A/N: This is meant to take place after POTC: AWE. However, a few things have changed. Will never actually leaves for ten years as the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Calypso actually brings him back to life like she did Barbosa. Barbosa never even married Will and Elizabeth during the fight either. Just to clear somethings up!

Chapter One


I looked myself over in the large mirror that stood in my room. I hated the corset that I wore but knew that I had to wear it. I wanted to look perfect for my wedding day. Yes, today I, Elizabeth Swann, would marry the man I have loved for so long. I first fell in love on our voyage from England to Port Royal, Jamaica. As we sailed through the sea, we came across a ship wreck. The ship was on fire and there seemed as if there were no survivors. Until I happened to notice a boy floating on wood unconscious in the water. He was left in my charge under my fathers orders and when he came to, he identified himself as Will Turner.

Upon arrival in Port Royal, he became an apprentice to the blacksmith and ten years later after our voyage to what we now called home, we had plenty of adventures. Especially after meeting the notorious pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. There were times I despised Jack and other times I thought of him as my best friend. The same went for Will but now Jack was Will's best friend and to be his best man at our wedding. Jack and Will were there for me when I needed them most.

I sighed, thinking of all the memories I had of the three of us. It seemed all so distant now when my father, the governor of Port Royal, was killed by Cutler Beckett. That was a year ago and I wish none of it had ever happened. Not only had I lost my father but I almost lost my beloved because his heart was pierced by a sword. Jack wanted eternal life and to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman. That was when all my feelings for the pirate changed. He placed Davey Jones' heart by Will and helped him stab the heart. The way things are supposed to be was that the Flying Dutchman had to always have a captain. By destroying Davey Jones, his crew was set free. It also meant that I would lose Will. I would only get to see him for a day every ten years.

Neither one of us would be able to deal with it but Will agreed. However, what we didn't know was that Calypso, Davey Jones' long lost lover, had other plans for us. Once Will had died and became the captain of the Flying Dutchman and helped defeat Beckett, Calypso gave him his life back. She had told us that she didn't want anyone to feel the pain that she had felt for so long. She was definitely crazy but we will definitely be forever grateful.

There's always been good and bad memories. For the past three years, since we met Jack, most of them were awful. After all, because of Jack, my wedding to Will was long past overdue. I was completely lost in thought until a knock sounded at my wooden door. I straightened the bottom of my dress as I called out, "Come in." In walked Jack, smiling. I always hated his gold teeth but I found him rather attractive in his garments. He still wore his bandanna but had his dreads tied back.

"Well, Mister Sparrow," I said as I looked him over. "For once you look like a gentleman." Jack smiled even more. I think he was afraid that I would hate the way he looked. "It's show time, love," Jack said to me. I was very surprised when he offered me his arm. I took it, still surprised. I never thought that the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow could ever have such a gentle side to him.


We walked through the halls of my home, heading for the large outside wedding. I wished my father was here to give me away. It's not the same without him by my side most of the time. Although, I am grateful to him. He left all of his possessions to Will and I. The money, the manor… it's all ours. I suppose he wanted us to be well taken care of.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Jack nudged me. He had his typical mischievous smile upon his lips. If I didn't know him, I'd think he was going to ruin the wedding. He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "It's time, Elizabeth." I nodded to him and my grip on his arm tightened. I was very nervous. I'm sure everyone could tell. I thought that maybe this was all just a dream. I never thought that Will and I would have the chance to be happy together.

Jack and I proceeded forward as the wedding march sounded. Will looked so handsome in his blue and gold dress coat. His hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. I smiled, longingly for him. He winked at me. Once we were near Will, the man I loved stepped forward to take me from Jack. Jack took our hands and clasped them together. For once, I heard him say the sweetest thing. "Take care of each other. You two deserve to be happy," he said quietly.

I suppose he didn't want anyone to know that the captain of the Black Pearl had a sweet side. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush. Will nodded to him. I told Jack thank you and as he took his seat, we approached the Archbishop.

The wedding started off smoothly until the kiss the bride part came. As Will leaned down to kiss me, the ground began to shake. Blast, I thought to myself. I knew it was too could to be true! I held on to Will as he did his best to keep us from falling down. That's when it happened. My world went dark. I was alone.


It seemed like hours had passed before I woke up. I still wore my wedding dress. I looked up at the sky above me. I slowly sat up, wincing a bit. My back hurt like hell. Nothing looked familiar. I wasn't in Port Royal or even the century from which I was born into. Tall buildings surrounded me and things that looked like carriages without the horses zoomed on by. I stood, totally confused. It was then that I started to panic. "Will!" I called out. I didn't receive an answer from him. "Jack?!" Still nothing. "Will Turner! Jack Sparrow! Damn you both!" I probably called the two every fowl name that I could think of. Instead of the looks from Jack or Will, I received looks from people in odd clothing and unfamiliar faces. I fell to my knees, angry. "Bloody Pirates," I mumbled to myself. When I find those two, they would definitely get a major ear full from this pirate.

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