Author's Note: Well, this is one of the more interesting/fun projects. It's not as serious as some of my others, and it doesn't require ridiculous amounts of research. So therefore, with minimal work and a bit of research the fic should go smoothly. Based on Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Take note: some things have of course been changed to make the story into my Teen Titans version-so not everything will be exactly like the movie. Let's see, it's also worth mentioning that while I am a fan of the movies, I only own the second one. So as this is based on the first, I can only do my best to make sure it's as accurate as possible.

Warnings: Use of alcohol, some slight sexual situations, violence, mild gore, and mature themes.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Teen Titans, which is property of DC Comics, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I own nothing but the idea to morph the two into one, and you know what? I might not even own that…man this is depressing…

Oh yeah, casting. Here ya go!

Jack Sparrow: Raven Trigon (Raven)

Will Turner: Richard Wayne (Robin)

Elizabeth Swann: Korianna Evans (Starfire)

Norrington: Garfield Logan (Beast Boy)

Gov. Swann: Galfore Evans (Galfore)

Gibbs: Victor Stone (Cyborg)

That's it for this chapter. The rest will be listed at the beginning of the next chapter.


Chapter One: Dreaming a Memory

It was morning. Their ship glided through the thick fog like a sword cutting back the thickest of webs, brushing tendrils aside as they went their way. The sun had already risen, yet still struggled to shine through the gray mist. Thick air hung all around, making everything seem heavy, disorienting, and dreamlike. Or so it was, until an elegant voice, young and full of hope, rang throughout the area.

"…We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. Drink up me 'earties yo ho!"

The voice belonged to a slender figure, small in stature and filled out with a flowing dress. Pale skin shone against the dark wood of the ship, the hands leading up to arms encased in a lovely lavender silk. The pale arms led to delicate shoulders and a swan like neck, ending in a pretty, heart-shaped face.

" We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Drink up me 'earties yo ho!"

Ruby red hair fell in perfected curls around her head, gently brushing her collar and shoulders with every movement. Pink lips formed like Cupid's bow opened and closed with the words sung, while dark auburn lashes remained closed in concentration.

" Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me. We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack. Drink up-" a hand laid itself on her petite shoulder, startling her as well as causing brilliant emerald eyes to fly open and quickly look up. Yet just as quickly she relaxed. When the hand had removed itself, Korianna Evans continued to give her undivided attention to its owner.

A young man, a bit older than she, looked down at her with gentle chastisement in his eyes. His name was Stone. Well, that was his last name. She didn't know his first. He had dark skin, with guarded brown eyes. She'd known him only a few months, and while she usually spoke to others avidly to get to know them more, she knew nothing about him now that she didn't know when they first met. He kept to himself mainly, never speaking unless spoken to for the most part. Only a few times had she managed to engage him in any sort of conversation, but for him to come up and speak to her-something must be wrong.

When he spoke, it was with an eerie whisper, soft and cautious as though to make too loud a noise was sin. " Quiet, missy! Cursed pirates sail these waters. You don't want to bring them down on us, now, do ya?"

Pirates. Yes, that term alone was enough to install fear in most men. The scourge of the waters she'd heard a maid say once. She'd always wondered though, what was it that made them so hated? They broke the law, yes, but weren't they just trying to survive in this world, the same as everyone else? Of course, she'd never voiced these thoughts to anyone other than herself and the wildflowers she sometimes went to pick alone in the fields. Surely, if her father ever heard her utter opinions that could be considered treasonous, he'd never forgive it.

A new voice was heard. "Mr. Stone that will do!"

Both turned towards the newcomer. Lieutenant Logan stood behind them, squaring his shoulders and giving off an air of superiority. Now, Lt. Garfield Logan was to say the least interesting. Fresh in his career, he was already sailing with her father, an experienced and decorated officer as well as Governor of their settlement-Port Royal of Tamaran. He usually accompanied her father on trips such as this, where political endeavors required support and strength. Personally, she always wondered why he had to come along; surely her father could handle these things on his own. Some called Logan proud, but she called him arrogant and snobby.

Stone opened his mouth to explain. " She was singing about pirates! Bad luck to be singing about pirates with us mired in this unnatural fog. Mark my words."

The Lieutenant sneered haughtily. " Consider them marked. Be on your way."

To her right Stone only sighed. " Aye Sir." But it seemed he couldn't help adding his own two cents as he began his exit. "It's bad luck to have a woman on board, too... even a miniature one." He muttered.

Korianna could see that Logan was about to reprimand him sharply, so she jumped into the conversation before he could speak.

" I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate."

With those words, both men spun to look at the young girl with slight shock. It was the Lieutenant that recovered first, setting a scowl on his tanned features and furrowing his dark green brows. " Think again, Miss Evans. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves - a short drop and a sudden stop." The man said with conviction.

