It all started when the third year literature teacher gave an assignment…



The entire tennis club member suddenly stopped their practice as they heard a loud yell coming from inside the clubhouse. Not so long after, they saw a red head figure running out of the clubhouse, followed by a loud 'Eiji!! I'm sorry!!!' yell from Seigaku's vice captain.

"Not again…" Momo mumbled as he watched the red head running toward him in full speed. "And I am about to have a match with Echizen…" he protested while shaking his head helplessly.

"Momo! Practice double with me."

"Sorry, Echizen. We'll play a game later."



"A short story about someone you like?"

"Yes, the lit teacher gave that assignment for each third year class."

"Hmm… Kikumaru senpai got upset after he read yours?"


"Let me guess, Kikumaru senpai wrote about you but you wrote about someone else." Ryoma said ignorantly as he hit the tennis ball back to Oishi's court.

"How did you know that?"

"Just a hunch."

"Well, do you know why he got upset?"

The freshman just continued his rally game silently before he finally mumbled, "Oishi senpai wa," he picked up his fallen hat and put it on his head before he continued, "Mada mada da ne…"



"Your dad?"


"And Eiji is writing about you?"


"And you're asking me what makes Eiji so upset?"

"Yes. Is this going to be a yes – no question session, Fuji? What makes him so upset anyway?"

"Isn't it so obvious?"

"What is?"


"Anoo… I think he just gets embarrassed."

"Huh? Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Da.Ka.Ra. Will anyone explain to me what is so obvious?!"

"Sono… eeto… you know…"



It was lunch break and Oishi decided to seek a little more information from Seigaku's data bank, Inui. Unlike the rest of his teammates who seemed to enjoy torturing him by saying it was obvious for Eiji to get upset, which made him annoyed because obviously the obvious thing was supposed to be well.. obvious enough for everyone to find out but he just couldn't figure out what the obvious thing was so in other words it wasn't an obvious thing, Inui was a straightforward person. That guy wouldn't give him an implied answer…

"It's so obvious that even a blind man can see it."

"Not you too, Inui…" He wailed from the side of the chem. lab door desperately right before he saw a blue smoke came out from Inui's chem. set followed by a small popping sound, "What are you making?"

"Healthy homemade popcorn." He slowly turned his body around and showed the vice captain his latest creation, "Aozu flavored, wanna try? Hm, where did he go?"


Later on that night…

Oishi typed something on his cellphone as he sat on his bedside then hesitantly push the send button.

And he waited.

As he waited, a crazy idea suddenly highjack his sane mind and he couldn't stop himself from thinking, what if Eiji didn't receive his email? He better send it again.

But wait..

That double partner of his usually didn't notice his incoming mail alert… maybe he should call him.


Eiji wouldn't want to answer his call at this point of time…

So He sent the mail again.

And again.

Argh, why didn't Eiji send him a reply already?

Another crazy idea came up on his mind.

What if Eiji was still upset and refused to read his mail?

This is ridiculous.

Did that red head want him to go over and apologize personally?


If Eiji still didn't send him a reply after he sent this mail, he might as well…

Finally! Eiji's reply…

He quickly read the mail.

It was a short mail, Eiji wasn't someone who could write long email anyway, but it was enough to make him smile.

It read: 'Send that mail again for another twenty times and I might forgive you nya.'

"Whatever you want, Eiji…"

He sent the mail again, but this time he did it with a wide grin on his face.


Next day…

"Psst, Tezuka…"

The captain gave a side glance to his vice captain quietly while focusing his ears to hear one of his classmates read her assignment for the whole class.

"Why did Eiji wrote about me for his assignment?"

He sighed, and there was only one thing in his mind right then.. Oishi could be so clueless about a certain thing sometimes… Poor Eiji…