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Ino found herself pressed face first against the wall, the Sharingan user's chest molded to her back. This was not what she had expected when she decided to pay him a visit in order to apologize.

"So now what?" she breathed huskily, her body starting to feel the affects of his hands in spite of herself. "You rape me to get your revenge?"

Kakashi chuckled against her neck in amusement as his hand began to stroke high on her abdomen, his heated breath making her skin prickle into gooseflesh. "I would never use force, Ino, but it's pretty obvious to me you already want this."

Ino couldn't find the words to protest as his fingers snaked along her abdomen to the first button of her top. Using one hand, he easily slid the button out of its hole and she felt her shirt gap open at the bottom.

"Kakashi," she whispered hoarsely, trying to straighten her arms to throw her body back and buck him off. "Don't."

Her attempt did little to help her for she was only able to straighten her arms an inch or two before his overbearing weight crushed her to the wall again.

"You don't sound very convincing." The masked man breathed against her neck as his fingers freed another button from its hole, exposing the bottom of her bindings to his wandering fingers.

Ino let out a frustrated growl which, to her dismay, turned into something akin to a whimper as his fingers caressed the under side of her bound breast.

Even through his mask she could feel his lips quirk upwards in a smirk.

"I like the sounds you're making." He rasped softly, popping open another button. "Don't stop."

By now the only button remaining was the one at her throat. Her shirt had separated enough that her wrappings were completely uncovered and he seemed to be taking his time getting to the last clasp as his hand traveled over her curves.

Ino bit her lip to silence herself as one large hand cupped her right breast roughly. She refused to admit to either him or herself that she was enjoying this even though her body was slowly betraying her. As his palm slid over her nipple, she could feel it instantly harden beneath his touch as if to mock her further. Her body's response did not go unnoticed by her assailant for he allowed his thumb to brush over it a few times, coaxing it into an even harder bud through the bindings before molding the supple flesh into his palm and giving it a light squeeze.

Ino was able to prevent herself from making any sounds indicating she liked what he was doing, but she wasn't able to keep herself from arching her back slightly. Between his Sharingan and his natural perceptiveness, the medic knew she could hide nothing from him. Her resolve was cracking and she couldn't cover it up but her stubbornness would not allow her to give in so easily.

"Kakashi, stop it." She commanded, relieved when her voice came out less shaky than she felt.

He only pressed against her harder and Ino was pretty sure the hard lump against the curve of her rear was NOT his kunai holster. His wandering hands switched to her other breast to give it similar attention as he spoke against the side of her neck.

"Why? Didn't you follow me around for days for this?"

"That was before I realized what a complete jerk you were." She ground out between gritted teeth as he massaged the soft tissue of her breast before moving over her collarbone towards the last button.

"I don't think you care what kind of person I am as long as I can take you for a decent ride."

That wasn't entirely true. Although she had been looking for some fun in the sack, his mysterious ways had also intrigued her. Even his previous students seemed to know very little about him and she had wanted to know why he was so secretive. She was about to open her mouth to tell him so when she felt his free hand near the pulse point on her neck, and with a flick of his wrist, her top fell open completely as the last button was undone.

The long haired girl froze as she waited for what he would do next, expecting him to grab at her breasts again but instead, his free hand slid over her stomach to the button that held her skirt together in the front. Suddenly the wrap-around garment was sliding down her legs leaving her clad in her shorts and panties and his hand was moving on to caress the inside of her right thigh. He was certainly wasn't wasting time.

Kakashi normally wasn't so rough with his female companions, but then again, the women he bedded weren't usually spreading dirty lies about him either. And yet, handling her roughly, dominating her like this, was somehow wonderfully animalistic and sparked something deep and primal within him. The way she whimpered at his touch told him she was enjoying it no matter what her mouth said and when she fought him, it only added to the fun. Her resolve was crumbling and he knew she really did want this, but her mind was teetering on the edge of giving in even if her body had already succumbed. He had methods of persuading apprehensive women to surrender and he would not hesitate to use them on her just as she had pulled out all the stops when trying to seduce him. Already the smell and feel of her were driving him wild with lust and he craved to taste her to see if her flavor was as intoxicating as her sent.

He felt the flex of her muscled thigh as his hand slid over its toned surface. When he came to the black pouch holding a kunai, his fingers nimbly dipped inside and withdrew the metal weapon.

Ino managed to work up some more anger in spite of her growing arousal as she felt his fingers slid over the expanse of skin between her fishnet shorts and leg band. She was not some toy to be played with and she refused to idly stand by and let him touch her without a fight.

"God dammit, Kakashi! Let me go!" she growled fiercely wriggling against him in an attempt to break his hold.

Suddenly his hand was gone from her thigh and the sound of tearing cloth filled her ears. A second later she could feel her bindings falling away from her chest and Ino tried to twist her head and look at him to see how he could have possible removed them so fast but the hand in her hair roughly yanked her head back around.

"Stop fidgeting." Kakashi commanded heatedly against her ear, his exposed chest molded to her now bare back. "I wouldn't want to cut your pretty skin by accident."

The increased sensation of skin on skin made the kunoichi's pulse race faster. She could feel his own beating heart against her back; feel the flex of his muscles as he held her. She knew they held immense power that he was carefully keeping under control. He could crush her in an instant if he wanted to and the knowledge frightened her a little. It also, for some strange reason, thrilled her as well.

Despite his warning, she continued to wriggle slightly even though it did her little good. The Copy Nin let out an irritated growl before mashing her torso completely against the wall, flattening her bare breasts against its smooth surface and nearly forcing the air from her lungs with the roughness of the act.

"Ow! Kakashi, what the hell are you…?"

Her words died on her tongue and her body tensed as she felt something sharp probing her thigh, something not at all like the bulge against her rear but something resembling a weapon. Something deadly.

The strange popping noise of threads being severed filled the quiet between them and Ino could feel the tight fit of her shorts loosen slightly. He was cutting them right off of her and the sound resulted from the fishnet strands giving way…but what in the hell was he cutting them with?

She couldn't move her head and he had her cheek pressed up against the wall but she could feel the cold sting of metal when he let the weapon brush over her skin. It was metallic, probably a kunai. Was it his?

She shifted her leg as much as their position allowed and noticed the holster on her leg felt lighter than it should.

He had stolen the kunai right out of her own holster and was now cutting off her clothes with it!

Why was that action so infuriating and somehow simultaneously very, very sexy?

"Kakashi…" she panted, her voice suddenly far breathier than before.

"Don't move." He whispered against the shell of her ear as he continued to work the kunai up her leg, popping threads open as he went.

