By Kyizi, the Diva of Darkness

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Notes: This is just a short fic I wrote in, well, 10 mins! It's just a little thing that popped into my head and I wrote while it was still there (things don't tend to linger long before they're replaced by nothingness ;) )

Enjoy my first ever CA fluff fic!!


She walked slowly and cautiously towards the center. The lights were dull and she wished to God that they would blind her, keep her immune to the faces and expectations, keep her away from the faint but oh, so likely failure.

Awkwardly she glanced across the room, her furiously needy eyes grasping for that scent of normality, that sense of safety, those gentle eyes that belonged to the smug bastard who made her pick up the damn microphone in the first place.

The opening chords sounded and she gulped, "At first I was afraid, I was petrified..."


Angel watched with a mixture of amusement and terror. He smirked as Cordelia glared across the room at him, her irritation evident for all to see. The ultimate terror would kick in when she stopped singing and waltzed across the room prepared to remove him of his manhood.

He gave Lorne a thankful glance before turning to the stage awaiting the music's imminent arrival. For some reason Lorne gave him a thankful look back. He wasn't that bad a singer, surely. When he and Cordelia had arrived, Lorne had explained that, in order to read more, he needed to hear the notes...he then hastily added that since Cordelia got the visions, there was no reason why she shouldn't sing.

He had, of course, failed to point out that he could, in fact, sing. It was oh, so much more fun to torture them with his terrified warble. Sure, when he was nervous he sounded awful, who didn't? And their reaction? Well that was just so much fun. The look of horror on their face when he would mention using Cariatas for help.

The opening chords resounded through the room and he watched, amused at his seer's plight, as she opened her mouth to the trembling microphone, "At first I was afraid, I was petrified..."

Not even listening to the words that were so obviously aimed at him for putting her in this position, he stared agape at his beautiful co-worker. The words began to roll of her tongue in a cacophony of sound as she began to move to the music.

Gaining a little confidence, he watched as she began to sway her hips in a mesmerizing motion, seductively drawing him into her aura. He watched as she let loose, allowing the whistles and claps to lessen her fading nerves and he gulped. He watched the gentle quirk of her lip, the silent sparkle in her eye that began to come alive as she lavished the attention of her crowd. She looked powerful, she held them in the palm of her hand.

Her whole body began to sway, moved by the thudding beat that had begun resonating in his unbeating heart. His eyes took in every part of her, seeing her truly for the first time. Actually watching what she had become as if he were an outside observer. And he turned on himself and knew he watched her, mouth agape as the realization hit him with a resounding thud.

*Shit...I'm in love with Cordelia*


"...I will survive, hey hey." Cordelia raised her free arm as the last note echoed through the room, and she watched with a huge grin as the audience leapt to its feet.

*Girl could get used to this!* she thought, a beaming smile engulfing her face.

She was by no means a fantastic singer, but she liked to think she had improved somewhat from her Sunnydale High days. And the fact that she had chosen a song that allowed her to use her personality more than her voice had helped.

Waving at the audience, she walked off stage and straight towards the Host. He grinned at her and used his free arm to pull her into a hug, kissing her cheek as he tried not to spill his drink.

"Sweetie, you were sensational," Lorne pulled back and turned to Angel, "Wasn't she?"

Angel fidgeted and gave a weak smile, "Yeah, of course...I mean...she was...I mean yeah, great."

Cordelia frowned at him and turned back to Lorne, "So, did you see anything? What did the vision mean?"

Lorne smiled sadly, "I'm afraid I don't know. The vision drew up a blank."

"Yeah, that was the problem, remember?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly as if an answer should now be forthcoming.

Lorne smiled, "You have the answer. Go back to your watcher buddy and recheck that Scroll you found. There's more there than I can ever tell you."

Sighing, Cordelia turned to Angel, "Oh well, at least I got to be adored by loving fans, finally," she said, "even if they were a little on the otherworldly side. Come on, lets go,"

Lorne smiled, "Okay, but sugar, you better bring those pipes back here soon."

Cordelia gave Lorne a last glance and a smile, before turning to Angel, "Lets go." She turned to leave as the Hosts voice followed them.

"Oh and Angelcakes, realizations are only the beginning."


"Lets go."

Cordelia frowned at Angel's wide eyes. He grabbed her arm and half dragged her out of the club.

*Vampires* she thought, the realization hitting her with a resounding thud, *I'll never understand them*