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~~~Chapter Six: A Wise Conversation~~~

Richard woke up in cramped conditions. He figured he must've fallen asleep against the wall with the gun in his lap. He couldn't quite remember just when he'd finally passed out. The hours had ticked by while he was so deep in thought about the woman-wait, that pirate!

Rushing out of the small compartment, he made his way cautiously up the stairs. The door was cracked just a tiny bit, and he spotted the morning sun through the open window. Well, it was either open it fully or stand out here like an idiot. He shoved the old wood gently, and was greeted with exactly the sight he'd expected. The room was empty.

He walked over and sat on the bed, wiping a hand over his face. Last night had been an experience for sure. Just what had he been thinking when he'd let a perfect stranger into the only home he'd known? That woman had been far from perfect besides. And to be honest, he wasn't all that sure about who or what the Clan of Trigon was aside from the rumors he'd heard. Now that he thought about it in depth, he really had acted like a judgmental bastard. Much like the numerous, close-minded towns people he disliked so.

Richard decided to go look for answers instead of sitting here making guesswork. He got up and changed, getting ready to head up town. Maybe Vic would have some answers for him. The older man was always studying and keeping up on important things like this.

And you know what? Maybe he'd even pay a visit to Korianna after that. He did feel bad for the way he'd treated her. It just wasn't fair to think of her as a body with no mind. She had been a decent friend to him since they'd first met. The redhead deserved more than the cold shoulder he'd presented her.

