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Heroes: Unique Syndrome

Dr. Chandra Suresh, Geneticist
New York City, New York

The world has entered a new stage of evolution, a new era that is characterized by a proliferation of abilities that may seem random at first but is a variation that will allow some to adapt and others…not. Darwin first introduced the idea of Natural Selection in his famous text, On The Origin of Species, with new sciences and capabilities Natural Selection seems now to be artificial. One does not always choose the best person to mate, genetically speaking, but the best mate is based on a new factor, that of humanity. The Human Genome project has taught us much about ourselves; where we are, where we have come from and a select few, as my self, look to where we as the human race may be heading. My colleagues have branded me an obsessed, fanatical idealist because of the refusal to drop a theory that indicates the evolutionary imperative. This new stage in human evolution will affect all of us but it is individual events and ideas that will lead to whom and what these individuals will be and do.

Hydrologist Alexander Morova
20 miles outside of an International Base Camp, Antarctica

"Expedition team, this is Base Camp, over," crackled in the hand held walkie-talkie on Drake Spiring's winter jacket. He put the unit in side the insulated hood of his jacket to return the page.

"Base Camp this is Expedition team leader Spiring. What is going on Reena? Over," Drake gave the hand motion to roundup the two other expedition members to his position.

"Drake, there seems to be a change in the barometric pressure, its decreasing. You might want to come back to base before the storm hits," said Reena.

"Alex, you done with collecting your samples?" asked Drake.

"I am vaiting for Robert to come back vith final sample from grid A, 7. Vhat seems to bee the matter, Drake?" asked the Russian member of the international research team that was wrapped in a bright blue expedition wear that to block any skin contact with the elements, "the weather feels…different…you know?"

"How you do that always ceases to amazes me," replied the team leader, "but yes, Reena said there is a storm coming, the barometer seems to have fallen a few degrees."

"Hiya Boy-os, here's your sampling Alex," said Robert Frosting who was wrapped in a bright red wear as he threw a metal cylinder at the Russian.

"Shuka," swore the Russian as he fumbled to catch the sample, "vhat is vrong vith you? Damage sample vould vreck my vork!"

"Calm down and pack it up boys, we got to ride back to Base Camp," said Drake as he and Robert headed to put the equipment on the snow transport. Soon the team was buckling in and making their way to Base Camp on the marked trail just as the storm started up.

"What's the ETA, Drake," radioed in Reena to the expedition leader.

"You know we need to ask your government for better machines down here then these 10 mile an hour rascals on skates. Thank you, Australia. I say ETA one hour," replied Drake as there was a spluttering and a bang.

"Hold up, Spiring," said Robert Frosting as smoke started leak from the engine into the cabin.

"Shit," exclaimed the team leader, "Double that ETA, Reena, the engine just died."

"You guys better hurry up," replied Base Camp, "I just got word from the Norwegians that this storm is hitting hard and fast, it's white out conditions and negative 35 degrees Celsius not counting the wind which is at 25 knots or so. Might be best to hold up in the snow tracker, yea?"

Drake, Alex and Robert had all gotten out of the cabin because it was filled with black smoke, "not an option, Reena," replied Drake, "we're going to walk it."

"Is there no other vay?" asked Alexander Morova, "storm would be moving to fast and vill over take us."

"Tethered line between and following markers," replied Robert, "but we do not have snow shoes for a 10 mile trek."

"We're going to have to do it boys," replied Drake, "I'll lead, Alex in the middle and Bobby you get back."

They started to tether a line to each other as Drake called it in to Base Camp. They proceeded to follow the markers walking in the direction of base camp leaving the snow vehicle and samples behind. Alex was looking behind at Bobby nervously and none saw on their right hand side a wall approaching. It was white, endless and could easily be overlooked as if it were the rest of the continent. It was the storm and it quickly moved into the path of the expedition team plunging them into a blinding wave of coldness and ice into whiteness.

