Title : Love Under Pressure

Date : 27 May 2007

Author : ElaineDex

Chapter : 1 of ?

Rating : M

Pairing : Lt. Col. John Sheppard/Lyssa Hunter/Ronon Dex/Dr. Ellie Harrison-Dex

Archiving : None

Warning : Some sexual content, possible swearing.

Spoilers : This story follows on from Love Can't Hide.

Feedback : Yes

Disclaimer : Only Ellie is mine, Stargate/Atlantis and all their characters are not. Lyssa Hunter belongs to Kazavid and comes from her stories Behind The Mask and Reunions.

Summary : When an accident causes Ronon and Lyssa to forget the past few years how will Ellie cope seeing her husband, Ronon, loving Lyssa and how will Sheppard react when he sees Lyssa kissing Ronon?

Thanks to Kazavid for her help and ideas.

"Let's head back to the gate", Lt. Col John Sheppard said to his and Major Lorne's team as their most recent search for a ZPM failed miserably.

After the disaster that had been Captain Jones, Lorne had recruited another Atlantis member, a Lieutenant Franks, and thankfully, up to now, having him on the team was working out quite well.

They all set off to head back to the gate, falling into conversation as they walked.

Rodney and Ellie were chattering incessantly about why their co-ordinates had been wrong, Lyssa just behind them smiling to herself as they argued. Teyla was walking alone, taking in the scenery, Lorne and Franks were together and Ronon and Sheppard were bringing up the rear.

Ronon was just about to head up front to join his wife, Ellie, when Sheppard tapped his arm.

"Can I ask you something…..about Lyssa?", he asked tentatively and Ronon regarded him curiously.

"Sure", he replied, waiting for Sheppard to continue.

"You're probably not the best person to ask seeing how you and her used to be……", he trailed off as Ronon held up his left hand and showed him his wedding band.

"Right. Ok, point taken", Sheppard said before continuing, "Commitment. Actually that's what I was leading up to. Do you think Lyssa…….", but he didn't get a chance to continue as up ahead Rodney bellowed,

"Sheppard get up here, we found something".

Sheppard and Ronon exchanged a foreboding glance before jogging to join Rodney and Ellie who had spotted a stone wall hidden amongst some foliage.

"What is it?", Sheppard asked as he and Ronon crowded around the back of Rodney and Ellie.

"It's a wall", Rodney replied sarcastically and Sheppard threw him a warning look.

"It's a wall the ZPM may be hidden behind", Ellie filled in and Sheppard looked at her.

"Thank you", he said and Ellie nodded.

"There are some inscriptions in the stone that we're just about to decipher, see what it says", Rodney said and Sheppard looked back at him.

"Ok, well be as quick as you can".

"Aren't we always", Rodney huffed, waving them back, away from where he and Ellie needed to work.

The group sat around whilst the two Dr's worked and Sheppard took the opportunity to sit by Lyssa.

"Hey", he said dropping a kiss on her lips as she looked up at him.

"Hey", she replied, her stomach flip-flopping as it always did when he moved close to her.

Their relationship was now well and truly out in the open, had been for a few months and Lyssa was pleased because Sheppard seemed quite happy about the fact.

"I was hoping to talk to you about something when we get back to Atlantis", Sheppard said and Lyssa looked at him, her expression making him put an arm around her shoulders.

"It's nothing bad", he said and felt her relax against him.

"Can't you tell me now?", she asked but he shook his head.

"That would spoil the surprise".

"I guess I'll have to wait then", Lyssa said and Sheppard grinned.

"Good things come to those who wait" he said leaning in and kissing her mouth tenderly.

Ronon, who was sat nearby stood and went to join Ellie who had moved further along the wall, away from Rodney who was now muttering to himself in the distance.

"How's it going?" Ronon asked, kneeling next to her and Ellie smiled at him.

"Ok. There is definitely something behind this wall. I don't think it's the ZPM though".

Ronon nodded, his hand reaching out to touch her neck and Ellie bent her head as the action tickled her skin.

She continued working as best she could but she felt Ronon move closer, his lips brushing her ear.

"Ronon", she whispered, the note in her voice telling him that she needed to work but that if he insisted, she really wouldn't mind if he pushed her to the ground and made love to her. He'd heard it before, knew it was true.

He was just about to kiss her when Rodney's voice shattered the moment.

"Excuse me. Do you really think we have time for such…..such goings on?", he twittered and Ellie and Ronon turned to look at him as he seemed to turn a strange shade of pink.

"She is my wife McKay", Ronon said, a smile on his lips as Rodney turned away.

