This was an attempt to write something based on the songs "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol & "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. These two songs scream Kataangst like no other and I just had to write this, even though it broke my heart to.

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When Katara leans in and brushes her lips against Zuko's, Aang turns the other cheek and daydreams that instead of kissing Zuko she's kissing him.

When Aang watches Katara and Zuko sit together, side by side at the end of the grand table of the dining hall talking quietly to themselves, he pays more attention to the food which was made entirely of meat. It's the first time he's ever contemplated eating it, just to get the image of Katara with Zuko out of his mind.

When Katara whispers into Zuko's ear, leaves delicate caresses and touches against his arm and shoulders, Aang excuses himself from the room, telling them that he had important business to take of -- which was a complete lie in itself.

When Aang notices Katara all by herself, he thinks about whether or not he should talk to her and tell her how much he still loves her even though she's betrothed to Zuko. He stops himself and leaves her presence when he sees Zuko join her.

On the night of their wedding, Aang could barely sleep. All he kept thinking about was how Zuko was the one discovering every single, hidden aspect of Katara that he's always wanted to.

He goes into temples and prays to the spirits that his best-friend continues to find happiness with Zuko, because that's all he could really do to thank her for always being there for him.

As much as he wants to, he never sheds tears. The last time he cried over Katara was when he chose to give her up for the sake of a greater good.