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I'm Sorry I Couldn't Love You

I know at first you loved me

With all your heart and soul

You devoted every moment

To thoughts of you and I

I'm sorry I couldn't love you

In the same way you loved me

I promise you that I cared

Sometimes more than I thought I could

I tried to love you

As deeply as you loved me

And that is when I realized

That we weren't meant to be

So I pushed you away

In the only way I knew

Would get through to you for sure,

In the only way you would believe

Once you finally understood,

You left me and moved on

To the one I knew you truly loved

And who could love you back

I heard the news just recently

And I'm happy because I did care

Even when it seemed I didn't

To you and the rest of the world

I wish you well in the future

And I'm sorry I had to hurt you

To show you who could love you

And I'm sorry I couldn't love you

Maybe one day I'll confess to you

Maybe you'll understand, but either way

You're happy with him, that's what matters

And I'm still sorry I couldn't love you

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