The cold, dark forest whispered fears and haunts of past lives lost. Growls from creatures in the unstable world called to him. His first night alone, in a place he has never been in a body he never owned. Tin, that was all he was. He discovered he was nothing but building material.


Memories still blurred in his rickety head. Green flashes, pain, glowing shoes…what did it mean. Cold, squeaking hands searched the floor for clues. Heavy rainfall fell into his creases. All that came to mind was his name.


His name was Boq. It was a pleasant name. Humble, simple, and a happy name. What was he, though, to be called such a good name? The girl with the shoes...her name was on the tip of his tongue, called him that. She wasn't made of good, though, he could see that. But he didn't deserve that name. A hideous…hideous…thing! That's what a walking, talking, piece of scrap like that was called. A thing!

"Why did this happen to me!" He screamed into the darkness, "What am I!"

"A Tinman." A low deep voice came in respond.

The thing turned around to find a pair of emerald yellow eyes staring at him through the darkness. Cat's eyes with a diamond pupil. At first he let himself be frightened by the voice, no, more of a growl. But when the cat did not attack him, he grew suspicious of the cat's courage.

"Come here, kitty kitty." The Thing, no, The Tinman said.

Trees rumbled and bushes shook as the overly large house cat came out from his hiding place. Wait a moment, this was no housecat. A lion! He had found a lion…an Animal Lion! Being to excite, he ran to the cat, expecting a return in joy for finding a friend. Instead, the cat jumped back into his heading place.

"Oh, come back outttttt…"The Tinman's last note fell.

His arms, which were fine before, froze in place. His head stayed in its half cocked form. He couldn't move. Well, this was new. The Lion crawled back from his hiding place and touched his hard, cold shell of a body. What had happened to him?

Not only was he made out of tin, but he was now frozen in time. How wonderful. Luckily, The Lion must have known about the works and wonders of rusting, because he found a large oil holder and poured it around his neck and arms. Like magic from The Wizard himself, he sprung back to life. Rain…tin, it made sense now.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Lion." The Tinman shook The Lion's paw.

"Oh, gosh." The Lion blushed. "Say, what are you doing out here anyways?"

It all seemed to come back to him. Nessa, Elphba, magic, shoes. He remembered his old body, his wonderful human fleshy body. His fingers with joints, legs with knees, a quick beating heart…

"They took my heart." The Tinman quietly said.

"Your heart?" The Lion asked. "Who would do such an awful, horrible thing?!"

"The Wicked Witch of the West!" The Tinman cursed. "She took it, the monster with skin of green and a mouth full of lies!"

The Lion's nose twitches and he started to produce small hisses. His back hair stood up and his whiskers twitched. The Tinman stared at the hissing cat, wondering if it was out of spite or pity he was attacking so strange.

"My friend, what is wrong?" The Tinman placed a creaking hand on the furry creature.

"I know her!" The Lion growled. "Because of her I'm a scared little cat. She saved me from an experiment in a school, and so I always figured some one would save me. But no one did, so I was left in the forest alone! I don't even know how I make it though the day, rather off the cold, scary nights!"

The Tinman nodded at The Lion, understanding his predicament. No one deserved what she had given them. Now she flew around Oz throwing lies about their wizard. She brought nothing but evil in their world, and he and The Lion were examples of that. He knew what he must do.

"Come with me," The Tinman said, "Come with me and prove her wickedness. Come with me and find her. Come with me and kill Elph…The Wicked Witch of the West!"