Last chapter: Fuji's Idea (last part)

Oishi had been in a really good mood that day, he could not wipe his smile off his face.

Eiji was also in a really good mood that day, he was grinning the entire school hours, forcing the teachers to question the sanity of the acrobatic player.

Each time someone asked what made them so happy, they would only snicker. There was simply no way for them to leak their 'date plan'. No… They were not the type of couple who loved showing off their intimacy in public area. Oh, when they said 'public area', they meant the tennis club. They were completely aware that their fellow teammates were still living their happy lives as singles. Announcing that they were having a date after school was so being intolerant, right? They did not want to be intolerant.

That and the fact that several of the regulars would most likely stalk them just because they thought it would be 'fun'.

Keeping that certain fact in mind, the pair decided to play dumb. Which was something they expert in doing besides playing double.

Today's date's going to be a lot of FUN!!


Today's date's totally NOT fun!! Eiji could only scowl mentally since he was losing his breath after walking for two hours non-stop. He knew that Oishi loved fish, and he also loved going fishing, he just did not think that Oishi would take him to his favorite fishing spot in their first official date.

"What's the matter, Eiji? Tired?" Oishi asked worriedly. Eiji quickly answered his fine and tried not to look extremely annoyed with his lover (even when he did), but when he saw Oishi smiled so gently toward him, all the annoyance and irritation that had been piled up were quickly swept away.

"Love you." He suddenly said, blushing a little, then began skipping his way, leaving a stunned Oishi behind muttering 'What's with him, so suddenly?'. However, the vice captain grinned happily after all. He kind of liked Eiji's tendency to randomly say he liked him at the very unpredictable moment.

"Don't skip around so much, you'll fall." He reminded but smiled anyway when Eiji kept skipping on constant speed.


"Mataku!! Who would be stupid enough to go deep in the mountain for their date?!" Momo complained. He and several other bored people was walking not so far away behind the golden pair. Because it was Saturday night and all of them were happy singles who didn't have anything to do so they thought it would be better to stalk their friend's date rather than staying at home doing math homework.

"Che, who's the stupid one to actually stalk them to this kind of place?!" Ryoma groaned at his senpais.

"Shut up, Echizen!" Momo hushed.

"I can't believe I get dragged to this…" He muttered helplessly. First of all, he was the least interested to stalk the vice captain's date, he would rather be at home with his precious Karupin. Second, he had tried to run away when his senpaitachi dragged him to this unfamiliar place, oh yes he had tried so hard but his effort was wasted in front of a certain brunet senpai. Then he thought, what the heck, he'd just play along. As long as they did not force him to do anything weird such as throwing Sakura petals from a tree like the other time.

"Hm… It seems that Oishi had a fetish toward nature. Iidata…" Inui muttered with a plain face then quickly scribbled something in his notebook. Momo and Ryoma could only saw their data player in amazement, because Inui was able to write and walk without tripping something at the same time.

"Maa, since Tezuka's not around, we can finally have some fun, ne?" Fuji smiled sweetly toward his teammates. The quiet surrounding of an unfamiliar place like this mountain somehow had given him a great idea on how to make the couple moved in to the next phase of dating. Oh yes, it was very generous of him to help them…


"Nya! This is fun!!" Eiji chirped as he put another fish to his bucket.

"It is, isn't it?" Oishi agreed.

He smiled at the red head, the red head grinned in return. Then they excitedly continued their fishing activity.


"That's totally not a date!" Momo protested from behind a tree not so far away from the two. All agreed at his statement. It was more of an outing of two best friends rather than a hot, passionate date of recently established couple. "They're really helpless.."

"That's why we're here, right?" Fuji smiled again. But this time, he snapped his eyes wide open. And everyone knew that whenever Fuji opened his eyes, he had a really good plan.

Momo, Inui and Ryoma (Momo dragged him) then crowding in front of the brunet, leaning closer so they could hear him whispering his genius plan.

"I call this 'Oishi and Eiji's passionate first official date in a deep mountain' plan part A."

Ryoma yawned in boredom because the plan's name sounded really lame and stupid.

"Interesting.." Inui mumbled.

"What's the plan?" Momo asked excitedly.

Fuji chuckled before he explained his plan. "In a remote and unfamiliar surrounding, two lovers are too busy fishing that they don't notice the sudden change of weather. And before they know it, rain started to fall down. Then they hurriedly went to a nearby abandoned cabin, soaking themselves in the rain because they didn't bring an umbrella."

All three of them quickly looked up to the sky and found that the sky was very clear and there was no single cloud around.

"Erm, is that plan feasible?" Momo asked hesitantly.

"It will." Fuji answered confidently.

"How?" Inui fixed his glasses, took another good look at the sky and continued, "There is only 0.1 percent chance for the rain to fall."

