Signal Fire

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I KNOW. I KNOW. Too many stories... Too little updates... But... Just but...

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Summary: This takes off right after 3.21 - Desire . MerMark friendship... Eventually... MerMark all the way, maybe. :D

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Chapter 1

"Grey," Mark Sloan approached the lone intern who was sitting on the benches outside the hospital. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at home with Derek? Telling him where you are and everything?"

She kept quiet, not acknowledging his presence. He finally sat down and placed his bag on the ground and let out a deep breath.

"I saw Addison and Karev come out of the on-call room earlier today. I thought she wanted to make it work with me, apparently…" he let out a small sigh.

"Derek told me he's tired of breathing for me," she finally speaks. "And he let me go… He didn't even…"

They sat down on the benches, the rain falling over them. Their pain enveloping them.

"Did you even notice it's raining?" Mark asked, looking up, his face meeting the drops of water. He closed his eyes every now and then as the water went into his eyes.

"I know," she replies, doing the same thing Mark was doing. "It helps with the tears. It feels like it washes them away."

"It just feels like it, but it never really does," he states. He looked at her and their eyes met for a second. "Does it ever stop?"


"The pain. Having your heart broken. Does it ever stop?" he asks.

She shook her head slowly. "No. It never stops. There's just this momentary lapse of happiness and then it hurts all over again."

"You want to get out of here?" he asked.


"I'm not really in the mood to drink," he tells her. He looks down at her bag. "You've got those intern exams coming up, right? I could help you study."

"You actually think I'm in the right mind to study?"

"It'll take your mind off things," he told her, grabbing his bag and hers and stood up. "C'mon. I hear those beds in the basement corridor make good intern spots."


"What is the McArdle's disease?" Mark read from the book.

"Ooh, ooh," Meredith excitedly jumped out of the bed. "I know that!"

"Well then answer the question, Grey," he tells her, placing the book down and waited for her answer as he looked at his watch.

"It's, umm, it's…"

"Time's up! If your entire life depended on that question, you'd be dead right now," he snickers.

"I know the answer! Your freakin' watch is broken," she reached over and grabbed his arm by the wrist, gives his watch a look, and throws his hand down. "It's broken!"

"Fine, no time then, now answer the question."

"McArdle's disease is…"

"You have no idea what McArdle's disease is, don't you?" he smirked at her and crossed his arms across his chest.

"As if you know," she mutters, getting back on the hospital bed.

"It's a glycogen something disease, Grey," he tells her.

"Something disease?" she raised her brow at him.

"Now be a good loser and get us some new sodas," he shakes the empty soda cans between them. "And you could even get yourself something nice. A candy or something."

"What am I, five?" she glares at him as she takes the dollar bills he was holding out and jumps out of the bed.

"Let me see, according to Addison, you're about twelve…" he suddenly realized he just said her name and he shuts his mouth. Meredith looks at him. "This isn't really the time to mention any of their names, isn't it?"

"The wound's still a bit fresh, Mark," she tells him. "It's not yet time to rip the bandage off."

"And the bandage? When does it come off?"

"It stays on forever…" she replies quietly, going back on the bed. "You still up for some soda?"

"Maybe we could get it together…"

"The vending machine's right over there, Mark," she rolled her eyes and pointed towards the vending machines.

"I'm an emotional wreck right now, Grey, I'm not supposed to be left alone. Nor should you be," he tells her sternly.

"And yet you want me to get us sodas a while ago?"

"We should stick together from now on, the Dirty Mistresses Club shall have its meetings 24/7."



All I wanted just sped right past me.