James Walker
Los Angeles County, California

BUZZZZZZ BUZZZZZ BUZZZZZZ went the alarm clock that was the night stand table of Mr. and Mrs. Walker. The couple woke up and stretched on the opposite sides of the bed. They started to change into they're work clothing because they were serious people that did not laze about and both had a strong work ethic that was instilled from their parents. They were good neighbors, as described by the enclosed community they lived in, respectable people. Elizabeth Walker was an office executive, James Walker was a foreman for a construction company and they also had a daughter named Molly that was 8 years old.

"Will you go wake up Molly, hun," asked Elizabeth as she straighten her blouse, "and I'll go and get breakfast ready."

"Sure thing, Lizzy," replied James as he walked out of the room and down the hallway to his daughter's room; he opened the door and popped his head in, "morning Molly, dear."

The small, brown haired girl blew several stray strands of her long locks from her face and smiled showing her pink gums at her father. Her eyes were closed as she reached up with her tiny fists and rubbed the sleep from her eyes and replied to the good morning. She hopped out of bed in her pink pajamas, holding to a stuffed white rabbit that James still remembered placing next to her in the crib, and jumped up to hug her dad. James lifted her into the air as he hugged her and then placed her sitting on his shoulder, balancing her with his arm. She placed the rabbit on his bald scalp like a noticeable toupee.

"Do I have to go to school today, daddy," asked Molly with a pout.

James walked into the room and sat down on his daughter's bed, "why do you not want to go to school today, sweetie? You told me the other day that you loved Mrs. Hansen and that the material was easy to understand. Is there a bully?"

"Oh no," said Molly as she got off her dad's shoulder and stood on the bed to look him in the eyes, "I just do not feel well…like going."

James held the back of his hand to Molly's head, the little girl squirmed around not liking this folkish form of temperature taking, "cool as a cucumber," replied the father, "that means you're going."

"But Dad…" whined Molly.

"No buts, sweetie. Go get ready, mom is making breakfast," replied James.

"Is it Pancakes?" asked the little girl in excitement

James sniffed the air, "smells like it."

"PANCAKES!" yelled out Molly as she ran to her closet to get her clothing for the day.

"I'll go check on, mommy," said James as he headed out of the room, "don't forget your backpack."

James headed down stairs to the kitchen, he snuck behind his wife and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, "How did I get so lucky?"

"After what happened to you in work the other day, I now wonder the same thing," replied his wife as she flipped the pancakes.

"It was a freak accident, nothing more," replied James, "just take it as dumb luck."

Elizabeth put the spatula down in the sink, crossed her arms and turned to her husband, "a detonator went off next to a pile of 4 inch nails sending one in your chest."

"Chest doesn't always mean heart," said James as he looked at the headlines of the newspaper sitting at the kitchen room table, "and I've been accident prone all my life, remember the car accident?"

"Don't even go there, James Benjamin Walker," said his wife, "this is not about some car accident from 10 years ago, this is about what happened last week, you almost died."

"But didn't," replied James, "it is just dumb luck that my heart an lungs are apparently 2 inches further back then what they should be. I count my stars to have such luck but please do not spoil what should be a good day."

"Good day?" questioned the wife in sarcasm.

"Major deal for the construction company is being brokered," replied James, "with me being the senior foreman again. It'll be a long project too, with continuous increasing pay."

"And who is this for, the government?" asked Elizabeth, happy but cautious at the idea of such a project.

"Some company or organization in Las Vegas," replied James as he flipped to the national section of the LA Times letting out a chuckle and sigh as he folded it to an article, "with this guy, Linderman," that featured an hint to the corruption connection between the father of Congressional Candidate of New York, Nathan Petrelli, and the Linderman Group.

Molly came down the stairs wearing a backpack nearly the same size as herself and plopped down at the kitchen table next to her dad, "Pancakes!" she said excitedly.

Elizabeth placed a plate down in front of Molly and kissed on the forehead, "morning, hunny bunny," and then whispered in James' ear, "well talk about this later."

Candice Wilmer – Magician's Assistant
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Can't you get any of these illusions right anymore?" yelled a frustrated man in a top hat and cloak as he threw a silver ball at a wall.