"We will make it rain." Was what he said mysteriously. Three of them (yes, even Ryoma was curious) wanted to ask how would he make the rain fall from a perfectly bright sky when suddenly they noticed that Fuji had been staring intensely toward their freshman.

"Rain dance." The brunet said calmly.

Ryoma quickly showed a horrified look as he started to understand the meaning of Fuji's intense stare earlier. He gulped, muttering, "You didn't mean…"


"Che, I can't do rain dance!!" Sure he had seen the dance couple of times before but to actually do it… Not to mention, in front of his senpais? And not just any senpai, it's Fuji senpai who was ready to take humiliating pictures of him with his cellphone for future blackmailing material. He wouldn't live it down for years. YEARS!!

At that point, Momo was trying his best to hold down a laugh while Inui was muttering, 'I see…'

"Okay, let me revised my words. I don't do rain dance! Why me?!" He protested.

"Because you're the youngest, smallest one between us and because you had been living in US for quite some time." Was his reason, silently teaching his cute kouhai just how true the 'Jakuniku Kyoushoku' (the strong eats the weak) proverb was. "Besides, I heard that Indian people can do the rain dance." He continued. It was just a simple syllogism. Indian people did rain dance. They resided in US. Ryoma had been living in US before. Therefore, Ryoma could do the rain dance.

Yeah, he knew that it was a (very) wrong and baseless one-sided conclusion, but whatever. He liked teasing the kid.

"…" Ryoma was still struggling to go against Fuji's words. However, after a few sharp glares and a lot of intimidating aura later, he gave up with a long, exasperated sigh. "Che, fine. Though I don't think it will work." He grumbled, tugging his white cap deeper.


Not so long after Ryoma began rain dancing…

"I can't believe this… It really worked…" Momo commented as he saw a large dark cloud began gathering above them. Then he quickly looked toward Oishi and Eiji. The two was still busy catching fishes they did not notice the sudden change of weather.

"Echizen has an inborn talent to call the rain.. iidata…"

Ryoma was trying so hard to keep himself from jumping down a nearby cliff.

"Told you it will work.." Fuji said, smiling slyly at his cellphone. "Echizen-kun, keep dancing until the rain starts pouring. Inui and Momo, go to the cabin and make the necessary preparation for part B of the plan."

Momo and Inui nodded, Ryoma was making a mental promise to double his milk intake from that day onward so he could gain some height. He really hated the fact that they ordered him to do such humiliating things just because he was the smallest one around!


Then, not so long after that, the rain starts pouring down heavily.

"Unya!! It's raining!!"

Oishi, being the worrywart that he was, took off his jacket and put it on Eiji's head. He did not want his lover to get sick now, did he?

"Let's finish up and find some shelter before the rain gets heavier."

"I think I saw a cabin on our way here."

"Alright, let's go there." Oishi packed his things, returning the fishes they caught to the river again (because it's troublesome to bring them) then let Eiji lead the way to the old, abandoned cabin not so far away from the fishing spot. "Don't run, you'll slip." He reminded.

"Nya, Oishi… You sounded like my mother…" The red head pouted but he stopped running anyway, just like what his lover told him. "But I like that side of you too." He added quietly, grinning.


"Not telling nya!!" He giggled. Oishi smiled while thinking, Eiji's so full of energy…


"The rain gets heavier…" Eiji said as he saw the rain pouring down from the window. He rubbed his hands, did a light stretch up then did anything he could think of to make himself warm. Even with Oishi's jacket on, he's still freezing.

"Eiji, help me gather anything burnable and put it in the fireplace. I'm going to make a fire to warm us up."

Eiji nodded and started to look for 'burnable things', muttering 'burnable, burnable' as he did so. "Nya, Oishi…" He called, "We're in luck. There is little leftover firewood.."

"With only that amount of wood, the fire won't last long… But I guess it's better than nothing.."

Oishi quickly make the fire, then sat in front of the fireplace. Eiji quickly joined him and they began to sit side by side quietly as they warmed themselves.

Then they started to talk. Well, actually, Eiji did all the talking while Oishi just stared at the fire quietly.

"And then… Nya, Oishi.. you're so quiet…"

"Am I?" Oishi answered weakly, his whole body was trembling because of the cold.

"Oishi… your lips… it's purple now.." Eiji noted in panic. He hurriedly grabbed Oishi's hands and was surprise to find how cold they had become, "You're freezing cold! Nya, it's my fault because you gave your jacket to me!!"

He smiled weakly before he shook his head, showing his disagreement towards Eiji's statement.

When Eiji was about to give back the jacket to Oishi, he saw this black, thick garment lying around in the corner and thought of a better idea. Oishi's cold, his clothes were all wet because of the rain, the fastest way to warm him up was…

"Oishi.. take off your clothes nya.."

