STOP!!!! This Chapter contains information about Deathly Hollows! If you do not want to know about some of the ending events then don't read the last paragraph. You have been warned.

Decided to do the sequel to this and instead of posting it under Of All The Girls I've Loved Before, I decided that a much better name would be:

The Grand Adventures of Tiff & Teddy

Year 1

If you are reading this then the story is up and the first two or three chapters have been posted and I am working on more. Please review as faithfully as you did with First Comes Marriage and I will gladly write you some more. However, it should be brought to everyone's attention that I leave for college on the 18th of this month and after things have gotten started there progress maybe slow. But if you will remain as faithful to Tiffany and Teddy's story as you have to Hermione and Severus' story then I will make plenty of time for my writing.

Also, on a different note, for those of you who have read Deathly Hollow you will know just how extremely cruel this is, but Remus and Tonks are both DEAD!!!! I just finished reading that part today and also Severus Snape, our beloved Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is DEAD!!!! Fred Weasley is also DEAD!!! I just had to vent for a moment. Sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone. (Wails because she is just so distraught by the loss of three such great characters). On a brighter note though, all ends well. Once again sorry if I have ruined if for anyone but I did warn you.