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Saturday was filled with practice and signing. Since telling Dave about her family the night before, Kadence felt closer to him. When they were alone, she would tell him stories about Dillon and her growing up. Dave loved hearing Kadence talk about her family, so he encouraged her to talk as much as she wanted. He was glad that she had finally opened up to him.

Kadence found herself watching Dave when he was near, and thinking about him when he wasn't. She soon realized that she was falling in love with her partner. Since Kadence was always one to follow her heart, she decided to talk to Dave about it.

Saturday night, after another mandatory meeting, Kadence and Dave made their way back to the hotel with the members of DX. Since Survivor Series was the next day everyone decided to stay in for the night. Mickie went to find her fiancée, while Shawn and Hunter went to find their wives. Dave and Kadence made their way back to their rooms, talking about what movie to watch.

"Before we watch the movie, can I talk to you about something?" Kadence shifted from foot to foot as the stood outside Dave's door.

"Sure." Dave looked curiously at Kadence. For as long as he could remember, she had never acted nervous. Letting the door close behind them, Dave watched in amusement as Kadence moved restlessly around the room. All of a sudden she stopped and turned to face him.

"I've always been a very open person. I don't like hiding my feeling and that's one of the reasons I never quite fit in with my parent's social circles. If I feel a certain way, then I'm going to tell that person how I feel." Dave listened to Kadence babble while trying to hide his laughter by keeping his head ducked down. "I just wanted to let you know that I may be falling in love with you." At her words, Dave's head jerked up and he stared at her.

"What did you say?" He demanded.

"I think I'm falling in love with you and I just wanted to let you know. Like I said earlier, I don't like hiding my feelings. I know that we have to work closely together and I just thought you should know. Don't worry; my feeling won't affect the way we work together. I'm very good at putting my feelings aside."

While talking, Kadence took to pacing around the room again. When she turned to start back the way she had come, she ran into Dave's chest. Slowly looking up, she met his eyes which were filled with desire. Before she could say anything else, Dave's lips cam crashing down on hers. Quickly they both lost themselves in the kiss, only coming up for air. Soon their clothes started to disappear as they tried to get closer to each other.

Later, as they lay in bed together, Dave turned to Kadence who was lying on her side. He gently ran his hand over her face. "Just so you know I've been in love with you for quite awhile. I was hoping that someday you would come to care for me also." Kadence smiled at Dave before leaning up to kiss him again. Needless to say the movie was forgotten as they spent the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies.

The next morning, Kadence woke slowly. Smiling she turned over to watch Dave as he slept, only to find him already awake. "Good morning gorgeous." Dave said.

"Good morning to you." Kadence ran her hand over Dave's chest, marveling at the muscles she felt. "I should probably get up and shower so we aren't late."

"Want some company?" Kadence laughed at the devilish look in Dave's eyes before hopping out of bed and heading to her own room. At the door, she looked back and crooked her finger at him. Immediately he jumped out of bed and followed her to the bathroom.

After their shower they got dressed and gathered all their things up. After glancing around to make sure they hadn't left anything behind, they made their way down to the lobby to check out before heading to the arena. On their way to the lobby they ran into Mickie.

"About damn time!" Mickie exclaimed after taking on look at them. Kadence looked at Dave and they both burst out laughing. "It's seriously about time the two of you stopped dancing around each other. I'm so happy for you!" Mickie hugged Kadence before running off to spread the word that the women's champion and the world heavy weight champion were now a couple.

"Good thing we didn't want to keep our relationship a secret." Dave muttered to Kadence as they continued on to the lobby. After checking out, they went to a nearby restaurant to get breakfast, heading to the arena when they were finished.

They quickly found their locker room and dropped their things off before going to find the video crew so they could tape their backstage skits. Tonight both their belts were on the line, so they had several skits to tape with the members of DX.

After they finished taping everyone moved back towards the DX locker room. Mickie and Kadence moved off to one side of the locker room to discuss their match, mostly talking about the finish since they had never worked on the whole thing. After a while the guys decided that the girls had talked long enough so they dragged them into playing poker with them.


