Signal Fire

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Summary: This takes off right after 3.21 - Desire . MerMark friendship... Eventually... MerMark all the way, maybe. :D

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Chapter 4

He watched her sleeping. She was snoring. She snored like a trucker and it made him chuckle. He picked up the pillow on the floor and gently threw it over her sleeping form.

"Hey, hey, wake up, Grey!"

"Wh-what?" she sat up, alarmed and disheveled. Her blonde hair went out in every direction.

"Intern exams today, Grey. It's a big day."

"What are you doing here?" she murmured as she rubbed her eyes into awareness..

"I've been sleeping on your couch downstairs for two days now," he raised his eyebrow. "Don't you remember at all?"

"Oh yeah," she stifled a yawn and stretched out.

"C'mon," he made the bed bounce with his hands, making Meredith groan in frustration.

"I'm up! I'm up!"

"Good. Now get changed and get your butt downstairs unless you want me to give you a bath," he smirked at her.

"Ass," she glared at him as he walked out of the room.

"Loveable ass!" Mark called out from the hallway.

Mark walked downstairs and got some coffee from the machine and he sat down on one of the chairs of the small dining table. He knew Meredith only needed 10 minutes to get ready so he busied himself by reading the newspaper while waiting for her. The other interns were there but he paid no heed to them.

"Are you going to be okay?" Izzie broke the silence in the kitchen.

It was still strange having Mark Sloan in their kitchen for two straight days now. And Christina, who was for some reason there too, also shot strange looks over at Mark who was reading the newspaper, looking as if he was right at home.

"Of course she's going to be okay," Mark answered for Meredith as she sat down beside him. Mark brought down the newspaper he was reading and placed the coffee mug he had been drinking from in front of her.

"She's Meredith, Izzie, she's tough," Christina pitched in.

"She knows the reading and she's ready," Mark nodded knowingly. "She'll beat all of you asses."

"Not mine," Christina smirked.

"Want to make a bet out of it, Yang?" Mark smirked back.

"Do you guys mind? I'm right here," Meredith waved her hand up for a moment before glaring at the two. She downed the remaining coffee from Mark's mug and placed it down.

"Thousand bucks, Yang," Mark smirked.

"Do you think I actually have a thousand bucks?" Christina asked him.

"Well if you're that confident then you don't need a thousand bucks cos' I'll be the one to give it to you," he told her.

Christina sat and pondered for a second. She suddenly nodded her head and grinned evilly. "You're on."

"Seriously," Meredith waved her hand around. "I'm right here, people."

They ignored her as they shook hands to seal their bet.

"You ready?" Mark asked as he stood up. "We still need to swing by the coffee spot."

"Umm," Christina butted in. "Didn't you guys just have coffee?"

"Coffee cake," Mark shook his head. "Best in the state."

"Ooh, the same one McVet brought you?"

"Yep," Meredith nodded as she stood up.

"McVet? The loser?" Mark asked Christina as he stood up. "He brought her coffee cake? I'm giving her something that reminds her of that vet?"

"Stop talking you two! And let's go!" Meredith pulled Mark out of the kitchen.

"You want me to come to the funeral with you? I can go swing by the store to get a black suit," he asked as they drove off towards the hospital.

"Thanks, Mark," she offered him a sympathetic smile. "But no. I need to do this on my own."

"You promise to call me, text me, page me, or whistle for me if something goes wrong?" he momentarily tore his eyes away from the road and looked at her.

She kept quiet.

But he knew she'd do it.

He knew.


"What the hell," Mark muttered as he approached the three people all in black suits and the two or three other that were in blue scrubs. He made his way amongst the sea of people that have gathered around to watch the commotion.

Meredith was standing in her black dress, close enough to her father to be slapped once again. And from the looks of it, he was just about to do that. The Chief was also nearby, watching as Meredith took the verbal abuse from her father. Mark walked faster towards them, the glare on his face getting deeper and deeper as he walked closer and closer.

"Hey! Hey!" Mark stepped in between Meredith and his obviously drunk father. Tatcher Grey reeked of alcohol. "What the hell's happening here?"

"We don't want you there! Nobody wants you there! You killed her! It's you're fault!" Tatcher pointed at Meredith. He tried to reach past Mark towards her but Mark immediately grabbed his hand before it even got past him.

"Don't you even dare touch a single hair on her, Mr. Grey," Mark moved closer to Tatcher, towering over the smaller man. "Or I swear."

"Dr. Sloan," Chief called out his name, making him drop Tatcher's hand and step back a little.

"I shouldn't be the one to be apprehended here, Chief," Mark spoke in a loud voice. "It's this drunk man right here who not only physically abused one of our doctors but is also threatening her."

"Dad, dad," Molly Grey pulled on his drunk father's arm. "Let's go."

"Yeah, that's right, Mr. Grey, you should go," Mark nodded, glaring at the man. "Get the hell out of this hospital."

They all watched as Tatcher and her daughter step into the elevator.

"Dr. Sloan," Chief called out his name. He was about to get a beating but he will no allow it.

"If you're not even capable of stopping a small feud then I really think you should step down as chief right now, Chief," Mark looked at the Chief with a challenging gaze.

"Dr. Sloan," Chief Webber looked at Mark with a stern gaze. "You do not get to talk to me like that."

"Mark! Stop it," Meredith pulled on the back of his blue scrub. "Mark."

Mark let out an irritated sigh. He turned around and looked at Meredith. "Sorry."

"M-maybe we should go," Meredith pulled on his scrub suit.

"Yeah," he nodded, giving the Chief one last look before letting himself be pulled by Meredith to god knows where.

They ended up in the basement hallway again. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Mark offered to help her study in which she agreed to. The minutes turned to hours.

"Shit," Meredith got off the gurney as she looked at her watch. "I need to go. I still need to change."

"Good luck!" Mark gave her a thumbs up. "Go beat Yang, okay? I expect nothing but the highest score from you. You'd better make me proud, Grey."

"Make you proud?" she raised her eyebrow at him.

"Just go do your best," Mark rolled his eyes. "And I don't have a thousand bucks too, you know."

"Yeah right," she rolled her eyes as she ran off.

"Good luck!" Mark called out after her.

He stayed there, sitting. His thoughts went back to the incident earlier. He gritted his teeth as he remembered how much he wanted to have punched Meredith's father. It took him a good few minutes before he finally calmed down and go back to his job.


"Dr. Sloan?" George approached the much taller man without hesitation.

"Hmm?" Mark turned to look at him.

"It's about Meredith," he spoke quietly, looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"What about her? Something wrong?"

"Dr. Sloan, she didn't answer the test. She just sat there… She didn't even open the booklet… And I thought maybe you could help her by talking to the Chief. "

"What?" Mark asked with surprise. "Why the hell did she do that?"

"I have no idea, sir," George shook his head.

"I'm not exactly in good terms with the Chief now," Mark suddenly regretted his small bout with the Chief earlier. "Damnit." He bit his lower lip. "Where is she?"

"She's in the waiting area, just sitting there," George replied.

"You make sure she has company while I go talk to the Chief," he patted the intern on the shoulder and made his way to the Chief's office.

He has a lot of apologizing to do.


He watched as she entered the small conference room. He watched as Dr. Webber spoke with her. He watched as she broke down. He watched as he comforted her. He watched as she finally sat down and took the test.

He stepped backwards and leaned against the nurse station's counter.

And Mark watched.

He just stood there and watched.

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