It's been 3 years since I started writing these oneshots, and I only have 16 done. I feel like that's kind of pathetic but I don't ultimately mind because it's cool to see the progression of my writing in only a few years.

I suddenly got a second wind after getting some fun inspiration from a new TV show (Cover Affairs on the USA channel, for those curious), so I've been using my time to try and crank out new stuff for all of my many, many (many) fandoms.

Hopefully, I'll have a new Prismacolors drabble out for you guys soon, too. :D

Okay, so I'm not uber-original because this I've actually used this song not all that long ago, but because that was for the little song quotes I use at the top of every one of my oneshots/chapters, I figure you can ignore it this time. ;)



Pairing: Max/Terry.

Song and Artist: "Who'd Have Known" by Lily Allen

Rating: You guys know this. T.

Disclaimer: I don't anything, plus the song, Lily Allen, or the WB. :(


It's 5 o'clock in the morning
Conversation got boring
Said you're going to bed soon
So I snuck off to your bedroom
And I thought I'd just wait there
Until I heard you come up the stairs
And I was hoping you would creep in
With me.

"Is it over yet?"

Max looked up from her laptop, half focused on adding new music to her ever-growing collection while the other half was busy tweaking a new computer program Wayne-Powers was gearing up to release sometime next February.

Lucy Winters had asked the question, staring down at Max impatiently as she pressed a manicured hand on the large marble desk. Lucy was Terry's personal secretary and one of Max's closest friends at Wayne-Powers. She wasn't liked so much by other members- she was short with the big bosses, mouthy with her coworkers, and plain snarky 24/7.

But she was fun to be around, and Terry certainly seemed to understand her not-charm as well as Max did, so Lucy kept her job- barely.

"What do you mean?" Max asked, brows furrowing in confusion. She was hardly doing anything offensive- and Lucy, who had already slept with two of the CEOs and was currently setting her eyes on the new guy, Greg, who happened to be another tech geek like Max, was the master of the offensive.

Lucy rolled her eyes, tossing bottle blonde hair over her shoulder and leaning on the edge of the desk. "Oh, please. You're practically reeking of sunshine and rainbows and kitties," she said, slight Brooklyn accent as usual blurring her Ts.

Feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, Max immediately broke eye contact and brought up the window of the computer code she had been working on and feigned sudden interest. "I don't know what you're talking about," she mumbled.

"Bullshit," Lucy replied flatly. "You're rocking the Honeymoon Phase pretty damn hard. Anyone that's ever been in a relationship can spot it from a mile away. I take it that just means you and the mystery man are finally shacking up."

Max said nothing.

Put your arm around my shoulder
And it was good the room got colder
We moved closer in together
Started talkin' 'bout the weather
You said tomorrow would be fun
We could watch your place in the sun
I didn't know where this was going
When you kissed me.

"We gotta talk to Clark," Terry said, tossing his mask on the chair- the chair, the one Wayne used to live in like it was his job until old age made him bedridden and Max took it upon herself to take over his job behind the Batcomputer- and crossing the large cave. Max was busy preparing the medkit, getting the rubbing alcohol and swabs out to clean the nasty cut on his left shoulder.

"I don't know who this dumbass is, but he needs to realize that Livewire was actually a girl and calling himself by the same name is just embarrassing," he continued, peeling off the top portion of his suit as he did.

Even with his scars, Max had a hard time not appreciating Terry's finely tuned torso. The man was all lean sinew and muscle over a strong frame. Of course, she had worked with him long enough to keep her peeks to a bare minimum, focusing more on the large bandages she'd need to soak up the blood that was beginning to clot sluggishly around the wound.

"For that matter, why is that dreg even here?" Terry continued, apparently content to rant halfheartedly even though he knew she was only barely listening. "Livewire was Superman's villain. I have enough of them to go around as it is, I say I have the right to ship him off to Metropolis and let Rex and Barda deal with the little bitch."

Max's lips quirked up into a smile, but otherwise she made no comment. She watched silently from her peripheral vision as he walked around the side of the metal table and faced her, grinning wryly.

"So how do I look, Doc?"

Totally edible, but Max was an adult and getting distracted flirting with Terry would just lead to bad things, like infected wounds and a serious misuse of the med-table. "You look like you got your ass handed to you by a guy going by a woman's name," she said, grinning back.

Are you mine, are you mine?
'Cuz I stay here all the time
Watching telly, drinking wine
Who'd have known, who'd have known
When you flash up on my phone
I no longer feel alone
No longer feel alone

Max dropped her grin, trying to focus on cleaning his wound. 'Trying' was the key word, because Terry clearly had very different things in mind as he stepped even closer, towering over her until his chest bumped her shoulder and he was seriously invading her personal space.

Not that she really cared if he invaded her personal space- really, she welcomed it. That wasn't a very appropriate thought for someone who happened to be his best friend and coworker, not to mention the one and only Oracle (she thought taking on the Commissioner's old moniker was a particular stroke of genius).

"The wound should heal up just fine," she said. She was damn proud of the way her voice didn't waver as she efficiently clean the nasty cut on his shoulder that arced down past his clavicle and almost to right over his heart. "You're lucky it's only shallow, otherwise we might need a hell of a lot more than alcohol swabs and gauze."