"You're a fucking bastard." She managed without much malice as he finally reached the waistband and sliced through that as well before starting on the other leg.

"Maybe so, but it's turning you on." He breathed huskily as the threads popped slowly one at a time under the sharp blade.

"You'd like to think so, wouldn't you." Ino said as icily as she could manage, a difficult feat considering the heat his body was radiating was washing over her, bringing with it his spicy masculine scent mingled with the odor of soap.

The kunai that had been slowly cutting threads one by one, suddenly tore up her leg with a loud rip, cutting the garment completely off of her without leaving so much as a scratch.

"I know so." The masked man whispered smugly, feeling her body tense against his in surprise as the ruined pair of shorts fell around her feet. "I can smell you. You're getting wet for me, Ino. Admit it."

The medic gasped at his accusation. It was true the heat that had enveloped her seemed to permeate her skin and gather in her loins. She was all too familiar with the liquid heat that was pulsing in her core but she had been trying to ignore it, hoping it would go away. She hadn't counted on Kakashi's keen sense of smell picking up on her arousal and a mortified flush tinted her cheeks. The tone of his voice told her he liked the scent but nobody had ever well…smelled her before. It was weird and a little embarrassing even for someone like her.

When she failed to answer, the elite Jounin let the kunai in his hand drop to the floor with a thud, smirking at how she jumped slightly at the sound.

"What's the matter? You always had plenty to say before?" he chuckled as his hand played with the hem of her silky black panties. While they weren't as scandalous, and far simpler than the ones she had worn for him the night before, they were still turning him on to no end.

"Kakashi, don't." she panted as she felt his fingers dip beneath the soft material, his forearm resting on her hip as his hand traveled downwards inside her underwear.

"Shh. Relax. I know you want it." Kakashi whispered seductively against her neck and the pale haired kunoichi couldn't bite back the whimper that arose as his calloused fingers brushed over her mound.

The Copy nin could feel the heat arising from her womanhood as he slid his fingers over her hairless sex. It was recently shaved and silky smooth, no doubt in preparation for last night's seduction. Who could have guessed that in just one day the tables would turn so completely? The pads of his digits stroked over her plump outer lips which were already moist with her desire and the action sent his captive into a fit of shivers which he felt against his own body.

"You like that, don't you?" he rasped accusingly and Ino had to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from groaning as he caressed her again.

Kakashi smirked. She still wasn't ready to admit she was enjoying this. Well, he didn't need words to conform her desire when her body spoke for itself quite clearly. His fingers reached her opening and in one smooth move, he pushed a single digit inside her right up to the third knuckle.

The sudden feeling at being filled broke through the medic's self control and she couldn't help but arch her back and let out an impassioned cry as he entered her. He still kept her pressed against the wall with his other hand firmly rooted in her hair as he violated her. She was helpless, completely and utterly helpless and she found she hadn't been this turned on in a long time.

"Damn, Ino, you're not just wet, you're fucking drenched." He marveled as his finger was suddenly incased within her pulsating, liquid heat. He began to pump in and out, making sure to angle deeply inside her and enjoyed the sounds of her ragged breath and poorly concealed sounds of desire.

His suspicions about her wanting his touch were confirmed, for if he had found her dry, he would have let her go in a heartbeat despite his raging need. Forcing himself on women was not his style; he had more respect than that, but enduring Ino's merciless teasing and then seeing her try and retreat once she had lost control made him want to dominate her more than ever, especially now that he didn't have to hold back. He could sense that her curiosity about him was still there, though she tried to hide it beneath layers of feigned scorn and disgust. Now he was going to satisfy that curiosity he had aroused the night he had kissed her. So much had happened since then that the night seemed like ages ago, but he had her here with him now, wanting him as much as he wanted her, and he wasn't going to let her go.

He watched her fingers on the wall curl to bite into her palms, leaving scratch marks in the plaster as she fought to keep herself under control. One look at her profile told him she was biting her lip, but even this act couldn't silence the sexy sounds he extracted from her. If that wasn't an indication that she loved the feel of him inside her, then the way her inner muscles flexed and fluttered around his working finger certainly was.

"Stop fighting me," Kakashi growled, although his voice had lost its commanding tone. The hand wrapped around her ponytail moved her head again, pressing her flushed forehead to the wall's cool surface as he slipped a second digit in to join the first.

Ino couldn't help but moan loudly, at the feeling of being stretched further. His rhythm was steady and strong as his probing fingers stroked along her slippery walls. She could feel her body squeezing them as the muscles within her contracted ever tighter. The heat in her loins was blazing now and her vision started to blur as the sensations he sent through her began to overwhelm her other senses.

Suddenly, the blonde woman jerked in surprise when she felt something soft and warm tickle sensually over her exposed neck. Up until now, she had just felt the brush of cloth over her skin thanks to the damn mask he was wearing but this felt suspiciously close to real lips. The sensation traveled down to the crook of her neck and when she felt the wetness of a tongue slide over her skin before he sunk his teeth gently into the flesh of her shoulder, she knew her suspicions were confirmed. Kakashi Hatake was maskless, but the firm grip on her ponytail kept her facing forward and prevented her from looking at him. These thoughts seemed to dissipate into a fog of lust anyways as he increased the speed of his pistoning fingers.

Her body shuddered against him as he curled his digits deep within her, finding a patch of silken tissue on her pelvic wall that seemed to increase the volume of her moans when touched.

The were both sweating now, their dampened torsos sliding against each other as he drove his fingers ever deeper into her quivering body. The heady scent of her passion surrounded them and he could hear the wet squelch of his fingers moving along her slippery walls. His own arousal felt painfully confined in his Jounin pants that were now way too tight. The constant friction against the curve of her ass was maddening. He wanted to be in her right that second and she seemed so lost in her desire that if he took her right here against this very wall, she probably wouldn't fight him.

He licked his way back up to her ear and took the lobe between his teeth before panting heatedly in her ear. "Take off your panties."

Ino had only heard half of what he said, so lost was she in the feeling of his nimble fingers working their magic inside her.

"What?" she answered breathlessly, trying to make her mind focus.

"Lose the panties. I won't ask you again."

Suddenly, his fingers were pulling out of her, sliding back out of her underwear leaving a sticky trail from her mound to her bellybutton as his soaking digits brushed over her skin.

Ino couldn't help her moan of frustration at the loss. She had been so close and he had denied her release, but at the same time, the loss of sensation allowed her brain to function again and she realized how swept away she'd been. He had managed to manipulate her for his own purposes. She had never meant for this to happen, well, at least not tonight. Things had gone beyond her control and that scared her a little. She preferred being the instigator, to be the one in charge when it came to sexual conquests and in this scenario, she most certainly was not.