"Rodney, calm down," replied a woman with short cropped brunette hair that flared out to the sides in a tight fitting sequin dress, "I've been stressed."

"What is it Candice? What could possibly be stressing you out more then me and your inability to perform the simplest of illusions?" said Rodney the magician.

"Besides your attitude?" replied Candice in a huff, "it's…I'm…well…pregnant."

"GREAT!" yelled out Rodney, "just effing great, my assistant gets effing knocked up. You know what this means? Huh? This means I won't be able to have you on stage anymore."

"With out me you'll have no show!" replied Candice.

Rodney reached over an grabbed her arm and looked her in the eye, "who said you would be fired, you whore."

Candice kneed him in the balls and spit on his withering body, "you bastard, never call me that again. Ever since I've been your assistant, there has been only one person I've slept with and that you, you rotten sleazebag," Candice kicked him on the ground, "I've done everything for you and this is how you 'repay your best assistant'. Go fuck your self."

She started to walk away as Rodney yelled out to her but she paid no attention as a pair of jeans and t-shirt seemed to appear on her, the sequin dress now gone.

Chandra Suresh
New York City, New York

"Where to ma'am," asked the friendly, shiny head bearded cab driver from India.

"A stop in Brooklyn first, then to 215 Reed St.," was all she said as she buckled in the backseat.

"Any street or apartment complex?" asked the driver.

"Let's just get to Brooklyn first, okay," replied the woman.

"So…how's the day going," said the taxi driver trying to spark up a conversation, "ma'am."

"Stop calling me ma'am, please, I'm young enough to be your daughter, Dr. Suresh," said the woman, making Chandra look in the rear view mirror as his occupant, "and the name is Hana, Hana Gitelman."

"Pleased to meet you Miss. Gitelman," replied Chandra, "you seem to know a fair mount about me and I know none of you."

"You are a geneticist from India that published an interesting research thesis," said Hana, "have you been able to truly prove it yet?"

"Why do you ask," replied Chandra as he stopped at a red light, "who are you working for?"

"I work for myself, Dr. Suresh," replied Hana, "and you have not answered my question."

"Yes and no," replied the geneticist, "I have only really observed two instances of these powers first hand."

"How would you like to experience a third?" asked the woman.

"Your name did not appear on my algorithm," replied Chandra, "how did you discover your power?"

"That is neither here, nor there Dr." replied Hana, "but if we get to your flat I will be happy to inform you of the situations. There are some serious issues we will need to discuss."

"Would you mind informing me," he asked looking in the rear view mirror again.

"When we get to your place," said Hana as Suresh turned the car to head to his small apartment.

Alexander Morova

"Drake!" shouted Alexander, "Stop! I think Robert has collapsed."

Drake turned around squinting through the white out conditions to look at his Russian collogue. They snow storm had fall upon them faster then expected and they seemed to have spent nearly 4 hours walking in what should have been 2 hour trek to base camp. Drake knew they were lost but didn't want to say so, in fear that uttering it would cause his team to panic. The temperature was cold, cold to the point that there were ice crystals on the face masks from the carbon dioxide they were exhaling, if one piece of skin were to be exposed to the air, it would mean frost bite and possibly death.

Alex held the tension of the cord that led to bright red parker of Robert Frosting. He kneeled and started to brush the snow off the body as Drake followed his line connected to Alex and stood behind him. Alex put his hand on Robert's chest to see if he was still breathing. There was no movement.

"How is he?" asked Drake

"I can not feel him breathing," said Alex, "I vill try to do CPR."

Drake put a hand on his shoulder, "Alex, no, it'll kill you both, the weather."

"He vill die othervise," replied Alex.

"We need to move on," said Drake as he moved to retrieve an all-purpose tool to cut Bobby off the line.