Korianna, in all her innocence, knew not what he meant by the short drop and sudden stop. Her father never really discussed any of the less-than-pleasant details of life with her. Really, the only way she learned anything of the world outside the manor's walls was by listening to the maids chatter as they worked around her. Confused, she looked to the Stone boy, who'd stopped after her statement and had yet to leave as Mr. Logan had ordered.

Upon her first meeting with the dark youth, she'd picked up on many things, and one of them was the raw knowledge that seemed to swirl around him. It seemed as though in spite of his youth, he'd seen more than most people his age, and was in tune to all the harsher realities whereas she was not. It was natural that he should know these things of course, so surely he could tell her what the Lieutenant had meant.

Catching her eye, he informed her promptly. Miming with his hands, he pretended to tie a knot in what was likely a rope, and putting the loop around his neck, pulled it harshly upwards.

' Oh…oh.' Korianna wasn't sheltered enough not to know what that meant. Hanging. The fate of all pirates and other lawbreakers was the hangman's noose. She'd heard her mother's maid talking of it once, before her mother had passed away. How with a cold heart the men had set the rope around a young boy's neck and pulled the lever, leaving him to fall and break his neck when the rope jerked tight. What a grisly end. Korianna hoped she'd never come to see a hanging as anything but cruel and unusual. Was it possible for a pirate's executioner to be more monstrous than the pirate himself?

" Lieutenant Logan, I appreciate your fervor, but I'm, uh, I'm concerned about the effect this subject will have upon my daughter."

To her amusement, Logan grimaced before turning to address the man who'd spoken to him. " My apologies, Governor Evans."

" Actually," Korianna piped up, "I find it all fascinating."

Her father just looked at her with a practiced patience. " Yes, that's what concerns me."

Governor Galfore Evans was an imposing man. Tall in stature, he looked every bit capable of ruling a settlement, and he did so well. His skin was pale, like hers, and the hair of his beard- the rest was hidden beneath the white wig, was dark auburn. It reached down to the middle of his chest, where a ribbon neatly held it. His presence was powerful, and radiated strength, poise, and intelligence. One wouldn't make the venture of him being such a soft individual at heart, but his daughter and those who'd witnessed their encounters knew different.

Korianna gazed up into those green eyes, the same ones she herself had, and smiled gently. Ever since her mother had…died, her father had done his best to spend much time with her and give her everything she needed to be happy. He truly was a good father.

Her father gave her a caring smile before nodding his acknowledgement, and then motioned for Lt. Logan to follow him back to the bridge, obviously to discuss some matters of importance.

This didn't bother Korianna though; she simply returned the smile before leaning against the starboard side of the ship and gazing out into the mist, contemplating in detail her thoughts of the journey thus far. Or at least, that was what she had planned to do.

Instead of the vast nothingness she'd been staring at since she'd emerged from her cabin this morning, an object afloat in the water caught her eye. Leaning a bit further over the railing, she recognized it as a yellow parasol.

' Strange, what is something like that doing all the way out in the middle of the ocean? Perhaps some unfortunate lady had lost it earlier?' It could've happened, but for some reason her mind refused to accept that.

She kept her eyes trained on the puzzling item while she contemplated its origin. What other reason would a lady's parasol have for being this far from land? It was at that moment her mind registered something else, a strange odor permitting the area. 'How odd, it almost smells like…smoke.'

Korianna swept her gaze over the water, looking for anything else that might be accompanying her discovery. If nothing else, she'd have one more thing to ponder one the voyage back home. Her hopes were rewarded when her emerald gaze spotted another floating object. This however, was not a parasol. It was a boy! A boy lay out on a broad shank of wood!

Excitement flooded her and before she could stop herself, she shouted to her father and Lt. Logan. " Look! A boy! There's a boy in the water!"

Both the men stood at attention immediately, the Governor rushing to the railing while the Lieutenant shouted orders to his men. " Man overboard! Man the ropes. Fetch a Hook! Haul him aboard."

In seconds the deck was alive with sailors, all of which worked in an organized manner to haul the boy out of the water. Obviously, his weight was slight, and with no effort they accomplished this. Water fell off him in rivers, soaking the wood beneath him and the Lieutenants pants as he knelt to check him. Nearby, Korianna waited with barely a breath escaping her. Oh, it would be terrible if he were to be…

" He's still breathing."

She let out a breath. Thank the gods he was alive.

Her joy was short-lived however. The Stone boy had run over with the shouting, and it was his voice that stilled the happiness in her. " Arel, mother of Trigon!"

This boy was obviously lucky. Before the entire crew lay the remains of a ship. What was once a proud, gliding merchant ship was nothing but wreckage and burning remains. Well, that answered her question of where the strange smell had come from.

Who could've done this? Korianna looked to her father for an answer, and found the same shock on his face that surely was on hers.

" What happened here?" the Governor questioned.

It was the Lieutenant that answered him. " It's most likely the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed." Was it just she, or was there something they weren't saying yet nonetheless it was there?