"I am well aware of that it's just that we need to get a move on here", he said haughtily and Ellie turned to Ronon.

"I should get back to work", she murmured regretfully and he nodded, stealing one quick kiss before standing and leaving her to it.

After a while Rodney and Ellie discovered that the inscriptions in the stone read:-

'Memories holding you back from life

Release the burden, walk in to the light

Banish the memories and continue your life'.

They called the others over and told them.

"Well it doesn't sound too bad", Sheppard said.

"You think?", Lorne asked sounding a little uncertain.

"What's the worst that can happen?", Sheppard said, frowning as Ronon snorted derisively.

"I think we should take a look", Rodney said and they all looked to Sheppard and Lorne, after all it was their call.

Lorne shrugged, effectively leaving the decision to Sheppard.

"You out rank me….Sir", Lorne said and Sheppard smiled sarcastically.

"Thanks", he muttered.

He looked around at both teams but received no help and in the end he said.

"Ok, we'll take a look".

Sheppard went over the wall first and then gave the all clear.

Ronon then helped boost everyone else up and over, paying careful attention to Ellie's butt as he helped her up and he smiled at her wickedly as she tried to get away from his probing hands.

Sheppard helped to steady everyone as they dropped to the ground on the other side and when everyone, including Ronon, was over they began to move forward.

They soon found themselves in a courtyard, the high stone walls covered in greenery and it was hard to see anything.

Rodney and Ellie began to try and see through to the walls to see if there were any more inscriptions and as they were doing that the others looked around.

Lyssa and Ronon were stood by a huge stone pillar when the ground suddenly began to tremble and everyone turned just in time to see two streaks of light shoot from the pillar and hit Ronon and Lyssa directly in the middle of their foreheads.

"Lyssa!!", Sheppard shouted at the same time as Ellie cried out,


They watched in horror as the lights suddenly stopped as did the shaking ground and Ronon and Lyssa collapsed onto the floor.

For a moment everyone stood, immobilised by what they had witnessed and then it was like everyone came to life, rushing toward their friends but none of them beat Ellie and Sheppard.

Sheppard gathered Lyssa into his arms.

"Lyssa…..Lyssa!!", he said, shaking her but there was no response.

"McKay", he shouted, "What the hell just happened?".

"I….I don't know", Rodney said looking in bewilderment at the stone pillar.

Ellie knelt by Ronon, her hands going to his face and chest.

"Ronon, talk to me. Ronon..…", she trailed off when he stayed unconscious.

"Rodney do something", Sheppard commanded.

"Like what?", Rodney asked, his voice high pitched as it always was whenever he felt stressed.

"Can you not see any markings on the pillar?", Ellie said, her eyes not leaving Ronon.

"No. There's nothing on it", Rodney replied and the others began to spread out looking for clues.

Just then though both Lyssa and Ronon began to wake up.

"Lyssa are you alright?", Sheppard asked keeping her pressed against him and Lyssa nodded, her head feeling really woozy.

Ellie bent and whispered to Ronon, her lips close to his,

"Ronon, are you ok?" and she looked down into his eyes as he stared up at her, a blank expression upon his face.

Eventually he replied,

"I'm ok, thanks, er……who are you…I don't know you?".

Ellie sat back, her mouth hanging open with shock.

Behind them Lyssa was pushing at Sheppard's shoulders.

"Sheppard? What the hell are you doing? Get off me", Lyssa was saying and then suddenly Ronon was sitting up.

"Lyssa? Are you ok?", he asked and Lyssa twisted in Sheppard's arms.

"Ronon. I'm fine, you?", she asked and Ronon stood, leaving Ellie kneeling, in shock, as he left her and moved to Lyssa.

He glanced at Sheppard briefly who released Lyssa and watched open mouthed as Lyssa flew into Ronon's arms.

"What the……..?", he trailed off, his eyes meeting Ellie's whose were equally stunned.

"Rodney what is going on?" Sheppard asked, not moving his eyes from Ronon and Lyssa.

"How the hell should I know, I saw the exact same thing as you did, so why ask me", Rodney shouted.

"Because usually when anything happens its down to you," Sheppard replied.

"Well not this time", Rodney grumbled.

"Ronon, what are you doing?", Ellie suddenly asked feeling more than a little confused.

Ronon glanced at the small brunette woman and then turned to Sheppard,

"Who is she?", he murmured and Sheppard glared at him.

"Are you kidding me?", he asked but Ronon shook his head.

"Oh my god", Rodney mumbled to Teyla who was stood by his side.

"They've lost their memories………."

End Of Chapter 1