"Ino," He breathed against her ear, his voice hot and demanding as he eased up on her a little bit to allow her to remove the garment in question.

Ino fought to get her rapid breathing under control and willed her wildly beating heart to slow down.

"We need to stop this." She managed to say despite the acute throbbing at the apex of her thighs.

"No, we don't." he answered, finally releasing his grip on her hair and letting both hands wrap around her to cup her breasts.

"Yes, we do. This is…this is wrong." She finished lamely, forcing herself to remain motionless as he squeezed and caressed her flesh hungrily.

"Wrong?" Kakashi said incredulously, pausing in his ministrations. "That didn't seem to stop you yesterday when you broke into my house dressed in panties you obviously had no intention of leaving on. Why should it now?"

"Look, things are different now!" Ino protesting, trying to wriggle away from him but he just used the hands on her breasts to press her tightly against his chest.

"How are they different? You were moaning just now like a whore. Don't try and make excuses for yourself."

His voice was still low and raspy against her ear, making him sound sexy even as he insulted her and she hated him for it. Bringing up her own hands, she clamped them onto his wrists and forced his wandering hands off of her chest.

Why was it that when men seduced women, they were commended for it but whenever a woman showed sexual independence, she was often labeled negatively? Despite his good looks and sex appeal, the silver haired shinobi was just as chauvinistic as the rest of the good for nothing men she had come across. He could have sex with his hand tonight for all she cared because he wasn't going to lay another finger on her.

Abruptly, she whipped around, intending to tell him off once and for all, a finger rising to jab at him accusingly but all her words seemed to flee at the site before her. There was her best friend's sensei, the piece of cloth that had covered the lower half of his face now hanging loosely around his neck. She had forgotten that his exposed lips had been on her and now she found herself totally unprepared for a clear picture of his facial physique.

His skin was smooth and unflawed, save for the scar that ran vertically over his left eye, but even this somehow just added to his appeal. His jaw was strong and angular and his lips full without being feminine. The eye that had seemed droopy now looked right at home on his perfect face. Coupled with his shock of messy silver hair, the sight left her more than a little speechless. Simply put, Kakashi Hatake was gorgeous.

Kakashi's lips forms a small smirk at her stupefied reaction. Reaching out a hand and curling his fingers around the wrist attaching to the pointing finger that was frozen in midair, he met her shocked turquoise eyes with his own mismatched gaze.

"Was there something you wanted to say?" he prompted, the amusement clear in his voice.

His question seemed to break her out of her trance and she shook her head slightly as if to clear away the stupor that had surrounded her.

"Yeah. Don't you dare call me a whore." She hissed, her anger surfacing again as she swung her free hand at him, not in an open palmed slam but in a fist that was intent on doing some bodily harm.

Kakashi dodged easily. Her anger made her too careless to ever land an accurate blow on him and his reflexes were far too quick.

"Calm down, Ino." His said soothingly, his calm voice contrasting with her rage. "You're not a whore. I shouldn't have said that, but your excuse is less than convincing."

She knew he was right of course and the anger drained out of her, leaving with little to say.

"We…I…should be going." She stuttered, her eyes still glued to his exposed face.

Kakashi abruptly tugged on her hand causing her to stumble forward. He pulled her to his chest as his free hand fisted in the material of her panties and yanked them down over her thighs before letting them slide down her legs and crumple on the floor.

"You're not going anywhere." He whispered huskily and Ino could only gasp as he released her wrist and pushed the remains of her top off her shoulders before gathering her up in his arms and literally tossing her onto the bed.

The medic landed on her back with a squeak but before she could make a run for it or even protest, his body was on top of hers, pressing her into the mattress as his mismatched eyes met hers.

Ino tore away her gaze only for a moment, noting the open window in the room.

"Kakashi, the window…we should close it. People will hear."

"Let them listen." He replied in a smoldering voice that made her toes curl. "Maybe the sound of you screaming my name will help undue some of the damage you've done."

"You fucking bastard." She hissed, not for the first time as her eyes flicked back to his face.

"I'm not fucking yet," he smirked. "But I will be."

She indeed felt just as heavenly pinned beneath him as he had imagined. The band holding her hair back had loosened when he had pinned her against the wall and he took the chance to pull it from her hair completely, letting the shimmering strands fall around her in a halo of pale gold. She still wasn't relaxed, still wasn't giving in to him as her body lay ridged under him. That was fine. He had plans to make her relax.

"What happened to the confident seductress that has been trying to get in my pants for the last week?" the silver haired shinobi asked with a hint of amusement.

Ino watched his lips form the words in fascination, now that the mask was gone and she actually could, but as he shifted his body slightly, she felt the hardness in his pants brush high on her inner thigh, causing her to gasp.

Kakashi only smirked at her reaction.

"I didn't picture you as a flower that would wilt in the bedroom and let the man do all the work." He growled as he leaned down to nuzzle the tender flesh above her pulse point. "But I suppose I can step up to the challenge."

"Wait, Kakashi, don't!" Ino panted, still too proud to willingly allow his advances as his head descended down her body.

A soft bite and a lick on the upper curve of her breast was the only warning she got before his mouth closed around a sensitive nipple. Immediately the kunoichi's back arched in response as her hands flew up to tangle in the older man's hair, trying to pull those burning lips away. Kakashi was having none of it and pried her hands from his head and pinned them to the sheets with a slender wrist grasped in each of his large hands, all the while continuing to suckle and bite at her swollen nipple.

Every flick of his tongue and graze of his teeth sent sparks along her spine and Ino was both delighted and dismayed to find that he was every bit as adept at pleasuring a women as she had previously believed. Her breathing which had calmed a bit was already as ragged as ever and he managed to extract soft mewls and moans from her even when she swore she would make a sound.

Who was she kidding? She couldn't fight this. Her façade of resistance was paper thin and they both knew it. She couldn't hold out. She didn't want to hold out and decided, for the second time that evening to swallow her pride. After all, the event she thought could only happen in her dreams was becoming a reality and she was going to savor the moment while it lasted.

When Kakashi dragged his teeth over her hardened nipple, she allowed herself to arch into the sensation and utter a breathy sigh. The Copy Nin sensed her rapidly dissolving opposition to his actions and smirked against the softness of her skin. She was as good as his now and he would make sure she would remember this night for a long time.

He caught the tight pink bud between his teeth and tugged gently, satisfied with the low moan it drew from her. She was so responsive to his every touch and he allowed himself a small amount of pride for, despite being over a decade older than she, still being able to navigate a woman's body with skill.