With his mind made up, he shut the window and locked up. His thoughts slid back to the dark-haired pirate. No doubt she was gone, right? Perhaps any answers he did find about her and that mysterious tattoo would be easier learnt if there was no chance of ever seeing her again.

~~~Change Scene~~~

The streets were as busy as they always were. People ran about, some buying goods and others selling. He could tell some of the young boys were running errands too, as they reminded him of himself as a young deliverer.

He crossed through town and to the near side of the slave quarters. Originally Victor had been brought over by boat to serve the Governor and his family. After a while though, he'd somehow managed to impress the man and was granted leeway-enough so to buy his own home in town if he wished. But Victor, ever loyal to his friends whom weren't free, bought a small and humble house close to the quarters.

Over the years, he'd shown himself to be quite the diplomat as well, somehow managing to free all of the other slaves on the island and making Port Royal the first colony among many to promote liberation of all races.

Of course there were a great many soldiers and officers who disagreed with the whole thing, but what could you expect from men who had grown up and spent their entire lives being waited upon?

The knock on the door was brief, but he was no fan of over doing anything. Victor answered immediately, looking half-crazed before he realized who had called upon him. As for Richard himself, he took no notice. It was usual for the older man to get involved into a project to the extent that he lost track of time and all other matters of the world. If it wasn't for his sister, he would have long since starved by now.

His friend invited him inside, and at once he felt at peace amongst all the books and odd inventions on the shelves and tables. Tacked onto the wall almost reverently were copies of Leonardo's latest sketches. With the smell of aged paper, ink, and burnt wood penetrating his senses, he settled into the chair while the other man sat opposite.

Victor started the conversation, asking through a friendly smile, " So Richard, did you come by to see how those projects were turning out? I've just about got them done. I've finished with the field testing and all there is to do is make some minor adjustments and spruce them up. Then they'll be ready for use, although what you could possibly use them for is beyond me. Maybe you should consider something more-"

" No," the blacksmith interrupted. " Actually I came to you to ask a few questions. You see, it's about this woman whom came into my company late last night and ending up taking refuge until the morning."

Victor blinked slowly, then grinned. " All right! Bout time you got some, it's been way too long. I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever unwind. But surely you don't have questions for me about the birds and the bees, seriously Richard."

He sighed at the good-natured teasing. " No, Vic. Nothing happened. At least, nothing big. There was a moment where I thought maybe, but then I discovered something. Something that shocked me, but now I find that my curiosity won't leave me alone until I get some answers."

" Okay, what is it?" the black man asked cautiously.

Richard told him a complete playback of the story, stressing upon the tattoo, and ending when the encounter itself had-when he had awoken and found her gone.

His friend sat back a while, glaring at the wall while he was deep in thought, and then with a rush jumped up and ran to a particularly disused shelf to retrieve two books.

One was of average width and newer it looked like. A new acquirement perhaps? The other was thicker and smelled of musty paper. It was dog-eared and ancient looking. From this angle he could make out the title " Myths and Gods of the Old World".

He watched his friend set these things down on the table and start into them, looking for a particular passage. Silence eclipsed them for a while. Finally the dark teen spoke.

" It says here that the Clan of Trigon is the only one with any sort of symbol resembling the one you saw. This is the one right?" The book was slid towards him where a basic sketch was on the bottom of one page. " Yeah, that's the one."

Victor nodded, and continued reading from the old tome. "' The Clan of Trigon dates back several hundred years, though they weren't always mentioned. There are reports scattered around the world of their members and their activities.

'The Clan took its name from Trigon, the God of Death. The original members of the Clan, the Azarathians, worshipped him in temples and greatly decorated halls established throughout the land of Azar.' Later, there was some sort of disaster. History gets pretty fuzzy. All it says is that they fled the land in great numbers for fear of something. A few stayed, determined to regain what they thought of as their land. About 300 years ago, they were attacked and either captured or killed. The city of Azar was established in 1204 and the colony became English territory. I believe the history from there is well known and doesn't need to be repeated. Suffice it to say though, that any survivors were hung to death during the Witching Trials.

'However, there are still varied accounts of the Clan in more remote parts of the world. No one of the like has been spotted recently in any of the colonies, but about forty-five years ago a woman was discovered naked and raped in the soldier's quarters of Old Port Royal. They never found out who did it, and they didn't care once the local doctor found the mark of the clan on her. They hung her shortly thereafter.' "

Apparently that was all there was to it. The older man closed that book and looked into the other. This one is the history of Port Royal. "There's a chapter in here devoted to rumors, old wives tales, and myths about the island before and after it was established as a colony. Here, you might find it useful."

Victor handed the book over to him after marking the chapter he'd mentioned. " I can't really tell you anything else about the clan. I can tell you though that if this woman was traveling alone, either she's in trouble with the Clan or she's the first sign of an attack on the colony. Why they would attack us I have no idea. In fact it would be a miracle if they had enough members to make a ship's crew, let alone a fleet capable of taking on Port Royal's finest. I'd go the first option-she's alone and rogue."

Richard looked at him carefully before figuring that his friend's logic made sense. She was rather quiet and low-key last night…but that could've also been for many other reasons.

He arose from his thoughts to find Victor staring at him with knowing eyes. Then, just like that they changed and became blank. "So," he started, " I take it she's gone from the island, right?"

A pregnant silence settled upon them. Richard wasn't sure how to respond. In the end he figured it was best to go to the truth. " I'm pretty sure, but it's not like I saw her leave or anything so…"

The other man nodded and stood. " Well, I'm just curious is all. Anyone she shacks up with tonight could be considered a criminal too, what with aiding a pirate."

Richard got to his feet, aware of the thinly veiled warning. He nodded once more and they moved on the idle chitchat between the table and the door. They talked of Victor's sister briefly, as well as when Richard's projects would be ready. After a few minutes they parted ways, with Richard being aware of a set of eyes on his back as he left.

~~~Change Scene~~~

The pier was as busy as usual. Men hauled loads of goods to their family's stands, and the women were cleaning diligently. Screams and laughter drew his attention to the children playing in the alleys and out-of-the-way places. He'd never really felt the urge to settle down and have some of his own, but perhaps someday it might be nice. But really, just what sort of woman could he have a lasting relationship with? That was the real question.

As he was just turning to cross the street to get to his own, he was so lost in his thoughts he almost fell over when someone bowled into him. Make that several someones.

Men in red coats, officers of the Navy, ran down to the docks in droves. People scrambled out of their way, but Richard went towards them as his curiosity got the better of him. By the time he got there, a fair crowd had gathered and he had to push his way through. No one pushed back, as they were all paying rapt attention to whatever was in the front.

Stepping forward from the crowd, Richard caught sight of Port Royal's Governor, as well as several high-ranking officers. Almost last in line, meaning he'd been late to arrive, was the ever-stuffy Commodore Logan. He screamed orders at his men and shoved them aside, trying to get to the far edge where two figures sat.

Richard's eyes widened as he spotted a familiar woman with red hair lying on the sun-bleached wood. It was Korianna, and she looked like she'd drowned by the puddle of water around her. And leaning over her was the rogue of the Trigon Clan.

~~~End Chapter~~~

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