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An AU-story so there'll probably be things you don't recognize.

A Question of Honor.

Chapter one. Severus...

Lord Tobias Snape possessed the minimum amount of magic required to classify him as a Wizard and not a squib. He was a tall slim man with dark hair and dark eyes. He had a slightly hooked nose, sarcastic-dry wit, an above-average intelligence, a stubborn streak a mile long, but he also had a kind heart. At least when it came to his son he did. He was nobody's fool so when cold silvery eyes met his, he sneered like the Lord that he was. The second time their eyes would meet would be his last.

The tall blonde had been walking next to him on his way to the Ministry. The cold grey eyes had looked him up and down disdainfully. Eileen had suggested that he change into Wizarding robes but he had refused to do so. After ten years of marriage, his wife was still trying to make him fit in. Silly woman! If she stood up to her father, they wouldn't have as many problems as they did!

If it hadn't been because Tobias Snape's Uncle had died, the Muggle-raised Wizard would've never come back to the Wizarding World. As it was, he had come to find himself a wealthy man. After accepting his inheritance he had had a will drawn up making his son his heir. The barristers had told him that he could do it later but he had decided against it. Later would involve him coming back and that's exactly what he had no plans in doing. He was well-off, and had no need for his family's money but he was not about to let the Ministry take it. Severus would inherit the Snape estate on his thirtieth birthday and have his next of kin (in other words him)as the executor as was Wizarding custom until that time. Tobias didn't agree with the thrity-year limit but it was standard Wizarding law so instead of trying to change it he had added to it. Severus would therefore inherit when he turned thirty or when he married. What a surprise the boy would get when he learned that he had more money than the Princes themselves! Too bad he'd have to wait to see their faces! They thought him and his son penniless squibs! If they only knew that the Snapes still had their money, if nothing else! His son would one day become a wealthy muggle Wizard. He couldn't wait to rub their noses in it.

Tobias looked at his watch impatiently. It had been an exhausting two months and he was glad to be returning to the normality of his home in London! Hold on Severus! We'll be gone in a couple of hours!

It all happened in a matter of seconds. The first explosion blasted one of the gargoyle statues to pieces sending everyone into a panic. Tobias Snape immediately hit the ground and scurried out of the way. What in the hell was going on now? When he looked to the sky he got his answer. Five Wizards on brooms were circling the entrance near the Ministry. Just his luck! The day he plans to leave, the Wizarding World he gets attacked by Rogue Wizards! A second hex landed near him almost taking his head off. Blast it! He was going to die, if he didn't get out of here soon!

Abraxas Malfoy ducked behind a monument, but not before a cutting hex ricocheted off a wall and began slicing through his skin. Had the hex hit him directly, his internal organs would've been severed from his body and he would've died instantly. Holding onto his wand he cast a shield over himself and tried to move inside but found the doors bolted shut. Looking up he saw the Wizards circle the sky before coming in with wands aimed at the doors. He could try apparating but he was too close to the Ministry's wards to do so. Knowing he didn't have the strength to move away Lord Malfoy removed the body shield and raised his wand if he was going to die he'd do it fighting. The first hex he sent was an Aveda Kadavera followed by a succession of cutting hexes. One rogue wizard was hit and fell from his broom onto the marble floor.

Tobias Snape watched the scene and for once wished he too had a wand or at least his gun. The Wizard fought ferociously but still they came, Snape knew it would only be a matter of time before the blonde was cut down. Where were the fucking Aurors? Probably hiding inside on having tea! When the Rogue Wizards pulled away Snape knew it was his chance. Knowing he couldn't allow the man to be massacred he ran to him and half-dragged, half-carried him to safety. He never saw the Wizards double back seconds after he ran out. They blasted the steel door and both men were thrown by the explosion. Tobias landed on top of Lord Malfoy shielding him from the flying debris. Several steel shards pierced his body, his blood pooled around him and the blonde.

When the Aurors showed up Tobias Snape drew his last breath while an injured Abraxas looked on too weak to do anything. His dark-haired savior had said but one word, Severus.


Back at Prince Manor...

Severus Snape Prince sat on the bed kicking his feet back and forth impatiently. His father had told him that they would be leaving that afternoon and that he should pack. With meticulous neatness the boy had removed his clothes from his closet, folded, and packed them. Checking to make sure no one saw him he had shrunk his bags and put them in his pocket. His father had left hours ago and he still wasn't back. If it weren't for the fact that his father always kept his promises, the ten year old would have been worried.

His father had told him to wait in the bedroom and Severus had obeyed. His cousins didn't like him and were always picking on him so there wasn't much reason for him to go out. Except for his parents and the house elves, he hated everyone living at Prince Manor. His relatives were always, calling him squib! A squib?! Him?! Yes, it was true that his paternal grandfather had been vanished for being a squib and that his grandmother had been a muggle. That his father was barely able to cast a lumos but that made no difference! Why were people made to feel less because of their lack of magical ability? It was cruel! Besides, he had more magic in his little finger than all of them put together! Severus sighed wondering why his Father had forbidden his mother and him from telling anyone that he wasn't a squib. Good thing they would be leaving soon. He had never been made to feel so unwlecome and miserable in his short life. He was being strong just like his father had asked him to be but the truth was that his relatives were more hurtful than he let on. Sighing deeply, he removed his shoes and lay down. It was almost two o'clock his father shouldn't be long.

Afternoon turned to evening and sleepiness finally overcame the young boy so he never heard his mother's sobs as she ran past his room or her screams as she threw herself from her window.


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