hell before." He shook his head and tried to get control over himself. She looked at him, she couldn't believe he was laughing, much less at her. She gave him a gentle shove that sent him back onto the bed and he smiled up at her.

"Sure I have but I never thought I'd hear the word come from your mouth Miss Granger. You were always too proper." She rolled her eyes and through herself dramatically back onto the bed. Putting her hand over her eyes.

"Oh, gods save me I've married an idiot." He smiled and rolled over onto his side grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand down from her eyes. She stared up and him and found herself thinking that he was indeed a very handsome man.

She felt herself being pulled toward him as she looked up at him. It was like he was a magnet and she was a piece of metal caught in the magnetic field that surrounded him. He to was getting closer to her. Feeling her eyes drift shut she held her breath in anticipation, she might have hated him but she wouldn't deny his kisses made her feel something that no one else had ever made her feel before in her life.

When his lips touched hers she let out that breath and welcomed the heat that consumed her. The way his lips pressed against hers and formed to her mouth made her shiver with need and her heart raced as if she had just run a mile.

The effect was similar for him as well. He could feel her pulse beating wildly beneath his fingertips as he raised his hands to cradle her face in his hands. He felt the shiver and pulled back slightly thinking that she was scared. But she quickly leaned forward pressing herself into him knocking him back against the bed. They kissed for several minutes before she pulled back and rolled to her back. They lay beside each other breathing hard and trying to make since of what had just happened.

"Hermione…" He paused when he realized he'd used her given name and looked over at her. She stared back at him and shook her head.

"You're my husband it's only fair you get to us my given name sir." She added the sir just to see his reaction. He stiffened and blinked.

"Being my wife it's only fair you should get to us my given name." He took a deep breath and tried again. "I already promised you that you would remain as you were when you came here, I'm not going to touch you. I don't know what you want from me but I will be your husband in every since of the word, anything you want from me you just have to ask and I'll give it to you if it's in my power to give." She reached over and took his hand holding it up and kissing his knuckles.

"Am I an awful person for wanting you to make love to me?" The bluntness of her statement caught Snape off guard and he thought he might have laughed at her if it hadn't been for the serious look on her face. She was serious? What the hell was she thinking? But he wouldn't deny her the simply joy of being with a man if that was what she wanted. And truthfully he was curious as to what it would be like with her in his arms.

"I don't think you are." He whispered watching as she sat up and faced him her hands fumbling in her lap. Reaching over he pulled them apart and kissed her palms carefully nipping at her skin to cause a shiver.

She watched as he slowly began to move up her bare arm toward her shoulder and neck. The shiver that ran through her was part fear part pleasure. The fear of how much she was enjoying it and the pleasure from the feel of his soft lips on her bare skin.

Hermione was no virgin but she also hadn't been so stirred by a man before. He invoked emotions in her that no other man had ever been able to in her whole life. He made her feel protected and fragile. He made her feel loved.

"Severus." She whispered just before his lips captured hers in a kiss that was not like the others. This kiss was made to arouse, to stir her emotions into frenzy. And boy did he do a good job of that. She felt like she was about to come off the bed and float toward the ceiling.

She reached down and clinched the bed sheets with one hand while the other came up and tangled in his hair. The midnight locks slide though her fingers like fine silk as she brushed her finger through it. It wasn't greasy or matted like it appeared. She felt his hand move up to grab a handful of her bushy brown hair. He gave it a quick tug that sent her head back and he began to feast on the pale white skin of her throat.

"Oh Gods." She whimpered as his other hand moved to form over her breast through the material of her gown. Hermione hadn't expected him to move quite so fast but she guessed it was good for both of them because it kept her from thinking and made her want to act. She ran her hands down his shoulders and found the row of buttons on the front of his robes. Beginning to pull them apart she wiggled under him at the feel of his arousal pressed against her thigh. He'd said he won't touch her, that she would remain as she was when she'd came down to him but she didn't want to remain as she had been.

Inside her there were emotions she hadn't known existed and holes that she hadn't noticed before and Snape seemed to fill all of those. He made emotions she had never felt before float to the surface and a kind of pleasure she'd never experienced grabbed a hold of her and made her arch underneath him trying to press closer to his heat.

"Hermione." He whispered as she pushed at the open robes to shove them off of his shoulders. She looked down and noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath his robes.