"Nyet," said Alex as he held back Drake from cutting the line; he struggled to obtain the tool from Drake and then threw it into the blindness of the storm to be covered by snow. He ripped off his hood so it flopped on his back and flew as a gust of wind blew it. He undid his protective mask and reveled a paled skin face that was tinged blue from the coldness and poor circulation. Alex had a prominent hooked nose and thin lips with short cropped black hair that was brushed forward. He leaned down and ripped off the hood and mask of Robert and started to blow air into his mouth.

He pumped the chest through the winter jacket a few times and started to breathe into Robert's mouth again, Drake pushed him out of the way to look at Bobby. He was completely solid ice; there was no warmth to his body. Drake turned to Alex and started to push him in the ice and snow.

"You killed him, you fool," shouted the team leader as they struggled in the ice not getting far as they were still tethered to the block of ice that was once Robert Frosting.

Alexander pushed Drake off of him, his suit was nearly fully off now, and the only winter item left was his parker that was half undone when Drake took him down. "Vhat is vrong vith you?" Said the Russian as he stumbled to his feet and threw snow at Drake, "you vanted to leave him to die!"

"It should have been you," said Drake as he went to punch Alex who side stepped and tripped him forcing him face first in the snow. Alex ripped off Drakes hood and started to undo the ski mask forcing the ice on his skin. Drake struggled for a minute and then stopped. Alex had not seen what had happened, but when he looked down Drake was just like Bobby, completely frozen through.

"Vhat the hell is vrong vith me," he shouted into the snow storm; he stood up and kicked Drake's body which only amounted in it sliding forward a little and pulling Alex onto the ice. He undid the tether connecting him to the bodies of his frozen colleagues, "why did you have to attack me, ve could have valked on!"

Alexander started to remove his parker, leaving only his thin shirt and snow pants on. He started to walk into the emptiness of the storm hoping for death to claim him. Hoping to be lost forever in the storm. He wanted to, needed to hide from the shame of his actions. He had removed Drake's protective gear and it caused him to freeze. Now all Alex had left to do was freeze himself.

James Walker
Los Angeles, California

"I'm terribly sorry for having to call you in from work," said the school nurse as she opened the door to the infirmary, "but your wife was in a meeting."

"It's quite alright, I just wanna make sure my daughter is okay," replied James with a smile.

"It just seems to be a tummy ache," informed the nurse, "but she also seems rather tired and not her usual energetic self."

"That's a bit odd," concurred James as the nurse opened the door to where Molly was resting in a dark a room, "Hunny bunny, its Daddy… I'm going to take you home, 'kay?"

"Mmmm'kay," mumbled the little girl.

James scooped her up in his arms and threw her bag over her shoulder. He whispered a thank you to the nurse and signed his daughter out of school balancing her on his shoulder as she was fitfully resting. He put her in the back seat to lie down as he slowly drove the short way home. He flipped open his cell phone and punched a number on the speed dial.

"Dr. Green's office," chimed the receptionist, "how may I help you?"

"Hello, I'm James Walker," replied the father as he slowly parked in the drive way.

"Oh, Mr. Walker, how is Molly doing?" asked the receptionist.

"Not so well," he said as he looked in the back seat with a slight frown, "she's just had a problem in school, same symptoms as last time. Perhaps I can schedule an appointment this week, preferably tomorrow."

"Sure thing, Mr. Walker," said the receptionist as she checked the Doctor Green's schedule, "how does tomorrow at 3:30 pm sound?"

"I'll make sure I'll be there," replied Walker.

"Do give that dear girl, my best," said the woman, "good-day to you, Mr. Walker."

"Good-day," replied the man as he opened the back door and placed Molly on his shoulder. His phone rang loudly with the infamous Nokia chime and disturbed the little girl on perched on his shoulder making her wince. He quickly flipped it open and whispered, "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you, Jimmy?" asked the familiar voice of his boss Steven Kyle, "Linderman sent a representative that wanted to talk with you."

"My daughter is sick," hissed James into the receiver, "and Elizabeth was unable to pick her up."

"Well come back to the office now," stated Kyle, "or Linderman might walk."

"I'll see if I can get there after getting a babysitter," said James as he opened the door to the house, "why don't you go over the plans you have right now, you are the architect, I'm just the foreman."

