1Title: Showers

Rating: R for sexual themes

Warnings: um... lots of wet nekedness implied. Implied gay sex.

Paring: HP/SS

A/N: written for fluffyllama back in 2004

Disclaimer: I don't own. I only borrowed them to get them clean. Really. Honest.

Harry really loved showers. There was just something about hot water streaming down your body, pulsing against stiff sore muscles almost forcing them to relax. Yes, Harry Potter loved his showers.

He took them whenever he could: with the team right after Quidditch practice; in the boys shower back in the tower after everyone had gone to bed; in the Head Girls shower, after wrangling the password from Hermione. But his favorite place to shower was in Severus's rooms. His shower had a charm that worked like the muggle shower massager the Dursly's had installed after Vernon had hurt his back last year. The best part about taking showers in Severus's rooms though, was Severus. He liked to join Harry in the showers. Their time there was spent in slow exploration that they never seemed to be able to do in the bedroom.

They were always so rushed to get to the main event, that they hardly took the time to prepare each other. But shower time was different. It was time for gentle touches and slow love-making. It was time for finding that if he touched Harry's lower back just so, Severus could make him make the most erotic sounds. It was time for figuring out that the spot on Severus's neck just where his shoulder connected could make him come untouched, when sucked with just the right amount of force. In short, the time they spent in the shower was their time.

Yes, Harry loved his showers, but he loved his showers with Severus more than anything else.