Releasing the captive flesh, he licked and kissed his way across her cleavage to its neglected twin and gently blew cool air over the flawless skin. He could only watch in lustful fascination as the rosy areola shriveled and her nipple hardened and distended, practically begging to be sucked. He was not one to disappoint.

Soft lips closed around her heated flesh making Ino groan at the feeling and her hands flexed in her lover's grip. She ached to sink her fingers into unruly silver locks and press him more fully onto her breast. Maybe if she showed her appreciation, he's let her.

"Mmm…that's it, Kakashi." She breathed as his tongue swirled around the hardened peak before flicking over it repeatedly. At her heady moans, he stopped his ministrations and raised his lips from her heated flesh just enough to talk.

"What's this? You're finally willing to admit that you like it?" he rasped as a look of amusement crept over his handsome features. Feeling her hands flex against his, he released them, knowing she was too aroused to do anything but succumb to him now.

Ino took in his smug expression and replied with the sultry look that had brought previous men to their knees.

"Just shut up and suck me."

Kakashi couldn't help but comply when her newly free hand tangled in his hair and jerked his head back down to her swollen breast. They both knew he had won though he wasn't going to make her admit it. But then again, this had been her very goal yesterday and now it was being accomplished. He supposed in a way, that made them both victorious but he was determined to come out the one on top…literally.

For as troublesome as she was outside these four walls, the shinobi found he couldn't get enough of her in bed. She writhed against him, her fingers in his hair urging him so take more of her flesh into his mouth, to suck her harder as she moaned and panted with desire. Her hips had started a slow undulation against his, blindly searching for some kind of release and she had bent one knee to rub her calf against his thigh as if seeking as much contact with his body as humanly possible. If she thought he would satisfy her so easily after what she had put him through, she was gravely mistaken.

Pulling away from her sweet skin, he took a minute just to take in the sight of the woman on his bed. Somehow, she had been left in only her fishnet arm and leg bands and the empty kunai holster around her thigh, a vision he found infinitely more sexy than even the lacey little purple and black number she had worn last night. Her nipples were tight and hard, reddened by his constant sucking and biting. Her cheeks had taken on a flush as well but it was her eyes that stood out the most when he looked at her face.

Kakashi had been on missions that had taken him a great many places during his ninja career and on one trip he had found himself on an island far to the South of Konoha. The water there had been crystal clear and in the bright sunshine, had sparkled a beautiful aquamarine, the same color Ino's eyes were now. Only, hers held a fire deep within them, as if the clear waters in those orbs had been set ablaze. He knew they burned with lust for he was feeling the same as well. He had no greater wish at the moment then to be here with her, wrapped up in her scent of sweat and skin, to tangle himself in the sheets with her until they were both satisfied and too exhausted to move. As fate would have it, he had found himself in a position to do just that.

"You know, you don't look half bad with your clothes off." Kakashi chuckled, running his hands up her sides and enjoying the swell of her breasts and hips.

"And you're not half bad at handling me for a dirty old man." Ino replied in seductive tone that still managed to poke fun at him.

"You're going to regret saying that," Kakashi chuckled, letting his chin rest between her heaving breasts. "I suggest you shut up and hang onto something."

Ino just arched a thin blonde brow at him before tightening her grip on his hair as she looked down into his mismatched eyes, the Sharigan not nearly as menacing now that they were both burning with lust.

"Something besides that." Kakashi growled, reaching up to pry her hands from his hair and press them into the bed on either side of her, encouraging her to grab a fistful of his shuriken-printed sheets instead.

"Why, what do you have planned for me, old timer?" She taunted, shifting under him a little in anticipation.

"Something that will have you eating those words."

Ino watched as he dipped his head and began to press open-mouthed kisses over her abdomen, searing her skin where ever his lips touched. More than once she gasped as his mouth found a particularly sensitive area like her hip or right below her breast. He finally came to the juncture of her thighs, his tongue trailing over the smooth skin where a tuft of blonde hair had previously resided.

Ino knew all too well what he intended to do when his hands gripped her thighs and spread her legs apart.

"So you intend to have me eat my words by eating me?" she panted, propping herself up on her elbows to get a better look.

Kakashi didn't answer but positioned himself between her legs so he could meet her gaze, his face only visible from the bridge of his nose and up, much like when he wore his mask. Ino couldn't see his lips but she could most definitely FEEL them press hungrily to her inner thighs.

The blonde medic's experience with oral stimulation had been mediocre at best. Some of her lovers had been hesitant to pleasure her in such a way and did so out of obligation in hopes of receiving the same sort of treatment or to get her warmed up just enough so they could move on to bigger and better things. Only a few men had actually been any good at it and Ino idly wondered which of the two Kakashi would be.

That question was instantly answered when she felt his slick tongue slide leisurely up and down her outer lips, adding his saliva to the moisture that already coated them. His movements were slow and unhurried and promised to deliver one hell of a ride. Maybe she would be put in her place after all.

Kakashi inhaled deeply through his nose as his tongue gently prodded her entrance. How long had it been since he had smelt the desire of a woman, not counting the frustrating encounters he'd had with Ino recently? He wasn't sure but he knew it had been far too long. She was musky and sweet, her scent heady and overpowering and Kakashi gave himself a moment to revel in it as he allowed the very tip of his tongue to part her folds. She was even wetter than when he had slipped his fingers inside her and he found that she tasted even better than she smelled. For a woman as annoying as she was, he supposed she had to have something going for her.

He maintained eye contact with her as he let his tongue sweep up and down her vaginal cleft, collecting the sweet droplets that leaked from her without delving in any farther. His hands came up to grip her hips and hold her still as she began to buck slightly, hoping to get more of him inside her.

Ino had experienced men going down on her and had even watched them, but she had never had one watch her watch him! It was strange but highly erotic to see his mismatched gaze burning into her as she felt his mouth glide over her most intimate area. He could see her every reaction as he tongued the sensitive flesh, teasing her without giving her total fulfillment.

"Don't tease." she said with a wriggle of her hips, unable to help the fact that her demand came out sounding more like a plea. The Copy Ninja only tightened his hold on her, rendering her immobile and let his tongue push past her outer lips to dip fleetingly into her opening before retreating. Repeating the process several times had her moaning in heated frustration, hands twisting and tearing at the sheets but the whole time she held his gaze as he stared at her from between her quivering thighs.

Finally, he pushed his tongue inside her unexpectedly, swirling it within her and making her cry out as her vaginal muscles flexed around the invading object.