"You are the local bureaucracy," said Steven, "you have a better knowledge of the GIS read out on the area."

"It is just a computer program, the files are saved on the hard disk," said a flustered James as he tucked Molly into bed, "you remember how to read them, right?"

"Not quite," replied Steven as he had left the program behind him during his many semesters of college and finishing school.

"I can't believe this," replied James sitting at the end of Molly's bed stroking the hair back of his baby girl, "my daughter needs me."

"This is your life," said his boss, "or should I use the past tense?"

James held his breath biting his bottom lip, "give me a few minutes, traffic may be rough."

"Good man, Jimmy," said Steven Kyle, "good man."

The phone went click and James had to control himself from tossing it across the room. He looked at his little girl and smiled slightly and tucked the covers up on her and put the stuffed bunny near her head. He leaned forward and kissed his little girls forehead, it was really warm. He started to walk out of the room and close the door.

"Daddy," whispered from the sheets, "daddy."

"Shhh, hunny," he said, go back to sleep.

"Don't go daddy," she said tiredly, "don't go."

James had to hold back tears as he made the coming noise his parents used to us when he was little and ill. He flipped open his phone and contacted their long standing babysitter to come over. Luckily she was free from her day in high school and was free to come over. James then left a message with his wife as well as written instruction on the refrigerator for the babysitter. James Walker went out his front door and started up his car to get back to work and meet this fellow that worked for the Linderman Group.

Candice Wilmer
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Rodney, I'm not talking about this," said Candice as she was walking on the street.

"Whose is it, Candice," asked her partner.

"You wanna know?" she screamed in the phone.

"Yes!" replied the magician.

"No one's because it's getting aborted!" seethed Candice as she shut the phone and throw it in an alley. She walked into the free clinic that performed abortions, luckily she wasn't underage, being 26, she still felt nervous entering such a place. She sighed and sat in a chair waiting to be called over to the receptionist. She looked at all the young girls with stern looking mothers and fathers, the young women like her and the occasional young professional and wondered if they were there for the same thing she was. The head nurse called her over.

"Name please," she asked in a sterile voice.

"Wilmer, Candice," she replied and proceeded to list out her medical information and personal information as well as her reason for 'visiting'. She was given a number, like she was at a meat market. I medical meat market of self displayed insecurities and in some cases, poor choices. Now it was just a waiting game till her name was called.

Chandra Suresh & Hana Gitelman
Brooklyn, New York

"Ms. Gitelman, you have yet to tell me your power," said Chandra as he put the kettle on the stove, "we have gone over my book, but you have yet to tell me your interests."

"Would you prefer if I show you my power?" asked the former Israeli Mossad agent.

"If you wouldn't mind," said the geneticist as he looked on intently as Hana sat behind Chandra's laptop computer that was in front of the nearly bare world map. She turned the screen to him as it started to run through his files. Documents, original working copies of his book and then the algorithm for his formula popped up. He stumbled to shut t down, but Hana was now in control and she easily cracked the code behind it and produced the some 36 names on the original list.

"Is this all you were able to calculate?" she questioned as she searched for last known addresses of the listed individuals and upgraded the program to list those that were deceased and the current status of those that were presumed alive.

"This is amazing," replied Chandra, "this is an ability that I had not even thought of. It's nearly a pure mixture of technological and biological."

"As it was explained to me by a guy name Bennett, it is the deciphering of radio, micro, and other such waves of data transfer," replied Hana as she uploaded a picture of Bennett onto the desktop, "watch out for that man, that's Bennett."

"I have…so many questions," he replied, "who is Bennett, why do I need to watch out for him, just…how?"

"Bennett is not of importance right now," replied Hana, "what is of importance is contacting those that are left alive to warn them and help them practice their powers."


"Yes," replied Hana, "these powers are just skills and need to be perfected through practice."

"I see," said Chandra, "so how do I find more of these people?"

