Sigh...the last chapter. I wrote this so many times, but they all sucked, so finally I did this tiny, barely over 100, word drabble.

This is an extension of the first chapter!

It Is To Be Loved

Shower 10

By: Meirou Kitsune

The rain continued pouring out of the sky in heavy drops, easily drenching the only two people who were outside this late at night in the, oddly, balmy storm.

The couple that it fell on continued to dance in harmony, their feet daintily moving together as their arms encircled each other, sharing body heat to beat the chilly water.

It fell as the man took the chin of the woman and leaned it up to him, gliding her benevolent blue eyes to his own promising purple until he timidly leaned in and kissed her. Her eyes widened before they fluttered closed and leaning into his touch.

And so the rain continued pouring out of the sky in heavy drops, the couple now oblivious to it, as they continued being in their own world, finally loved.

Well, there it was, the shortest thing EVER! And because I feel really bad, here's an extra little story that I didn't know where to put in, so enjoy this too!


Under My Umbrella

Kenshin and Kaoru walked in the rain in silence. Kaoru peaked a look over to Kenshin who balanced the heavy food that they'd bought for the day. Since his hands were so full he was unable to hold an umbrella to block out the droplets.

Even though he hid it very well, Kaoru could still tell from vast experience and knowledge that he was slightly annoyed with the persisting rain in his face and his heavy load weighing down his shoulders, making his eyebrow twitch every so often.

She gracefully took a few steps closer to him and covered them both with her wide umbrella. He looked down at her with a small look of shock on his face, but it was soon replaced by a dazzling smile, clearly gracious of the help. She blushed at the attention and continued on, both of them sharing the umbrella.

And Kaoru was too focused on not tripping and embarrassing herself that she didn't catch the giggles in the background. And because she spent so much time in her old dojo and not gossiping around her town like ever other girl her age, she didn't know that sharing an umbrella meant that you were together.

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