Risa Hawkeye has been described as a cold-blooded official. Gets the job done, quick and clean, no lingering regrets and no mess.

She's perfectly efficient in all her dealings, whether with her superiors, enemies or simply her appearance – neat, practical, a crisp new look that's always attractive, even in a military uniform, and those aren't always flattering.

It's been said that she always hits the target. Bullseye every time. A clean kill, too; more than can be said for some. She makes vengeance look swift and painless.

Some have remarked that her eyes don't even show emotion, that even the so-called windows to the soul are flawlessly controlled, just like the rest of her. A living robot, perhaps – a harshly inaccurate term when compared to certain aspects of Fullmetal, but some people still foster the nickname.

Some people have never seen her laugh.

Some people have never seen her cry.

Many people have heard her yell, whether with contained anger simmering below the surface or with a tinge of desperation, but never with the whole of the emotion.

On the whole, it seems that she shows no emotion. Stoic façade, to be callous; perpetually calm, to be kind.

Of course, it's simply hearsay. Just rumours and jealousy galore as the ignorant masses attempt to figure out

The Colonel begs to differ. To him, she seems to have plenty of life. She shows frustration and anger and impatience aplenty when forcing him to quit procrastinating and work already. She shows more than just a spark of humour whenever Hughes' dry wit comes into play after a long day at headquarters; she shows varying degrees of affection with her dog at all times, whether a shoe has just appeared in the most unlikely of places or there's a mess in the bedroom again or a new trick has just been learnt.

She's fine the way she is, Mustang thinks.

A quickie, this one. Finished at two after midnight. w00t. I love Hawkeye; her role is too understated from what I've seen. For Zanisha, because of her plethora of FMA fics when I'm not sure I've even written one. The girl's an inspiration. It was lovely talking to you today; at least until bill&gates decided to go suicidal on me.