A day in the life of a king!

Yuuri woke up to the sun shining in his eyes and he could feel his head throbbing with a migraine but unexplainably a feel of complete ecstasy he looked around the bedroom for his bishounen fiancé only to find him not there


He decided to go downstairs to perhaps find a little bit of peace and quiet and possibly spend some alone time with Wolfram as he walked down the stairs that led to the outdoor area he noticed a flash of blue and gold go past him and out through the door that led outside he knew at once who that exact person was and at once picked up speed to catch up to the blonde.


"WOLFRAM wait a second……STOP" shouted Yuuri trying his best to catch up to the Blonde.

"Yuuri just Go Away…please"


Yuuri's POV:

the sentence from the blonde stopped Yuuri dead in his tracks he almost immediately spun on his heels and headed for the royal gardens it was probably the only place in Shin Makoku where he could actually be alone. And at the moment it was probably the only thing he actually wanted .


Wolframs POV:

I ran for another 5 or so minuets before I finally realized what had just happened

"….oh no what have I done" I said trying to catch my breath

"I…have…to..go back" I said to myself


Yuuris POV:

I just don't get it one moment he can't get off me and the next he hates me …..why did I have to get engaged to one of the most moodiest person I have ever seen….WHY ME


Wolfram who was currently running through the castle at lightning speed looking in everyplace he could think of was infact actually looking for his fiancé or perhaps soon to be ex fiancé.

I don't know what came over me back there but now I have to fix what I started.

Finally after about 20 minuets of looking for his future husband and having no luck he bumped into the only person who might know the whereabouts of his beloved fiancé




A/N: Will Wolfram and Yuri get back together or not read the next chapter to find out.

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