Ino finally let her head fall back and collapsed onto the mattress, losing the eroticized staring match between them but she didn't care. Every stroke of his tongue sent streaks of intense pleasure through her, zigzagging along her spine to tingle at the tips of her fingers and toes. She could even feel reverberations in her nipples and noted that no other man had ever been able to please her like this with his tongue. No other man had frustrated her like this either.

As good as it felt, the length of his tongue wasn't much when compared with the two strong fingers he had pumped inside her earlier. He was lapping at her gently, sliding his flexible muscle over her maddeningly slow and it wasn't enough.

"More," she groaned, arching off the bed and thrusting her hips against him. "I need more, damnit!"

Kakashi made no reply but she could hear…no, feel him chuckle against her outer lips, sending pleasant vibrations into her core.

He slowly dragged his hands from her hips down to her womanhood and used his thumbs to spread her folds wide open, revealing a small, glistening ball of pink flesh that he had neglected until now.

"You're impatient." He murmured before letting his tongue slide over the throbbing button.

The effects were immediate as her whole body shivered beneath him, a cry louder than any of her previous ones escaping her lips.

"You like that, don't you?" he growled against her and took pleasure in the strangled sound of affirmation that followed as he did it again.

"Still think I'm too old to keep up?" he whispered against her heated flesh, his eyes taking in her sweat-slicked body and face contorted in pleasure.

"No." She panted, her eyes screwed tightly shut as she felt his tongue tickle her clit again.

Point proven, Kakashi began to work over her folds in earnest, flicking his tongue over the ball of nerve endings and delighting in the way his touches made her thrash and moan. All the humiliation he'd suffered almost seemed worth it as he swirled his tongue over her…almost.

Ino's hands crept from the sheets to grab handfuls of silver hair once more as her hips rocked urgently against his mouth. Every flick of his tongue made her body shudder and she could feel the muscles deep within her tightening as they prepared to release all the building tension in a devastating explosion that would no doubt result in one hell of an orgasm.

The elite Jounin could feel her legs trembling against his shoulders and knew she was close to completion. As he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked gently, her breathless cries only increased. Her hands were back in his hair, pressing his face hard against her core trying to fill the void she was feeling. He increased the suction on her throbbing button and pressed her hips to the mattress when she arched into the air, pert breasts thrust upwards with reckless abandon.

When she reached the very brink of sanity, he pulled away to deliver slower licks to the slippery flesh, denying her release at the very pinnacle of her desire. A harsh groan of frustration accompanied his actions.

"Why the hell did you stop?" she asked breathlessly, focusing glazed turquoise eyes on the man that was smiling mischievously between her legs.

"I'm not going to give you what you want so easily, not after what you put me through." He answered smugly, rising up on his hands and knees to hover over her body.

Ino watched the older man's tongue snake out to run over his lips which still glistened with her essence and although the action made her stomach flip flop, she still was armed with a sharp tongue and a quick come back.

"Everything I put you through? Excuse me, but I'm hardly the one that started it. If you hadn't—"

Kakashi was watching those full lips form scathing words with interest even though he had really stopped listening to what she had to say. She was trying to get under his skin again but he wouldn't let her, not when he could finally have his way with her. He decided after a moment that tasting them was preferable to watching them and did so, effectively silencing her mid-rant.

The blonde medic stiffened momentarily as his mouth pressed to hers, but the way his tongue ran insistently over the soft fullness of her bottom lip before running over the seam quickly had her losing herself in him. When his tongue searched to deepen the kiss, she granted him access and was instantly swept away by the feel and touch and taste of him, which was masked by her own feminine fluids still lingering on his tongue.

It was everything she remembered, domineering and persistent yet gentle enough not to be stifling. The fire in her loins he had so recently abandoned continued to pulse and throb as his tongue now went to work against her mouth instead of stroking the velvet folds of her womanhood.

She felt as if he might devour her if she didn't burn up first and wondered if he was feeling the same way. The pants he still wore chaffed her skin as is legs rubbed against hers and she decided that she wanted them off. Now.

Without disengaging their dueling tongues, she managed to sit up and press her hands to his to his chest. With one swift push and a quick change of weight, she had toppled him over backwards and was now straddling his thighs, the kiss broken in the process. She wasn't about to let Kakashi dominate her all night for she too had a thing or two in store for Konoha's resident pervert.

"Ino, wait a second." He gasped as the devilish girl's hands were already at his fly. In record time, his pants were slipping down his legs as she did away with them completely. Kakashi was finally as naked as she and she found herself up close and personal with a certain part of his anatomy she had just uncovered.

She had expected him to be big and noted that he indeed he was as she grasped him in her right hand, earning a hiss from the prone Copy Nin.

She could feel him pulsating against her, already rock hard and fully erect. A milky white droplet was oozing from the tip as the cold air hit the flushed skin and Ino couldn't help but be drawn towards it. She wanted to taste him like he had tasted her, to fill his mind with sensations of her and only her and all the sinful things she was doing to him. Meeting his gaze with smoldering eyes, she gave him a sexy smirk before dipping her head and flicking her tongue over the weeping slit, letting his bittersweet taste invade her senses.

"Ah! Ino, stop!" Kakashi growled shakily. He was already so hard that he feared he would be no match for the kunoichi's mouth and when he finally allowed himself release, he wanted it to be inside her. He tangled his hands in silky blonde locks, intending to pull her away but she quickly wrapped her lips around his swollen head and began to suck rhythmically, caused him to buck in surprise and push nearly his whole length right down her throat, which she greedily accepted.

The normally composed ninja couldn't help but let out a groan as her tongue swirled over him from tip to base while another hand moved to cup the soft sack of flesh below, adding a whole new world of pleasurable sensations to his over-stimulated body.

"Ino," He groaned tightly, trying to put enough venom into his voice to make her stop but the words came out sounding choked and needy. He tugged a little more forcefully on her hair but she responded by letting her teeth ghost over his rigid flesh before applying a slight pressure, administering a warning of her own. The harder he pulled, the harder she would bite.

Kakashi instantly froze, loosening the death grip on her silky tresses at the first scrape of her teeth. As much as he wanted to be in control, he wasn't willing to risk bodily harm to such a sensitive area. He forced his body to relax and felt Ino's lips curve into a smile around his length as she resumed torturing him with her tongue. Besides, what she was doing felt good, damned good, and he might as well enjoy it while he could.

