To put it simply, each part of this story will deal with a part of Kenshin and Kaoru's lives together that has rain in it to act as a metaphor for love. Each drabble won't be connected unless I say it in the top AN...that's all I really have to say. That, and please enjoy it!

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It Is To Be Shared

Shower 1

By: Meirou Kitsune

He watched her and smiled.

He knew that she didn't see him here, watching her from the shadows in utter silence. She did another twist, her black hair spraying over her shoulders and framing her face, blue eyes gleaming happily as a breath of laughter escaped her lips, mixing with the constant pounding of the rain.

From his hidden spot, he smiled at her pure aura, his violet eyes softening even more. He continued to watch her stick her tongue out childishly to catch a few drops which made him chuckle to himself, now his own laughter blending with the rain, but not before the dancing youth heard him. She looked over at him, alarmed by his now known presence as her now wide blue eyes suggested.

He was worried for a moment that she would stop her wonderful dance, but she just warmly smiled at him before looking up at the sky again and closing her eyes.

"I used to dance in the rain with my father when I was little..." She whispered, his acute ears barely picking it up.

"Then this one will leave you." He replied with respect, his lop sided rurouni smile on his youthful face that had melted the young girl's heart long ago.

Just as he turned to leave, she quickly ran up to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him out with her into the rain with courage she didn't even know she had in her.

"Oro?" he questioned with his non-word after a minute of silence had gone by, his clothes slowly starting to get wet.

"I was kind of hoping that you'd come out and see me." She finally admitted as she stared at the muddy ground, blushing lightly.

She looked up at him again, a questioning expression still on his face.

"I want to share this with someone special. With you." She finally expressed as she beamed up at him, hoping that if her words didn't get through, it would be the smile.

He looked at her blankly as she pleaded for acceptance, not knowing what to say. After all, he was a master of swords, not women.

He finally smiled down at her. "It would be honoring to share this beautiful scene with you." He said sincerely as he took her hand in his.

She smiled at him before hugging him tightly as if he was her lifeline, which actually wasn't far from the truth.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her small body, almost afraid to hurt her with his blood stained hands.

"Thank you Kenshin." She whispered in his chest, wondering if the rain would hide her tears.

"You're welcome, Kaoru." He replied back, burying his nose in her midnight black hair and taking a weft of her pleasant jasmine scent.

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