His chest was firm and covered with just a light amount of dark hair that lead down to his toned torso and disappeared into the waist of his trousers. She brought her hand up and swept a hand from one shoulder to the other feeling the muscles beneath her hand tighten. She slowly ran her hand down his side and then back up. Hermione hit a spot just below his ribs and he jerked pulling away from her small cold hand.

"Sorry, I'm a bit ticklish." She smiled and reached back over moving above that spot his breastbone. She noticed for the first time the scar that ran from just below where his heart beat to his navel. Turning questioning eyes up to him she saw him shut off and retreat into himself.

"No," she whispered bringing her hand up to his cheek and making him look at him. He refused to look her in the eye and she had to surpass the urge to curse.

"I'm not going to ask you to understand anything that I tell you but I do not wish to speak of this tonight." The words were sharp and aimed to hurt her. But she did understand much more than he thought.

"I'm not going to press you for answers…at least not right now." She sat up and pushed him back onto the bed moving over him. He seemed surprised by the move and she had to bit back a smile. Snape thought she was a timid little virgin, oh how sweet. She reached behind her and easily found the zipper at the back of her dress. Dragging it down slowly she watched Snape as he watched the dress slip lower on her breasts.

The little strapless number fell around her waist and hung at her gently flared hips baring her upper body to his gaze. He watched as she gave her hips a little shake and bumped the noticeable bulge in his pants while her dress slid further down to pool around her legs. She moved a little to get her legs out of dress and Snape reached to help.

She wore a pair of white thongs beneath the dress and had neglected the stockings and garter. Her conservative white pumps where taken off and slung across the room, neither caring that at least one hit the wall and slid under the chest of drawers. All of his attention was focused on the body that she had just bared to his gaze.

She was the picture of perfection, as beautiful as any eighteen-year-old girl had a right to be. He had never noticed before this moment how she had changed over the years. Her were fuller and her limbs longer than they had been when she'd first came to Hogwarts. It must have been the fact that she was a royal pain in his arse all of the time that had kept him from noticing the changes before. Not that he would have. She had been his student till a little over an hour ago when she'd changed status from student to wife.

He slowly reached forward, not wanting to scare her and ran his hand down the smooth skin of her shoulder to her elbow then back up and along her collarbone. He had guessed by this point that she wasn't a virgin and if she was she was good at hiding it. She seemed to have no inhibitions or limits but he had learned quickly in life things weren't always as they seemed.

He moved his hand further down as she startled his hips watching him. Her eyes locked with his as he reached her breast and gently cupped it in his hand. She tilted her head back a little and exposed the delicate white skin of her neck to his gaze. Sitting up slightly he pressed a kiss to where her pulse throbbed against the perfect flesh. Hermione reached down and tangled her hands in his hair holding him to her, as close as she could get him.

He kissed his way down her throat. When he reached her collarbone he suckled gently but hard enough to leave his mark on her. She gasped when she realized what his was doing and pulled back to look at him. He simply smiled up at her and licked the red spot on her skin.

"People are going to ask questions about that." She said matter-of-factly as he continued down her body to her breasts. He stopped just before he reached her nipple and looked up at her. Her eyes were glazed over and her head lolled to one side as she looked down him. He could feel her heart pounding as he laid his lips over her heart and pulled back again.

"I'm your husband Hermione, they won't ask too much. Most of the people here know what happens between a man and a woman on their wedding night." With that he bent forward and latched onto her nipple. She cried out in pleasure as she arched into him trying to feel more of his mouth on her aching breast.

"Oh gods Severus." She whimpered when he took his mouth away and began to kiss his way over to the other one. He outlined the dusty peak before he took it between his lips and suckled her. He felt her muscles tighten under his hands as he ran them over her back and molded them over her shoulder blades to hold her close and firmly in place in front of him. Her moans and cries of pleasure where more arousing than any sound he had ever heard before in his life and he gently began to brush himself against her.

"I want you so much." He told her as he moved from her beast to look up at her. She had her hands fisted in her own hair and her head thrown back as she breathed heavily. He watched as her breasts rose and fell rapidly and her stomach muscles contracted with the pleasure of it. He moved his hand down to her stomach and pressed his hand against it. He felt the muscles and how they quivered under his hand and felt his own stomach clinch with desire. He pressed a kiss to her breastbone then started on his way down her body.