He uttered soft curses as her tongue stroked the tender underside of his shaft before trailing back to the tip, her mouth applying varying degrees of suction all the while as her other hand steadied herself on his hip. He could only imagine how many guys she had been with in order to get her technique just right. She seemed to find every weak spot and exploit it mercilessly, drawing grunts and moans of pleasure from him despite his attempts to stay quiet.

The long-haired kunoichi was thoroughly enjoying her power over the man who, any other time, could have easily dominated her. She could feel his abdominal muscles flex and jump beneath her splayed fingers as he fought to keep control of himself. She glanced upwards at his face to find his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his jaw clenched as her lips glided up and down his manhood. This is how she had envisioned her seduction of him, pleasuring him senseless until he could take no more and pounced on her. She knew this approach was like playing with fire, considering the Copy Nin's strength and adeptness at rendering her helpless. He had already proven that by crushing against the wall earlier and rendering her powerless, but Ino was surprised to discover just how much she liked it.

Kakashi managed to crack open an eye to watch the medic's head bobbing up and down between his legs. He could feel his shaft hit the back of her throat more than once as her skilled fingers massages the twin sacks in her hand. Just when he had thought it couldn't feel any better, the erotic sight of her sucking his cock hungrily only served to intensify the pleasure. With a guttural groan, he once again tried to guide the kunoichi's lips off of his length before he exploded on the spot.

The blonde ninja could feel his hands tugging at her hair again and knew he was trying to signal that he was on the verge of coming and she should stop. Ino however, had no intention of slowing down. In fact, his sounds of impending release only drove her on harder and she began to suck and nibble with renewed vigor, ignoring the hands pulling at her hair and his breathless pleads for her to stop before he came right in her mouth.

The silver haired Jounin could hardly manage to piece together more than a few broken words as pleasure overcame him. It was soon very obvious that Ino was intent on sucking every drop from him whether he wanted it or not and no amount of pulling on long, blonde tresses was going to change that. Kakashi was forced to grit his teeth against the powerful surges of bliss that wracked his body as the devious woman drew him deep into her throat once more.

"Oh fuck, Ino…I'm gonna…"

His words dissolved into harsh moans and his eyes squeezed shut again as she ran her tongue over a sensitive spot that finally pushed him past the breaking point. His muscles clenched as he felt the sacks in her hand tighten and immediately he was drowning in white hot waves of ecstasy, everything erased from his mind but the feel of her lips and hands and teeth as his body emptied itself into her mouth in a serious of shuddering spurts.

Ino did her best to keep his hips still with her free hand as she eagerly swallowed down the thick, creamy liquid that filled her mouth. His incoherent moans gave her intense satisfaction because she was pretty sure he wasn't the moaning type. His dry spell must have been a long one for him to react like this to just a woman's mouth. As she swallowed the last of his essence, she pulled away from his softening member and looked at his sweat slicked body sprawled haphazardly across his bed, a smug smile on her face as she observed that it was he who succumbed to pleasure first and not the other way around.

As he recovered from his forced descent into bliss, Ino took the time to gaze over his wonderfully naked body for the first time which was indeed a work of perfection. Although his body had been strengthened and toned by decades of rigorous training, he lacked the muscled bulk that her own cigarette-smoking sensei seemed to have. All of the Copy nin's muscles seemed stretched tightly over his slender frame, but that didn't stop them from having definition. Every abdominal, pectoral, and bicep was visible and though her own sensei's looked like they were cut from solid stone, these muscles moved fluidly, flexing and shifting as though they themselves were living beings that worked together to create one amazing body.

The aqua-eyed woman slung a thigh over him and straddled his hips, continuing to let her eyes wander his body shamelessly as the Copy nin finally found the strength to open his eyes.

Thin slits of red and black made an appearance from beneath his heavy lids as he finally got a grip on himself. He was greeted with the view of Ino's deliciously round breasts, half obscured by the curtain of flaxen strands that cascaded down her body. Her eyes glimmered mischievously and she was no doubt quite pleased with herself for having brought him too completion.

"Has anybody told you that you're the devil?" he rumbled, his voice still husky with desire.

"I believe you did." She smiled, leaning in a little closer.

His fingers brushed over her own which were currently splayed over his chest to support her weight. He let his hands skin up her forearms and shoulders before ghosting down her back to her butt, giving each toned cheek a firm squeeze that made her giggle softly. When his hands continued wandering to her thighs, she thought he meant to lift her onto his erection which was already hardening against her rear. What she didn't expect was for one hand to slip between her nether lips and begin to tease her swollen clit all over again.

Instantly, her head fell back and the smug look was wiped from her face as the pad of his thumb ground against her throbbing flesh. A low moan escaped her lips and now it was Kakashi's turn to smile in satisfaction. She had had her fun and now she was going to pay for it.

"Why didn't you stop when I told you to?" he rasped as his fingers continued to play with the small bundle of nerves near her opening.

"I wanted you to come in my mouth." She panted and the Copy nin couldn't help his twitching shaft at the sound of her dirty words.

"You're lucky I can go more than one round then."

Ino looked down into his bi-colored eyes as her hips began to move against his wandering fingers. "If you couldn't, you'd be no use to me, Hatake."

The shinobi let a silver eyebrow rise in amusement at her bold statement. "Is that so? Well, I think I've already shown you other ways I can make you moan my name but apparently that wasn't enough."

Instantly, the fingers on her clit disappeared and both hands were cupping her ass, coaxing her to lift her hips into the air. When she'd complied, he pushed two fingers into her and pressed down on one cheek with the other hand, forcing her even deeper onto his digits.

Ino could only gasp at the sensation, her nails sinking into her lover's chest as he spread the fingers inside her experimentally, testing her tightness and loving the way it made her moan.

With the hand on her ass, he began to guide her hips up and down, forcing her to ride the fingers that were pushed inside her. Ino bit down on her bottom lip at the delicious feeling of being filled again and this time, having some control over what was being done to her.

"See? I think you'll find that I'm not completely useless." Kakashi chuckled, watching her pretty face contort in pleasure as she began to move her hips on her own, thrusting them urgently against his fingers in search of the release she had been previously denied.

Ino knew he was watching her, taking in every detail as she ground against him in her passion. She knew he must be feeling the same kind of satisfaction as she had earlier when she had been sucking him but she didn't care. He was touching far deeper inside of her than when he had her against the wall and almost instantly, her passage was slick with need as she humped his fingers heatedly. Every thrust made the fire in the pit of her stomach burn a little hotter and compress a little tighter and she felt as if it would explode any minute.

Kakashi could feel her hot breath coming in rapid pants against his cheek and see her breast bounce with the effort of her thrusting hips. Her opening was already contracting tightly around his fingers as she rode him and judging by the way her breathless mewls were rising in pitch, she was already on the verge of orgasm.

