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A day in the life of a king chapter 2!!

"What's wrong what are you in such a hurry for?" Conrad asked cooly

"Damn It Conrad tell me you know where Yuuri is" the blonde boy asked slightly irritated


"Yes where is he I've been searching for the wimp all day I thought he was with you"

"No brother I haven't seen him should I set up a search party for him ?"

"No definitely not He'll be somewhere and I will find him"


Wolframs POV

Damn It I can't find that Wimp anywhere that idiot has probably got himself into a lot of trouble by now I have to find him before he gets himself into any more.

I ran for awhile and when I couldn't find him I decided to let the whole of Shin Makoku know just that .

"YUURI!!!!!" I screamed the loudest I could


Yuuri's POV

I swear I heard Wolframs voice right now perhaps I should go back to the castle now their probably all worried about me and they shouldn't be. I shouldn't be causing a burden to my friends and colleagues just because Wolfram is a moody Bitch.

I swear all he ever does is Bitch about every single thing I do and all I ever do is basically be on my hands and knees when he needs it. The least he could do is be grateful.


Finally after a long period of time searching for his soon to be husband Wolfram decided that it was no use If Yuuri wanted to be found then he would have come back but obviously he didn't want to be found especially not by him. So he halted all his movements instantly when he heard a soft voice coming from the stables that very same soft voice he loved from the very same person he fell in love with and the very same persone he had been looking for all day. And that person was Yuri Shibuya the Maoh his fiancé.


"Yuuri is that you"

The voice stopped in mid sentence upon hearing the almost whispered words.

He remained quiet hoping that Wolfram would think it as nothing and leave.

But he didn't in fact it turned out the exact opposite Wolfram took measured steps toward his Yuuri.

"Yuuri I just came to tell you that ….I...I'm …SORRY I never meant to hurt you I just wanted to have some time alone to….. think I'm sorry I said what I did will you forgive me ."





"Yes whatever you may say or do your still the one I'll always love and love conquers all."

With that Yuuri crushed their lips together for a sweet but chaste kiss just one of the many kisses to come that night.


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