She could feel the dampness on her white thong as he moved down her body toward her core. He gently pushed her back on the bed and rolled on top of her. She welcomed him as he settled himself between her legs and kissed her inner thighs. The sensations rocked her body as she felt him run his hands over her legs bring on knee up and bending it. He pressed a kiss to the knee the started back up the inner part of her leg toward her core again causing several moans of frustration to emit from Hermione.

"Would you please get to the point?" She cried when he bypassed her again and moved back up her stomach to her navel gently kissing and suckling the rim. He left another of his red marks there and smiled when she made a very unladylike snort in the back of her throat. "And stop that. I don't need anymore hickies on my body." He moved back up her body and she glared at him. Hermione was about the only woman he knew who could be wrapped up in the thorns of passion and still find the strength to glare.

"That my dear, is where we disagree. I think you need a few more. You are mine and I plan to make you a marked woman before the night is through." He told her as he bent his head down and ran his tongue along the shell of her delicate little ear.

"I don't mind being a marked woman but this is a little extreme." She said gesturing to the two hickies already in place on her body. He smiled and kissed her mouth before she could say anything else.

"If you don't control your tongue sweet, little wife I'm going to have to resort to drastic measures." She started up at him and searched his face for something. Whatever it was she must have found it because she smirked and settled back against the pillows on the bed.

"Fine, have your wicked way with me but do remember I will return the favor three-fold next time." He thought for a moment it was an empty threat, that she was just blowing smoke. But in her eyes he saw the sparkle of the threat. He smiled and nodded.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He moved back down her body again and this time when he reached the space between her thighs he pressed a kiss to her through the sheer white clothe that covered her. She gasped and shivered as he nuzzled her thigh and hooked his thumbs in the elastic band of the thong. Slowly he pulled them down, baring her to his gaze as she arched her hips slightly to let him pull them down her hips and legs. He threw the barely there panties off the side of the bed and came back to the spot that had just been bared to him.

Hermione watched as he looked at her. She knew that he had seen a woman's secrets before; he was too skilled of a lover not to have. But he just stared at her for a moment before carefully bending forward and pressing a kiss to the crease where her thighs and hips met. She felt his tongue run along the crease till he reached her. He reached up and parted her folds sliding his tongue along the pink inner flesh. She felt the cry building in the back of her throat but pushed it down. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream just yet. He moved his hand and pressed a finger inside of her causing the scream she'd been holding back to be forced to the surface and be emitted from her mouth.

Snape heard her scream and smiled against her wet flesh. She tasted like nothing ever had before feeding his hunger and making him want more. She was a truly forbidden fruit and now that he had had his taste he wasn't going to stop. He worked his finger in and out of her as she arched her back and made unintelligent noises. He took pride in knowing that he had reduced the silly little bookworm into nothing but moans and small sounds. He carefully added another finger and absorbed the filling of her stretching to accommodate him. His erection pressed against the front of his pants and was becoming considerably uncomfortable as he continued to pleasure Hermione. She was far more responsive than some of the other woman Snape had slept with in his years. But something about her was different from the others.

"Severus!" The cry came out as she exploded around his fingers coating them with her juices. He reached down with his tongue and lapped gently at her. She shivered and arched her back reaching down to tangle her hands in his hair. He moved back up her body nuzzling her neck as he removed his fingers. Looking at her he at first thought she was a fallen angel. Her brown hair fanned out around her on the black pillows and her eyes closed. Her bruised lips were parted slightly and her breathing was slowly returning to normal. He reached up and traced the line of her nose and her cheekbones feeling the delicate skin beneath his fingers. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. The sinful brown orbs staring at him as she removed one hand from his hair and cradled his cheek in her hand clearing slightly and sobering a bit. She brought her hand down to his chest and slid it lower still to his heavy trousers.

"Hermione." He whimpered as she massaged him through the material. She reached her hand up and unbuttoned the offending garment sliding the zipper down slowly. Her small, cold hand reached inside the folds of fabric and beneath his boxers to touch him. She watched as his face contorted in pleasure and his breath caught.

"I want you." She whispered into his ear as she nibbled her way up his neck toward his lips as her hand pumped harder and faster. He reached down and pulled her hand away before sliding to the edge of the bed and stepping out of the last of his clothes. She watched as he climbed back onto the bed and settled himself between her thighs. She let out a hiss when he bumped against her throbbing clit. He bent his head down and kissed her as he pressed his way inside her.