Stone scoffed at Logan's words, and keeping his sight on the wreckage, spoke with a firm tone. " A lot of good it did them." At this part of the crew turned to look at the young man and he them. Brown eyes narrowed in a calculated manner. " Everyone's thinking it. I'm just saying it. Pirates." He spat.

Governor Evans, trying to appear settled and not upset, simply shook his head at the lad. " There's no proof of that. It was probably an accident."

Though some were skeptical, the Lieutenant had had enough stalling and leapt into action. " Rouse the Captain immediately! Heave to and take in sail. Launch the boats."

The sailors rushed to complete the orders, preparing the boats to row out and scout for survivors. " Heave to!" One man shouts, and with a slap a boat hit the water.

In all the excitement, Korianna simply stood by her father so as not to get lost in the fray, and waited for his instructions. She was not disappointed.

" Korianna, I want you to accompany the boy. He'll be in your charge. Take care of him."

His daughter simply nodded and walked over to the prone figure lying on the cot, out of the way of the sailors' feet. Kneeling by him, she gently brushed some hair from his face and took a good look at him.

Despite his cold appearance, the boy's skin was tanned and warm. Jet-black hair fell in soft spikes around his head, contrasting with the white shirt he wore. Grey pants clung to him like a second skin, ending at his calves. He wore no socks, nor shoes. 'Poor boy…'

She thought.

Retrieving a blanket, she set it over him in the hope he'd warm up somewhat. Next she noticed his face. This boy looked to be about her age, but that was where the similarities ended. His expression was not peaceful in sleep, but weary. Like he'd been through so much, and bore the mental as well as emotional marks of a very long and painful past. Korianna wandered just what could cause such misery with no rest, even in sleep.

Carefully she lifted her hand again to brush a bit of hair from his face. Before she could blink, a hand shot out and gripped her wrist in a bruising hold. Startled, she looked to his face, and found the most amazing pair of blue eyes looking back at her. They were an electric color, almost looking like shimmering pools of light. There was something in them too-something she couldn't grasp no matter how hard she tried.

Carefully, the girl laid a hand on the offending limb and spoke softly. " It's alright. My name is Korianna Evans."

The boy's hand relaxed slightly while he studied her guardedly. Finally, he seemed to deem her no threat, and let go. While she rubbed her sore arm, he managed to stutter out two words through his shivering.

" R-R-Richard Wayne."

Korianna smiled as politely as she could. " I'm watching over you Richard."

Richard simply put his head back down to the cot, closed his eyes, and fell back out of consciousness.

Meanwhile, Korianna's mind was working overtime. Who was this boy? Where his parents on that ship? If they were, they were most likely dead. If they weren't, what was he doing on a merchant ship all alone? There were so many questions, and nearly no answers.

Casting her gaze down at him, she saw a glint in the vicinity of the boy's chest. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she reached down and pulled it completely from under his shirt. It was a long chain, supporting a medallion of sorts. She held it closer, and when she finally realized what she had in her hands, she almost dropped it.

" Y-You're a pirate." She said to the unconscious figure.

Glaring up at her was a thick medallion alright, intricately engraved with a primal design, and in the middle sat a skull as well as crossbones. Korianna, as inexperienced as she was, knew enough to know that this wasn't good. Boy or no, if anyone found out that he was a pirate, or even the son of a pirate, no amount of begging could keep him from prison or worse…the hangman's noose.

Hurriedly, she looked around for any inquiring gazes and seeing none, maneuvered the necklace off the young lad and slipped it in between the inside of her dress and her undergarments.

Note a moment too soon either. Footsteps sounded behind her before Lt. Logan stood at her side, peering down at her charge and flicking a glance at her before going back again. " Has he said anything?"

Korianna quieted the fluttering in her stomach before she spoke. " His name is Richard Wayne. That's all I found out."

There was a moment of silence that followed her words, and she feared that maybe he had seen her tuck the medallion away, before he nodded and turned to some nearby sailors.

" Take him below."

Korianna stood up and moved away from Richard, letting the men take him below to place him on one of the spare beds afforded to the crew. Patiently, she awaited the crew and Logan. They did their job and walked away, and the Lieutenant turned to her and nodded his goodbye before turning to follow up on the survivor search.

Once the coast was clear, Korianna removed the necklace and gazed upon it. She knew without being told that it wasn't ordinary. No treasure ever heard of could include such unique features as this coin. What it meant remained a mystery. 'One more thing to ponder as we travel home.'

She turned her emerald eyes to the ocean once more before going down below with Richard, and caught sight of a ship. But not just any sort of ship. Its hull was darker than most she'd seen, and the front revealed itself as a maiden reaching for a raven. No one aboard, save fleeting visions through the fog. The sails though, were what made it horrifying. The sails of that ship were lifeless, not full like they're own, and fluttered in the wind like souls wavering in Judgment Day would. And before the mast waved a black flag, flying against the breeze with a merit all it's own.

Korianna closed her eyes, and felt herself fall.

End Chapter One

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