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A/N: This is an attempt at a future look into Bella's life. It's a litte drabble, something I felt like writing. I haven't had much time as of late.

At the age of 37, there are a couple of things that I absolutely know about myself.

I know I love my husband and I know I love my daughter.

And without a doubt, I know I'm still in love with Edward.

I got married six years ago in a cozy church, right here in Forks. That day had been one of the few filled with sun; for which I was thankful for on quite a few accounts.

It meant a beautiful day for a ceremony, but on the other hand, it made it impossible for certain people to attend.

Namely Edward.

So I was quite surprised to find said person or rather vampire, coming towards me.

I immediately began to blush.

Edward Cullen, in all of his unnatural beauty, sat beside me on a rusting bench at Fork's only playground.

"She looks just like you, Bella."

I searched the woodchip infused playground, as I looked for my daughter. I found her waiting in line to use the slide.

"Long time no see, Edward."

"Yes. It would appear that way wouldn't it?"

His answer threw me off balance. "What can I do for you?"

Instead of answering, Edward returned his gaze to the playground. He watched as my carbon copy took her turn on the slide.

"What's her name?"

"Ava. She'll be five next month." Edward didn't answer immediately.

"Are you happy Bella?" His eyes flickered back to mine. The deep honey orbs that stared back at me were filled with worry.


He smiled a sad crooked smile. "I was hoping you wouldn't say that."

I laughed quietly. "I know."

"I should be leaving."

"Why?" I asked putting my hand on top of his freezing one. "You just got here."

Edward smiled once more and pointed up. I frowned as I noticed a break in the clouds.

He grabbed my hands in his and spoke quickly. "I've been trying to sum up the courage to come and talk to you, Bell. I've dropped in occasionally, but I've never had the strength. Until now."

"What changed?"

"You. Your family and your life. I realized that you're not seventeen anymore. I can't keep living in high school, hoping you'll find your way back to me."

I asked him the one question that had been plaguing me for years. "Do you ever regret it? Do you ever regret not changing me?"

Edward released me hands. "You're able to live Bella. Just as you were always meant to. No regrets."

Edward and I stood as the clouds above us began to give way to the afternoon sunshine.

" I love you." I whispered.

"Forever." Edward smiled back. He squeezed my hand and with the blink of an eye he vanished.

I stood there, my hands limp at my sides, staring at the place where Edward had stood seconds before.

"Forever." I promised to the thin air, as the sun finally broke through the clouds littering the grass with sunlight.

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