"You're about to come, aren't you?" he questioned and Ino could only nod in reply, still not opening her eyes as she moved against him.

"Good god, you're horny."

Just when the coiled spring in abdomen was about to release, Kakashi's fingers left her with a wet squelch and denied her release for the second time. Before she even had time to protest, he had gripped her thighs and lifted her off his chest, rolling her over and positioning her on her hands and knees while moving behind her.

"I bet you want it bad now, don't you?" He said into her ear, pressing his chest against her back as he leaned over her.

"Dammit, Kakashi!" she practically screamed, fighting to get away from him in her rage.

"Stop squirming." He ordering, grasping her hips in both hands to hold her still enough to position himself at her opening, his cock now harder than ever thanks to the sight of her riding his fingers.

At the feel of his shaft bumping against her sex, the medic momentarily stiffened. She thought for sure he was going to enter her then but instead, he slipped between the plump lips of her sex and began to slide back and forth, coating himself in her plentiful juices and creating a fiction that was deliciously maddening. Ino couldn't help her wanton moan as she felt his hips thrust against her ass, mimicking the act of sex without penetrating her. The sensation was simply too much to bear.

"You fucking ass! Put it in me!" she moaned as his hands held her hips tight, rocking her body back against his as he continued tormenting her.

Kakashi was suffering almost as much as she was. The heat from her sex was enough to make his cock twitch in anticipation and he practically dripped with her juices, but the truth was he needed to hear her beg for it, to prove to him that she was indeed consenting to this and wasn't being taken against her will, although given her reaction to his previous ministrations, he was pretty sure she was more than willing at this point.

"Tell me how much you want it." He uttered, his voice strained with the effort of holding back even though all he wanted to do was drive into her viciously.

"Your arrogant prick, I'm not begging for you!" she seethed, trying to look over her shoulder unsuccessfully.

"Tell me." He repeated, harsher this time and Ino knew he would not enter her until she did.

"I want it so bad that I'll personally castrate you with a kunai if you don't stick your cock in my pussy right NOW!"

Well, that wasn't exactly what he had in mind but it was good enough. He just hoped she knew what she was in for. Pulling back slightly, he slammed his hips forward and entered her brutally, sinking up to the hilt and extracting a scream of pleasured pain from the kunoichi as he groaned at finally being inside the object of his recent fantasies.

"You've got a dirty mouth," he noted as he gave her a minute to adjust to his length inside her. "But I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the stories you've spread about me."

"Is your pillow talk always this charming?" she panted out, leaning forward to lay her cheek on the sheets when she felt her arms were about to give way.

"Maybe I've been saving all the good lines for you."

Ino was in no mood for playful banter. After being cheated out of an orgasm twice, there was only one thing she wanted and she wasn't afraid to tell him so.

"Kakashi, just shut up and fuck me."

That was an order he certainly didn't need to hear twice.

He began to pound into her with animalistic ferocity, the sounds of their bodies slapping together and the wet squelch of him moving within her filling the room. Ino's moans almost immediately spiraled into screams as he drove into her roughly and she buried her face in the bedspread to muffle herself.

"Oh no, you don't." Kakashi growled, grabbing a fistful of blonde hair and yanking her up roughly. "I want all of Konoha to hear you scream."

Ino didn't resist as he maintained a firm grip on her hair. Perhaps she was too enthralled by the feel of him thrusting behind her. Amidst the haze of passion, Kakashi briefly dwelt on the thought of how ironic it was he wanted her screams of pleasure to be heard when before, he wanted nothing to do with the petite woman for fear of his reputation being tarnished. He wondered idly if Ino's father already knew of her promiscuous lifestyle and if he didn't, how long it would take for word to reach him. He wouldn't be surprised if an irate Yamanaka approached him tomorrow with the intent to kill. However, right now the feel of slamming into her from behind far outweighed the chance that his life might be violently cut short by her angry father the next day.

When he increased his speed, Ino only moaned louder, the sound bouncing off his bedroom walls and filtering down to the streets below. She was holding nothing back and Kakashi noted with satisfaction that she began to repeat his name over and over in a broken mantra as she neared completion.

"That's it, Ino, scream for me." He panted as he felt her feminine muscles begin to flutter and flex around him.

"Oh fuck, Kakashi! Oh my GOD!"

The kunoichi's scream tore through the night as she finally reached her pinnacle. The sound carried over the rooftops as the first fat droplets of rain began to fall from the sky.

Kakashi couldn't help but growl animalisticly through gritted teeth, throwing back his own head as he felt her clamp around him, struggling to keep his own body under control.

When her cried finally subsided, Kakashi relinquished his grip on her hair she fell forwards into the mattress. He pulled out of her with a wet slurp and noted that her own fluids were plentiful enough to trickle down her thighs. He flipped her over easily and slammed back into her, not even pausing to allow her to catch her breath.

"Uh! Oh, Kakashi!" she whimpered, looping her arms around his neck as she felt him bury his shaft inside her again. Her first orgasm had barely subsided and already she could feel the second building.

"You feel so fucking good when you come." H panted, burying his head in the crook of her neck as he continued to plow his hips forward into hers, his lust insatiable as he worked to release the weeks of sexual tension she had initiated.

"Then make me do it again." She moaned beneath him, arching up eagerly to meet his every thrust.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" he smirked, lifting his head to look at her.

Their lust glazed eyes met for a second and Ino, apparently recovered from her mind numbing orgasm, smiled devilishly. With speed quicker than Kakashi would have expected, she rolled them over and straddled his thighs, keeping him firmly wedged inside of her.

"Yeah, I would."

The Copy Nin found his eyes glued to her body as she began to ride up and down, her body writhing and undulating with a hypnotic rhythm as she raised herself up his shaft only to sink down again, moaning and panting like a wild woman as she controlled the speed and depth of the penetration.

From where he was sitting, Ino looked like an absolute goddess, her long blonde hair flying about her with every toss of her head, her sleek and toned muscles flexing beneath smooth skin as she rode him like their coupling would be her last. Her eyes were closed in bliss and her kiss swollen lips were parted in an expression of pure desire. He couldn't for the life of him figure out how he had managed to keep his hands off of her for so long and the very sight of her was proving to be too much.

"Ino, I'm close. I'm going to lose it!" he groaned, gripping her hips tightly in his hands.

"Wait, I'm almost there! Just a little bit more."

Kakashi wasn't sure how long he could hold out while she rode him with reckless abandon. Although he had wanted revenge on her, he didn't intend to deprive her of pleasure three times in one night. Fortunately, he still had a trick or two in store for her.