"I'll agree with you about being lucky," he said, his voice low and gravelly around the edges. Shit, he knew that always screwed with her, the bastard. "But I think that has less to do with this cut and more to do with you."

I haven't left you for days now
And I'm becoming amazed how
You're quite affectionate in public
In fact, your friend said it made her feel sick
And even though it's movin' forward
There's just the right amount of awkward
And today you accidentally
Called me baby.

"You do realize that we're gonna have to leave eventually," Max pointed out wryly, stretching against the sheets and running her fingers through her messed up bright pink hair. "It's been almost three days and if we don't come into work tomorrow or contact someone, Lucy will probably do something drastic, like call the FBI or a SWAT team."

Terry laughed, snaking an arm under her narrow waist and curling until she twisted around and snuggled into his side. "Lucy's also melodramatic," he said, burying his face in her soft hair. "And you're starting to act the same way."

Max let out a tiny girlish noise of discontent and punched Terry in the ribs, feeling a certain level of satisfaction from the way he let out a pained exhale. "Do you really want to test to see if Lucy does something drastic, 'cuz I sure as hell don't," she said, resting her head on his muscular shoulder.

He snorted, wrapping his other arm around her curvy body and inhaling the spicy yet clean scent of his girlfriend. "I think she'll survive the stress. We can skip one more day. No one will notice."

Rolling her eyes, she smirked. "I'm pretty sure everyone is going to notice how the youngest CEO and his best friend/head of his Tech Department haven't been heard from since Friday. Hell, everyone probably already knows now. We're a very gossipy company."

Are you mine, are you mine?
'Cuz I stay here all the time
Watching telly, drinking wine
Who'd have known, who'd have known
When you flash up on my phone
I no longer feel alone

"Oh. My. God."

Max froze in her tracks, halfway to handing Terry the FoxTech folder he had needed. Lucy was staring at her, kohl-lined eyes bugging out of their sockets while she was supposed to be relaying Terry's appointments for the day.

"What's wrong?" she asked, her hand going up to fiddle with her diamond-stud earring nervously. Terry took the folder from her slowly and they made brief hesitant eye contact.

"Somebody finally got laid," Lucy said, cherry-slicked lips stretching to a wide smile. "About damned time, too, 'cuz you and that guy have been skirting around it for-eh-ver."

Taking a sharp breath, Max sent Lucy a tight, pointed smile. "Umm, can we not talk about this right now?" she said, making sure she didn't even think to make eye contact with Terry. God only knows how he was taking all of this.

"Oh, c'mon," Lucy said affably, waving her hand as she dropped the notes on Terry's desk without a second's thought. "Mr. McGinnis is like your BFF, right? I'm sure he can get over the idea of you finally having sex. I mean, it's been like ages."

If she wasn't already blushing before, she was scarlet now. "Lucy," she growled through clenched white teeth. "Drop it."

Let's just stay, let's just stay
I wanna lie in bed all day
We'll be laughing all the way
Told your friends, they all know
We exist but we're takin' it slow
Let's just see how we go
Let's see how we go

After several minutes of tense and awkward conversation, Lucy quickly hightailed it out of Terry's office- about damned time, too.

"So, it's been ages, has it?" Terry said after a note of heavy silence. His grin was completely insufferable, and she just knew he wasn't going to drop this one easily.

Max frowned, crossing her arms over her chest. "No, it has not been ages," she said, not even bothering to hold back a scowl. "Lucy's just melodramatic."

"Hmmm, Nonetheless," Terry said, leaning back lazily in his seat. "I feel like I should meet this mystery man, just to check him out. Make sure he's not secretly masquerading as Livewire at night."

She laughed at that, walking around and leaning her hip against the side of his desk. "Somehow I doubt he dresses up like Livewire at night," she replied, dark eyes dancing in the light. "However, if you were to substitute 'Livewire' with 'pretentious Kevlar-clad dumbass with a penchant for bats,' then yeah, I'd agree to that."

Rising to his full height, Terry walked over to her until he was mere inches away. "You're full of shit," he said bluntly, tilting his head down just a little further. "You totally love the Batsuit."

Are you mine, are you mine?
'Cuz I stay here all the time
Watching telly, drinking wine
Who'd have known, who'd have known
When you flash up on my phone
I no longer feel alone

In lieu of a response, Max rose to her tiptoes and closed the gap between their mouths.

She was getting very close to addicted to this- the familiar heat between them, the way he cupped the back of her neck as he traced her jawline, how she could never resist the urge to trace the muscles on his back with her fingertips.

Terry spun her around, pinning her with his hips to the desk. She tilted her head up, inhaling sharply when sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She loved their undeniable give and take, something that made her toes curl and her stomach flip-flop every single time.

"Ooh, Mr. McGinnis, I almost forgot- holy hell!"

Max and Terry broke away immediately, but she could tell by Lucy's expression that it was way, way too late.

Glancing over at Max, Terry smiled- albeit somewhat guiltily- at Lucy and shrugged. "So much for mystery man."

Let's just stay, let's just stay
I wanna lie in bed all day
We'll be laughing all the way
Told your friends, they all know
We exist but we're takin' it slow
Now let's just see how we go
Let's see how we go


Whew. 'Nother long one, but it was fun. Lately I keep writing such angsty downers in this collection, that it's rare when I finally make something happy. This was total fluff, but I'm proud of it 'cuz fluff is just entertaining.