Hermione throw her head back against the pillows and arched her hips up to meet his hard slow thrusts. Her hands moved to his back to dig into his shoulders and leave her own marks on his body. He groaned against the skin of her throat as she ran her tongue over his shoulder and up the side of his neck to his ear where she stopped and nibbled on his earlobe. The sensation of him feeling her and rocking against her was like nothing she'd ever felt before. She let her arms fall from his back and brought them up above her head to hold onto the rungs of the headboard.

Unintelligent whimpers came from her again and Snape had to grit his teeth and close his eyes against the feeling of his release coming over him. He wanted her to come again, just once more and then he would seek his own release. He wasn't naive enough to think that she would get off just from his fucking her and ran his hand down her body to the place where they were joined. He found her clit and brushed it a few times with his thumb sending her over the edge. She screamed her release and arched into him triggering his orgasm.

Bending forward he buried his face in her hair and groaned as he emptied himself into her. He breathed in the scent of her shampoo and the smells of sex that surrounded them as they lay together in the afterglow. He removed himself from her and rolled to the side laying on his back and staring at the canopy of his bed. She sighed and turned toward him looking at him as she came back down from her high. He glanced over at her and caught her gaze. She smiled at him and he reached over pushing a stray hair out of her face.

Neither spoke nor looked away as they lay together in Snape's bed. Hermione continued to smile at him and he continued to stroke her hair. She moved closer to him carefully, almost as if he was skittish animal that needed coaxing. But when she was lying beside him he wrapped her in his arms and she laid her head on his chest listening to his heart beat. He reached down and pulled the sheets over them.

They lay together for a while until sometime around nine o'clock at night he felt the familiar burn on his left arm. He looked down at the sleeping young woman in his arms and felt a sigh building up inside of him. He quickly drew back and moved from the bed trying his best not to disturb her. He dressed quickly and put on his Death Eater robes and went for his mask. He was about to put it on when she turned over and reached out for him. Finding that he wasn't there she rose up and stretched, the sheets falling down and revealed the smooth white skin of her chest and shoulders to him. He stopped and looked at the red mark on her collarbone remembering how he had placed it there and the events that had followed. She stared at him and tilted her head to the side.

The mask hung from his hand and she knew where he was going. She swallowed and looked own at her lap. The sheets covered her bottom half but her top was bared to him. She felt him move toward her and sat down on the edge of the bed. She hadn't expected him to wake her when he left for the Death Eater meetings with Voldemort but she would have liked if he would have given her a warning. Snape reached forward and with one gentle hand turned her face up to his. She cleared her throat and started to speak but he laid his thumb over her lips shaking his head.

"Don't say anything Hermione. I wasn't going to wake you but if you want me to from now on then I will." She nodded and he bent forward pressing a kiss to her forehead. Tear welled in her eyes and she didn't know why. It wasn't like she was afraid she would lose him. She didn't really love him; it must have been the aftereffects of great sex. But her heart still ached and she still found herself crying softly into his shoulder as he sat beside her on the bed. He hissed and pulled back giving his left arm a shake to help try and ease the pain. She noticed and reached for his mask helping him put it on.

He stood and turned to leave but she reached forward and grabbed his hand pulling him back around to look at her.

"Come back safe." Was all she said then with a kiss to his hand she let him go. Watching as he walked out the door she felt the tears start anew and closed her eyes against them. She shouldn't have felt anything but she did and she felt the dam break as door closed with a soft thud behind him. She found herself wondering if this was what it would be like for the rest of her days. Would she be woken by him telling her he was leaving for a meeting? Would she always have this fear that he would not come back? Would her heart always break at the sound of the door shutting behind him?

Hermione lay down on the bed and reached over to gather the pillow that still carried his scent close to her. She didn't love him but she found that she didn't hate him either. How could a woman hate a man who had given her as much pleasure in one night as she had had in her whole life? So she settled for wrapping her arms around his pillow and pulling the sheets and blankets back over her body. She felt cold and shivered as she lay there alone in the big empty bed. The cold seemed to reach all the way inside of her and stroke her bones. Not even when she reached on the bedside table for her wand and lit the fire was there any warmth to be found. Closing her eyes she saw images of the wedding and the lovemaking that she and Snape had participated in afterward.

No she didn't love him but she couldn't find it inside of herself to hate him any more.


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