"Well, I was able to use your medical research code through Chennai University and access the DNA sequences from the restricted and protected blood samples donated to the Genome Project," replied Hana as she opened the spreadsheets for Chandra to view, "illegal, yes, but also needed. I've also done several searches for known information such as addresses and phone numbers, and in some cases email addresses. I will contact those through email and or instant messaging; it is up to you for the rest, okay Chandra?"

"You have completely overwhelmed my research," replied the geneticist, "there is no possible ways for me to contact all these people, some only have information in the form of names."

"Call them up, they say no, you don't go," replied Hana, "simple survey form, leaves us to protect and help only those that seek understanding. Others the wish to be left along can cope with their traits."

"And you couldn't?" replied Chandra.

"I had no choice," replied Hana, "I've got these few to contact, and I'll be in touch, okay?"

"Is this all I get?" replied Chandra.

"You'd said it's a lot," replied Hana, "so just mull this information over for a bit. I suggest this guy first; he seems the closest and might be the most helpful."

Hana handed a piece of paper to Chandra. Chandra read: Gabriel Gray and the address associated with a watch work and repair shop in the area. Chandra looked up and Hana had already let herself out. There was a knock on the open door.

"Yes," asked Chandra.

"Are you busy?" asked a lithe Caucasian girl with a black bobbed hair cut.

Chandra looked at the piece of paper and pinned it to his map on the region for New York, "no, not busy at all."

"Could you possibly help me move in? I just got in town today and there are several boxes of stuff," replied the woman, "oh, sorry. I'm Eden, Eden McCain."

"Eden McCain, I'm Chandra Suresh," replied the geneticist as he took on of her boxes, "pleasure to meet you."

Alexander Morova
International Research Base, Antarctica


There was a knock on metal exit door of the station. Reena was visibly scared and reached for the fire extinguisher assuming the worst about one member of the expedition team with Drake. They had failed to check in, even after the storm had ended. There was no contact from any team member, not Drake, not Bobby and not Alex. They were all dead or there was a major fight and one died because in high tension situations like the isolation of space and that of Antarctica, it is likely to happen. As a joke, one of the video's that is present in the permanent video collection of the base is The Thing, a movie about desperation and paranoia in Antarctica during an alien infestation.


Reena opened the door and there stood shirtless, snow pant wearing Alexander Morova. He was shivering, ice crystals formed on his goatee as he leaned forward to walk in but fell down. Reena rushed to his body and dragged him to the beds and started to wrap him in blankets. A hot shower might have damaged his skin, and considering Alex had a history of bad circulation, this would not be good for his health. Reena thought to her self, questioning how Alex survived for so long with out succumbing to exposure.

"What happened, Morova," asked the Indonesian decedent native Australian woman as she gently slapped his face.

"Storm…co-old…absolute…zero," he said with his eyes closed as tried to hold on to consciousness.

"Where are the others?"

"De…dead…" replied Alex as he opened his eyes to looked into hers, "it…vas…vas…me?"

"You killed them, Alex?"

"Nyet…no…did….did not…vant….too," said Alex as shed a single tear that froze on his cheek.

Reena started to walk away, "I need…a drink," she looked back at Alex and the blankets started to form crystals and then became very brittle breaking in his hands and shattering on the floor.

"Vhat…es….happening…Reena," asked Alex as he tried to get up, where ever his hand touched it froze to solid ice.

Reena started to back away, "no…Alex…Stay back…"

"Help….me…" he pleaded as he inched forward.

Reena grabbed the fire extinguisher and hit him in the head with it knocking him out. He skin started to return to its regular pallor as he was unconscious, a gentle trickle of blood coming from his head. Reena ran over to Alex and gentle kicked his side to make sure he was down. She bent down and started to put blankets around him.

"Oh, Alex, what have you done?"

Chandra Suresh
Brooklyn, New York

The world is an ever changing place. Species rise and fall, within families. The efforts of Natural Selection have been subverted in the human context of the world. It is not the best genetics that win each other over, it is the actions we do or do not do that determine what kind of person we are. With the rise of variation among the population, Evolution is not always based on who is able to adapt better for situations, but how well we can live with the choices we make.