Survivor Series started with a bang. At that sound, Dave and Kadence said goodbye to the member of DX and made their way to their locker room. Once in the locker room, they ran through their warm ups before settling in to wait for their matches to be called. While they waited, Kadence expressed her concern regarding the finish to Dave. He convinced her that she could handle it and to not change anything.

Finally a messenger came to let Kadence know that her match was next and she needed to make her way to the gorilla pit. Dave walked with her to the pit, since he would be escorting her to the ring. They found that Mickie, Shawn, and Hunter already waiting. The five of them stood together as they watched the Hardy Boys successfully defend their tag tem titles against Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. They congratulated the Hardy boys on their win as they came through the curtain, accepting their wishes of good luck.

"Tonight we will see two beautiful divas battle it out in one of the most brutal settings. Which one of them will survive?" King said as everyone in the arena watched the cage descend from the ceiling. JR went on to detail what the match would entail before a video montage started showing the feud between Kadence and Mickie James. The video showed how, during almost every one of their matches either Dave or DX would get involved, which lead to Vince announcing that they would battle it out in the steel cage where no one could interfere.

Once the video ended, Lillian announced the rules of the match before pausing for DX's music. Mickie appeared with Shawn and Hunter amid a chorus of boos. DX made their way to the ring with Lillian announcing Mickie as she arrived at the ring. Mickie climbed into the ring while Shawn and Hunter moved to one side, talking to her through the cage. After a long pause the arena was filled with the sound of Rob Zombie's Bring Her Down (To Crippletown), bringing the entire arena to their feet. Kadence and Dave made their way through the curtain, posing for the audience before moving down the ramp to the ring. Shawn and Hunter moved around the ring towards the door as Kadence made her way to the ring. Dave immediately stepped in front of her causing a stare down by the guys while Kadence climbed into the ring, handing her championship belt to the ref.

Kadence and Mickie met in the middle of the ring and locked up as soon as the bell was rung. The match was fast paced and very brutal. Before long, both Kadence and Mickie were bleeding. Outside the ring, Dave, Shawn, and Hunter yelled encouragement to their respective partners. The crowd was on their feet throughout the entire match, erupting into either cheers or boos as the two divas hit the hard moves. After being in the ring for twenty minutes, they started moving into their finishing sequence. At this time, DX rushed to attack Dave causing the guys to fight their way out of the arena, leaving the girls to finish their match alone. Kadence climbed to the top of the ropes and leapt on Mickie, knocking her down. Taking advantage of Mickie being down, Kadence started to climb to the top of the cage. By the time she reached the top, Mickie was up and coming after her. They started the moves scripted for the top of the cage. All of a sudden, Mickie lost her balance, falling back into the ring. The sudden loss of Mickie's weight caused Kadence to loss her balance as well. The crowd drew a collective breath and held it as they watched their favorite diva fall 15 feet to the cement floor.

"Kadence has retained the title, but at what cost?" JR stated as the arena stood in stunned silence. Trainers and paramedics rushed down the ramp to check on Kadence as Mickie stood in the middle of the ring looking at her best friend lying outside the ring. Because of their televised feud, she was unable to go to Kadence's side and see if she was okay. Quickly she climbed out of the ring and hurried to the back. As soon as she stepped through the curtain, she was greeted by a frantic Dave.

"They won't let me go see her. Does she look okay to you?"

"I couldn't tell. She fell on her side and it doesn't look like she's conscious right now." Mickie started to shake as what had happened sunk in. Shawn and Hunter hurried to her side and caught her before she collapsed. The four friends made their way to the DX locker room were they watched the paramedics working on Kadence. As the camera panned the audience you could see fans crying, while other stood in stunned silence. Everyone knew wrestling could be dangerous, but no on ever expected to see a major injury. When the paramedics started back up the ramp, Dave hurried to meet them.

"How is she?" He asked on of the paramedics.