"Ino, look at me." He groaned, his voice strained and choppy as his member twitched inside her.

When she complied, he drew her close, forcing her to look into his black and red eye as the Sharingan began to swirl.

Ino gasped as she registered what she was seeing. She seldom saw the weapon uncovered and saw it activated even less. Even so, she knew what he was capable of with the implanted eye and wasn't about to be caught in a genjutsu.

"Kakashi, what the hell?! Why are you using that on me?!" she cried, trying to scramble off of him but his fingers gripped her hips tightly and forced her to maintain the pumping rhythm of her hips.

"Relax, Ino, it's not a weapon. Trust me a little."

Hesitantly, the blonde let herself gaze into the swirling depths of the Uchiha blood limit and immediately felt a change within her body.

The sensations of him moving inside of her, which felt good before, suddenly increased ten fold. Raw pleasure began to pulse through her body, starting at her nipples and clit and then spreading out until every part of her body was consumed.

"Oh god, what did you do to me?" Ino moaned, so overcome that she could hardly slide herself up and down his shaft and had to rely on her lover's hands and bucking hips to guide her.

"Shh. Just enjoy it." He murmured as he continued to stare into her turquoise eyes and work his magic on her.

Ino could feel something in her core swirling and shifting and through the haze of passion, guessed it was her own chakra being molded by his jutsu, pulsing in time with the pleasure she felt and sensitizing her body until even the lightest touch was pure ecstasy.

"Kakashi, it's too much!" she cried as the euphoria became overwhelming. Her body felt impossibly good and her brain couldn't process it all. She saw her vision began to tunnel and soon everything was black around her except that swirling two toned eye.

Not wanting her to pass out, the Copy nin dispelled the jutsu but by then, he had accomplished his goal. Ino's throaty moans grew louder and longer, signaling her impending climax.

He pumped up into her once, twice and again and found himself teetering on the end of his own release but the vision of her flushed and sweat sheened body did him in. Muscles inside him rippled wildly and he couldn't suppress a shout as his body emptied into hers.

Ino was able to fight off the impending blackness when the Sharingan stopped swirling but by then her body was already singing with pleasure. She watched the silver-haired man's eyes slide closed and his jaw clench before a ragged cry escaped his lips. His hips bucked up to meet hers in an especially hard thrust and she could feel the hot spray of his seed inside her, coating her walls and mixing with her own juices. It was all too much and Ino couldn't hang on to sanity any longer. She fell head long into the abyss, clawing helplessly at Kakashi's defined chest as feminine muscles milked the last drops of desire from him. She was falling, floating, flying all at once and the whole time was not even aware that she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

At last, her orgasm subsided, taking with it the last of her strength and she slumped forward in exhaustion, placing her cheek against Kakashi's heaving chest.

Reflexively, the Copy Nin's arms came up to wrap around her, cradling her smaller form against his own shivering body and enveloping her in his warmth. The room smelled of sweat, sex, and rain, a combination that wasn't at all unpleasant.

Outside, the rain drops grew in size and quantity as the thunderclouds above finally let lose and showered the Leaf Village with sheets of rain, washing the streets clean and pelting the roof overhead to create a continuous drumming that soothed the two shinobi as they basked in the afterglow of what they had done.

As their racing hearts finally began to slow, Kakashi idly trailed his fingers up and down the smooth skin of his lover's back and she sighed contentedly against his muscles chest.

"For an old man, that was pretty amazing." Ino whispered at last, breaking the monotonous sound of raindrops overhead. "Where the hell did you learn that jutsu?"

"I didn't learn it from anyone." Kakashi chuckled, rubbing strands of silken blonde between his fingers. "That jutsu is one I happened to create myself."

"I thought you always said the Chidori was your one and only original technique." Ino countered, lifting her head to look at him.

Kakashi smirked knowingly.

"It's my only original fighting technique. The one I used on you is something I've shown only to a few privileged women. Consider yourself lucky."

Ino giggled and pushed herself up his body to nibble his ear.

"That makes me want to know what else you can do with the Sharingan." She said deviously. "Your place? At eight o'clock tomorrow work for you?"

The older shinobi stiffened momentarily. He should have known she would ask something presumptuous like that. When he had opened his door to her earlier, he hadn't really meant for any of this to happen and figured this would be a one time thing. He wasn't sure if he wanted to make a habit of this.

"Now just a minute," he said gruffly, pushing her out of the warm cocoon of his arms. "Don't go assuming that my bed is now open to you any time you feel like it. I don't think we should do this again."

"Why not?" she pouted before her lips turned upwards in a mischievous smile. "It was probably the best sex you've had in a long time. Hell, it's probably the only sex you have had in a while."

Well, he couldn't really argue with that.

"That doesn't change the fact that I still can't stand you." he countered.

He had expected his reply to send her into a huff, to earn him a slap, at least some sort of negative response, but instead, her roguish smile remained as she hovered over him with a hand and knee planted on either side of his body. Her endless blonde hair falling around both of them and shining like spun gold in the dim light.

"I don't really care much for you either. You're a grouchy, perverted, brooding old man who is never on time. However, in the bedroom, you're actually tolerable."

Kakashi smirked at her words for he felt the same way. He was still quite angry with her for what she had done but things had become so tangled he wasn't exactly sure whose fault it was anymore. All he knew that having her body devoid of all clothing and trapped beneath his made him feel better than he had in a long time. He wasn't sure if he wanted to admit it to himself, but deep down he knew he could get very used to seeing her in nothing but those fishnet arm and legs bands, all sweaty and panting and moaning his name.

Swiftly and silently, save for Ino's breathless gasp, he pulled her down flush against his chest and rolled them over, pinning her under him.

"Why are you already planning tomorrow night when this one isn't even over yet?" he asked with a smirk, his mismatched eyes focusing on aquamarine.

Before she could answer, his lips were on hers once more, his kiss turning forceful and demanding as he rekindled the lustful fire in both of them.

The rain still poured outside and when he finally pulled away to let them come up for air, she panted against his cheek.

"You should shut that window before everything gets wet."

"The only thing I care about getting wet is you." He growled back as his hand trailed down her side to caress her hip. "And besides, since it's raining, you'll just have to moan twice as loud so everyone can hear it and I'll make sure that you do."


The rain continued to pour relentlessly until morning in the biggest storm anyone could remember. Despite the roar of thousands of drops hitting the earth, another sound was heard through out the night. That next day, when Kakashi Hatake walked down the street, there were no more whispered accusations that he was gay.


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