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In the Sandaime's office


The Sandaime looked up, his eyebrows furrowed in anger. "What is it? I told my secretary not to let anyone in. We're in the middle of a meeting." Immediately, his expression changed from one of anger to one of curiosity and worry.

He recognized the squad that the ANBU belonged to. The ANBU that reported in was part of a team that was assigned to guard baby Naruto.

"Hokage – sama, Kazekage – sama, I apologize for intruding." The ANBU made his way to Sandaime's side and whispered his news into the Hokage's ear.

"What?" Sandaime asked, standing up from his chair.

"Please follow me Hokage – sama." The ANBU said as he turned to leave.

"Please excuse me Kazekage – san. Might we complete this treaty some other time?"

The Hokage waited long enough to see the Kazekage nod his head before teleporting out of the room.

Sandaime and the ANBU made their way into Naruto's room without alerting the residents of the foster home.

"What happened? Give me a report." Sandaime commanded to the ANBUs guarding Naruto. An ANBU wearing the dog mask stepped forward.

"Hokage – sama, just a few minutes ago, Naruto woke up and stared us."

"… you got scared of a two year old baby staring at you?" Sandaime questioned, exasperatedly. There had to be something else. They couldn't have been this incompetent.

"No Hokage – sama. Naruto had opened his eyes and turned to look at me when suddenly, his pupils flashed red. I was worried that maybe the Kyuubi was freed so I went forward to inspect him. As soon as I stepped close to him, he reached out and touched me. Instantly, I felt a sort of presence in my mind. I suddenly remembered memories of my time in the Academy for some reason. As soon as that happened, Naruto's eyes flashed green before he went back to sleep."

The room descended into silence.

The Hokage sighed heavily. He looked around at the ANBUs in the room. "What happened and said today in this room is considered as an S – class secret. I believe every one of you know the consequences of revealing an S-class secret."

The ANBUs all nodded.

"Hokage – sama, can you shed some light onto what happened here tonight?"

The Sandaime sighed.

"Naruto is the only survivor of a very old and powerful bloodline called the Nagori-Hokousha (memory walker). His bloodline enables him to enter your mind and call up certain memories that he either wants to see or he wants to torture you with using your most feared memories just by touching you."

"But, Hokage – sama, what happened when his pupils flashed red and green?" Asked an ANBU.

"When his pupils flashed red, that signals the bloodline is activated. He can't enter memories if his bloodline is off. When his pupils flashed green that signals that he has already copied certain memories. Memories can include jutsus and how to use them."

"So Naruto's bloodline is similar to the Sharingan." concluded an ANBU.

"Yes, his bloodline is similar but also different. He doesn't need to wait for the opponent to show the jutsu. Naruto only needs to touch his opponent, no matter how short the contact is. Only a brush of the hand is enough for part of his conscience to enter your mind and search your memories and memorize all your jutsus and weaknesses. But Naruto's clan can never work alone, except extremely powerful members, because a person without part of their conscience is like being half asleep. Therefore Naruto's clan worked in pairs. When one person is searching the opponents memories and copying everything, the other person protects the member that has parts of his or her conscience missing."

"So the Nagori-hokousha was invincible."

"Yes and no. The human mind can copy only so much and the Nagori clan had to copy something from every opponent they faced. Many members became crazy from storing so much information."

"Nagori?" questioned an ANBU.

"Naruto came from the Nagori clan but the Yondaime changed his last name to protect him. I can not give anymore information."

"It's unfortunate. No one from the Nagori clan has ever lived past their fifties. The pressure that's applied on their mind forces their lifespan to decrease. Nevertheless, young Nagoris are very formidable foes so we are very fortunate to have a Nagori in our village. Maybe Naruto can resurrect his clan and make the Nagori name famous again." Sandaime continued.

"Again? Hokage-sama, what did you mean by that?"

"The Nagori family was believed to have been assassinated ten years ago."

"But, Hokage – same, if the Nagoris are so powerful, then how come we've never heard about them?"

"That's because the Nagoris believed in secrecy and didn't want anyone knowing what the Nagori bloodline can do, kind of like the Hyuugas in our village. But the fact that no one can steal the Nagori bloodline has stumped everyone. But I guess the Nagoris liked the element of surprise in battle."

Sandaime looked around and noticed no more questions were going to be asked.

"Now that we know about Naruto, his family, and his bloodline, might I remind you that this is an S-class secret."

The ANBUs nodded in understanding.

"Very good."