"We aren't sure the extent of her injuries but from what we can tell, she could have a pretty serious head injure, along with a broken arm, and possibly several fractured ribs. Right now we are worried that if she did break a rib, it might have pierced a lung. We need to get her to a hospital right away." The paramedic informed Dave, knowing that he and Kadence were partners.

Dave wanted to go with Kadence to the hospital but was unable to since he still had to wrestle. He stood outside the arena watching helplessly as the ambulance pulled away, with tears streaming down his face. Running his hands through his hair, he turned to go back into the arena. Once inside, he was greeted by DX. He told them what the paramedic had told him before moving slowly towards his locker room. He quickly packed up Kadence's stuff so he could take it to the hospital after the show. The rest of the evening passed in a blur for him. He felt like he was on autopilot as he went through the motions during his match. At the end of the night, he quickly gathered up his things and headed towards the hospital, followed by several other wrestlers.

When they arrived at the hospital they found out that Kadence had been taken into surgery. They couldn't get anyone to tell them why she was in surgery or how bad her injuries were since no one was direct family. Wrestlers came and went as Dave waited to see if he could get anyone to tell him what was going on. Soon everyone had to be at the airport so they could make the next show but a they were leaving they all asked to be kept updated. Vince stopped by to let him know not to worry about making it to the show the next night. Once they got word on the extent of Kadence's injuries, they would decide what the best route would be for the storyline.

After waiting, with no news, for several hours, Dave was starting to get frustrated. As he was getting ready to track down a doctor, Dillon came bursting into the waiting room.

"Where is she? How's she doing?" Dillon was frantic as he came towards Dave. "I got here as soon as I could. Sara and I were watching and saw her fall." Dillon's eyes filled with tears as he thought about seeing his sister lying on the mat unmoving.

"They won't tell me anything because I'm not immediate family. Dave glanced around to see if they were alone before lowering his voice. "Kadence told me about her family." Dillon picked up on what he meant and nodded her head.

"I'll go see if I can find anything out." Dillon hurried out of the waiting room to find a nurse or doctor. Several minutes later he returned with a doctor in tow.

"Okay, now you can tell us what's going on." Dillon instructed the doctor.

"Kadence is out of surgery and resting right now. When she was brought in we were worried most about the broken ribs and internal bleeding. We were able to stop the bleeding and get the ribs set. Luckily, she didn't puncture a lung. She also broke her left arm in four place but we were able to get it set with no problems. She also has a pretty serious concussion but doesn't appear to have any other head injuries. For the fall that she took, she was pretty lucky." The doctor looked at the two guys who obviously cared for Kadence so much. "She's very lucky to the two of you here. She will need all the support she can get through the recovery process. You can both go visit her, but make sure she gets a lot of rest." With a gentle smile the doctor took his leave, after telling Dillon and Dave were to find Kadence's room.

"Just so you know Kadence and I are dating now." Dave informed Dillon as they made their way to Kadence's room.

"It's about time. I'm glad my sister finally came to her senses. I think you'll be good for her."

Gently they opened the door to her room, Dave nearly breaking down as he saw Kadence lying in the hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of machines, not moving. As if she could sense them, Kadence started stirring.

"Hey you." She said groggily, opening her eyes to see Dave standing in the doorway. "They tell me I'm going to live." Kadence cautiously shifted her weight. Seeing her grimace in pain, Dave hurried to her side so he could help her.

"Be careful." He told her as he gently helped her get settled. He moved a chair so he was sitting next to her, carefully taking her hand in his. Since Kadence hadn't taken her eyes off Dave, Dillon cleared his throat causing his sister's eyes to jump to him.

"Dill! What are you doing here?" Kadence smiled in joy as she noticed her brother.

"I saw you fall so I came to make sure you were okay." Dillon moved to stand on the other side of his sister's bed. Gently he brushed her hair out of her face before pulling up another chair.

"I told Dave about our family." Kadence turned to look at Dave with love in her eyes.

