Together Forever

When I first met her, she looked as if she came from the heavens,
I can't believe I am in love at the age of eleven.
Her voice was welcoming as if it was fate,
I can barely believe that I took the bate.
With her eyes such a bright inidian red,
My heart couldn't bare what she had said.
'Sorry, Davis, but TK is my guy,
So I have to say goodbye.'
Why him?
I can't believe my eyes,
You can never believe all the times I tried to have you,
To love you,
To keep you.
He doesn't even look good,
I'm the guy you should be with.
And when I found out you really are from the heavens and you have the light,
You put me more in my sight.
I love you Kari,
And I'll keep trying to win you until I have you,
So it can be just us two. Together. Forever.
That I can promise you.