A/N: RENT world, Yugioh characters. My fic "I'll Cover You" was also RENT/YGO, but the casting was different. That fic is distantly connected to this one, but it is not a companion fic.
Because of songfic rules, I can't use song lyrics. That gets very bothersome when they tell most of the story in song lyrics. I tried my best to keep the feel of Seasons of Love, but no matter what I did, it was waaaay too serious. Oh well. Enjoy.

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Eight spotlights rise on an empty stage. Eight people step foward into those spotlights, five men and three women. They stand facing an empty audience and a dark house. Even though no one is watching, they stand tall and look into the empty seats.
Because that audience is no longer empty. They look at you, and begin.

From left to right, they say their names.









"We live in the East Side of New York. This is our story of a year in our lives," Yugi tells you.

"You can choose to hear the story," Ishizu says.

"Or not," Seto says. "That's up to you."

"But we're telling you this so you can learn from us," Mai says.

"So you won't make our mistakes," Jounouchi says, glancing at Mai.

"And so you'll understand... what can happen in a year," Atem says.

"It's not just 12 months, or 365 days..." Seto says.

"It's part of a person's life." Anzu says.

"Don't measure it by how long it is," Ryou says.

"Measure by how you lived it."

"Measure in hope,"

"Friendships," Yugi says. As he speaks, the others begin to say their own ways to measure their lives. They all say different words, but they are all trying to tell you the same thing. Amid the din of eight overlapping voices, you pick out a distinct few.












The voices stop, and the last word rings out across the theater. Ah, they have found the right word.
Because that is what this story is about. Love. Love between friends. Love between siblings. And another love that can no longer be defined by gender. There is no bounds to the love people can share. It is not something that is so easily restricted to two people of opposite sex. No matter what we do, it can't be controlled, can't be stopped, can't be wrong. It works the other way, though. Love can't be forced, can't be created, but it is always right. No one has the right or power to stop two--or eight--people from loving. To love is to live. Not even death can stop it.
These eight people stand before you, ready to tell you their story of love. Will you listen?

A/N: That was my attempt to be all abstract and stuff. It didn't work very well, but they don't advance the plot at all in that song, so there wasn't much I could do. The rest of the story will be told in the past tense (I don't know WHAT possesed me to go in the present.) and will go like a normal story, where the characters can't see the audience, and things like that. I will write the entire show of RENT, even if it takes me ten years. (I'm hoping no more than one year... we'll see...) The characters have been set. I thought I'd wait till next chapter to post them, but if you really want to know now, let me know and I'll tell you. Read and review. The more reviews, the faster the update.