"I know, he told me when I arrived. I'm glad you finally opened up to someone. I don't think he will tell anyone. He wouldn't risk hurting you. I'm glad the two of you found each other." Dillon let his sister know once her eyes moved back to him. Kadence smiled at him, letting him know with her eyes that she was glad he approved of her choice. The two men stayed by her side until she drifted off to sleep again. Knowing it was going to be a long night, they headed down to the cafeteria to get coffee. They feel into an easy friendship as they walked the halls of the hospital. On their way back to Kadence's room, they heard a loud, angry male voice. Dave watched as Dillon paled and almost dropped his coffee.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Dillon and Dave moved around the corner to come face to face with Thaddeus Blankenbiller.

"I came to see Kadence but these incompetent idiots won't tell me where she is." Thaddeus turned back towards the nurse he had been yelling at. "She's my daughter and I want to know where she is!" He thundered, causing the nurse to pale.

"Dad! Watch what you say. If word gets out on whom Kadence really is this place will be crawling with media. Do you really think that she needs that right now?" Dillon admonished his father, gently steering him towards Kadence's room.

"Do you think she'll see me?" As Dave watched, one of the most influential men in the world became broken. "It almost killed me when I saw her fall. I never should have let her leave." Dillon placed his arm around his dad.

"I'm sure she'll be glad to see you." Dillon reassured his father. "By the way, this is Kadence's boyfriend, Dave Batista. Dave, my father, Thaddeus Blankenbiller." Dillon introduced the two men as the stood outside Kadence's door.

"Nice to meet you." Thaddeus held out his hand. "I'm glad to see the two of you together finally. I always thought there was something going on but knowing my Kady, it probably took her awhile to figure it out."

Dave shook Thaddeus's hand before moving to allow the Blankenbiller men to enter the room. He followed them in and shut the door behind them. He didn't want any of the hospital staff witnessing, what he was sure was going to be a very intimate moment between father and daughter. He would have left but he wasn't completely sure he trusted Kadence's dad and wanted to be there if she needed him.

Thaddeus moved to take the seat that Dave had occupied earlier. With tears in his eyes, he sat down next to the daughter he hadn't seen in over six years. Gently he took her hand in his, before reaching up to stroke her hair with his free hand. Dillon moved to stand by Dave as they watched Thaddeus try and control his emotions.

"Daddy?" Kadence asked as she slowly opened her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you baby girl. I wanted to make sure they were treating you okay." Thaddeus smiled at his daughter, tears spilling down his checks. Figuring Kadence was going to be okay, Dave motioned with his head for Dillon to follow him out of the room, giving father and daughter time alone.

"When you fell I thought I had lost you for good. I should never have handled the situation the way I did. I hope that someday you can forgive me. I thought I knew what was best for you but in the end all I did was lose you. I should never have pushed you to marry Craig, maybe then you wouldn't have fallen for that other man and gotten your heart broken. Without the wishful thinking, I should have still reached out to you once I heard what he did. I haven't forgiven myself for letting my pride get in the way. I want you to come home while you recover." After finishing his speech, Thaddeus looked into the eyes of his daughter. "I've missed too much of your life and I want to have you near again. Give us time to become close again."

"I would like that. I've missed you and mom." Tears filled Kadence's eyes as she started at the man who she had loved more than anything and who had nearly crushed her beyond repair. She was shocked that he was reaching out to her since he hated to admit he was wrong, but she was also thrilled. Maybe their relationship could still be repaired.

Glancing around the room, Kadence realized that Dave wasn't in the room with her. Worried that her dad had run him off, she tried to get out of bed. Feeling a sharp pain in her side, Kadence feel back with a cry. Upon hearing the cry, Dave rushed into the room to make sure she was okay. Tears of relief filled her eyes as she held out her hand to him. Dave moved to stand next to her on the other side of the bed. Thaddeus watched his daughter interact with the man that obviously loved her very much. Smiling to himself, Thaddeus realized he was happy. Getting out of his chair, Thaddeus quietly moved out of the room to find his son, leaving the couple behind.


Several hours later Kadence woke to find all three of the men in her room talking softly. Before opening her eyes, Kadence lay in bed letting a small smile play across her lips as she realized that, even though she was in a lot of pain, for once she was truly happy.

The End

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