"!!" Oishi gasped, obviously he was misunderstanding Eiji's true intention, and blushed furiously. Of course, the sudden shunting of the blood flows to his cheeks when he almost got frostbite just made thing even worst for him.

"Come on, take it off! Your face is burning already!!" He then forcefully stripped his lover, grabbed the garment and was about to wrapped it around Oishi's body when he realized something… 'OMG, I just stripped Oishi!'

The two then just stared at each other awkwardly, blushing. And Eiji couldn't get his eyes off Oishi's (naked) body until Oishi finally (and abruptly) took the garment and wrapped it around himself. "Err... thanks.."


The sound of falling rain was heard harmoniously along with the fire crackles. And, if you listen even more carefully, you could hear two different heartbeats racing with each other.

Eiji was trying to melt the awkwardness by ranting about random things, from when would the rain stops to how he liked the sushi from Taka's store. Oishi just sat silently, trying not to lose his mind. Because Eiji's so close to him and he's so cute when he ranted and he only had one piece of garment covering his body.

"Nya… it's cold…" Eiji said in the end of his rant.

"The fire is almost off…"

"No wonder… I'll go look for something easily burnable…"

The acrobatic player started looking, but he gave up not long after because the only easily burnable thing left was the cabin. Of course, he couldn't find anything because Momo and Inui had made sure to throw away all unnecessary items that could be burned. But Eiji didn't know about that, right?

"Oishi… it's cold nya…" He said again.

"May I hug you? Maybe it will be warmer that way.."

Oishi blushed, but let his red head lover hugged him. He could hear Eiji giggled and muttered 'this is fun', and it was more than enough to make him blushed even deeper. Oishi stared the fire with Eiji's arms around his neck until the fire died down.

"You know Oishi… this is the best date ever!" He suddenly chirped.

"This is our first date ever.."

"But it's still the best nya!!" He insisted. Then they stared at each other a brief second before they chuckled.

"Say, Eiji.." Oishi suddenly asked Eiji to take a look at his palm. Curious, Eiji did so, looking down to the palm, but didn't found anything on it. When he lift his face, he suddenly felt Oishi leaning over him. And before he knew it, he felt something cold and moist on his cheek, which turned out to be Oishi's lips.

"Idiot.." He muttered.

"You didn't like it?"

"At least do it on the lips."


(Outside the cabin, four certain people were peeking from the window secretly)

Momo and Ryoma were holding their breath as they saw the golden inching their way slowly until they suffocated themselves. And after the couple finally did a proper lovers kiss, they exhaled.

Fuji only smiled mysteriously, pleased to know that his plan worked perfectly.

"I'm glad that your plan worked (All thanks to me, of course), Fuji senpai, but.." Ryoma then stared at his brunet senpai carefully. While the three of them (Inui, Momo, and him) was soaking wet because of the rain, Fuji was completely dry because he happened to bring a raincoat.

"Maa, it never hurt to bring a raincoat with you all the time.."

Then Inui, who was still peeking, suddenly muttered, "Things had just turned to a more interesting direction…"

All three blinked curiously before they joined him peeked. The instance they saw what was happening inside, Ryoma quickly turned their face around while Fuji was busy taking pictures with his cellphone and Momo was wiping the blood dripping from his nose with his wet sleeve.

"Can we go home, now?" The freshman pleaded desperately.

"Couple more shots…" Fuji mumbled.

Momo stayed silent, his nosebleed was getting more severe.

Inui was making sure he memorized all the things he saw so he could put it in his notebook once he got home. The notebook he brought with him was already drenched so it's not writable anymore.

Ryoma wondered how he could keep up with his senpais all these times…



Monday morning practice.

Tezuka was annoyed. Really annoyed. He might not show it on his face, but he was undoubtfully annoyed.


He looked around the tennis court carefully, found only non-regulars, Taka and Fuji.

At first, he was angry because five people were late that morning. He was ready to give them heavy punishment when suddenly Oishi called his cellphone and tell him that he was sick.

Then Eiji did the same.

Then Inui.

Then Ryoma.

Then Momo.

All five of them said they had a high fever (in Momo's case, he said that he also had a mild anemia) since Sunday.

He could only rub his temple and tried maintaining his cold expression. Somehow, he felt that he had been toyed by them. Just how many times you could find five teenagers fell sick at the same time with the same illness? Especially when they're supposed to be at their respective homes, doing their respective private things? Not to mention, they were giving a bad example for the rest of the team!

And somehow he had a feeling that Fuji was involved, he just didn't have a proof.

"What?" Fuji asked oh so innocently when he found the captain was staring at him accusingly. Seeing that he could never forced Fuji to admit his crime, Tezuka sighed then typed something on his cellphone and sent it to five certain people. The brunet didn't see what Tezuka was writing but he was sure that it had the word 'laps' and two digit numbers (minimum) in it. He almost felt sorry for his friends… Well, almost.

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