Tinsel of blood and barbwire decorated the streets on this joyous holiday. A bat hissed as it landed on top of a neatly wrapped demonic present. The large clocked boomed, for one more day had passed. One more day till the children get a Christmas to remember.

One citizen, though, knew this was not a good idea. She was creature of creation, not destruction. So it was clear to see that the citizens of horror and fright would soon ruin such a happy night. Don't get her wrong, of course she tried to stop the mishap the blind fools were doing. But what was she to say, being a mere rag doll?

Nothing. No one would listen to her. Not the Mayor, Dr. Finklestein, or even Jack! They all figured trying something new would be good for the town. But what if their new experience led to disaster? Then what?

She could tell this was nothing but sorrow guaranteed. And not the sorrow the citizens enjoyed. Somewhere in her heart of cotton and thread, she could see the loss of their loved Pumpkin King, and it was up to her to stop it. But who would listen?