Author's note: Hey guys, I just rewrite the first episode of my serie. I added some stuff, corrected others. So, if you want to read it again, you will find new elements! The story is still the same though! Enjoy !

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A weekend in New York, Chapter 1

Miley was sitting in her room reading the last Teen Magazine. Hannah Montana was in the cover which stated ''Hot tips for hot dates.'' Miley laughed. This kind of ''tips'' never work. At least, it never worked for her. She glanced through the magazine, but didn't really find anything interesting. Maybe if she wasn't a part of this celebrity world she would find this fun and cool to read, but the thing was, she was Hannah Montana and she knew everything about those kinds of articles and the numerous lies among them.

Lilly entered the room without knocking. Miley looked up, not surprised to see her best friend coming in. ''wow, gorgeous!'' She thought. She bit her lips, feeling immediately guilty. Why does she always have to think about Lilly in THAT kind of way? It's your best friend, you're going out with Jake, so shut the hell up, and stop crushing on her! The truth was, it wasn't just a simple crush. It was more than that...

''So, what you're doing?'' Lilly asked.

''Nothing much... reading''. Miley showed Lilly the magazine. Lilly's face lightened up.

''Wow, Hannah Montana is on the cover! Yey yey yey!'' Lilly squealed. ''Can I borrow it?'' she begged.

''Sure...'' Miley shrugged.

Lilly sat on the bed abruptly and grabbed the magazine from Miley's hands.

Miley looked at Lilly sadly. Lilly obviously was Hannah's number one fan. However, she had no idea that her best friend was in fact the popstar sensation. Miley never told her because she was afraid to lose Lilly...over Hannah. It was becoming harder and harder to keep it secret. She was Hannah, she was a part of her. This was another thing she was lying about to Lilly.

''Hey Lilly!'' Miley suddenly exclaimed.

''Mmm...?'' Lilly responded, captivated by the article.

''Do you wanna go to the beach?''

''Yeah yeah sure...'' Lilly said without really listening.


Miley stoop up, but Lilly was still absorbed in the magazine. She sighed. If only Lilly could love me, and not Hannah... What am I saying! You're in love with Jake! Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, she thought repeatedly in her head, pacing in the room and hoping it would do any good.

''What's up with you, Miles?'' Lilly asked, who had let go the magazine. ''You look upset''

Miley stopped at Lilly's voice. ''Me? No, I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine!'' she shrugged.

''Ooh, I see... '' Lilly said with a smile, teasing her friend. ''You miss Jake, don't you!''

Miley, relieved that Lilly didn't see through her, lied ''Yeah, I do... it's hard you know! I miss kissing him.''

Lilly slightly grimaced at the thought of Miley kissing Jake. ''Yeah I know what you mean. I mean, if I had a boyfriend, I would totally feel like you!''

The truth was Lilly didn't even think to have a boyfriend one day. She was into girls. Yes, she liked liked girls. She had never told Miley, and she never will, because she didn't want to lose her friendship. Besides, she was crushing on a celebrity and if she told Miley about that, she would probably make fun of her. Moreover, it wouldn't do any good to tell anyone about it because she could never date HANNAH MONTANA, the straightest girl on earth...

Lilly needed to get out, and she knew Miley needed to take her mind out of her boyfriend. She got up the bed, and took her friend's hand. ''Come on, let's go to the beach!'' she cried.

Miley couldn't believe how good it felt to hold Lilly's hand. They were now at the beach, and Lilly still didn't let Miley go. She was hoping that Lilly wouldn't do so for a while. She giggled, making fun of herself. You sound so stupid Stewart. You're like a 7th grade...

''What are you laughing about?'' Lilly asked, curious.

''Nothing, I'm just happy to be on the beach.'' Miley shrugged.

''Ok...'' Lilly noticed she was still holding Miley's hand. Oh, this is why she was laughing. She was mocking me... Lilly blushed and released Miley's hand. My god, Miley is going to think I like her now... Wait wait wait, two girl friends holding hands don't mean anything now a day. Stop worrying about stupid things.

''Come on, let's go swim.'' she simply said to Miley. Miley watched her strip her clothes down and run toward the water in her bikini.

Gosh, she's killing me...

The girls were drying themselves after one hour spending in the water.

''Hey, do you wanna go to Hannah's CD signing tomorrow?'' Lilly asked, as she put her shirt back on. She was hoping her best friend would come for once.

Miley looked somewhat nervous.

''I... I can't Lilly, I have plans.'' Miley stuttered.

''You do? With whom?'' Lilly asked, surprised.


''You're hanging out with your brother...'' Lilly frowned suspiciously.

''Yeah...'' Miley simply said, avoiding Lilly's eyes. God, I hate lying to her!

''Ok...'' Lilly finally said, disappointed. ''I guess I'll ask Oliver then.''

''I'm sorry...'' Miley let out.

''I know Miley. I should be used to it by now...'' Lilly shrugged, a little upset. Miley looked at her, sad and hurt to see her best friend crushed.

Miley had to leave the beach early because Hannah had a charity thing to attend to. She pretended she had to finish her homework and quickly left before Lilly could convince her to stay longer. Not that she was going to anyway, because she was still slightly angry at Miley. Lilly watched her go, wondering what was up with her. Miley was acting weird lately. Miley had always acted weird, especially when it came to Hannah Montana, but lately, there was something else. She was different, and she had no clue why... Lilly sighed, and grabbed her bag. She headed back to her house.

The next day, Lilly was getting ready for the CD signing. She was going to see her idol, the girl she had a huge crush on. Although Hannah Montana was a celebrity and that her good sense was yelling to her that she was completely crazy, Lilly was secretly hoping that she could have some kind of relationship with her. Everyone could dream, right? But Lilly really thought she had something special with Hannah. She had been to many concerts, and Hannah sometimes locked eyes with her. Of course, there were all the lights, and many fans around her, so Hannah wasn't probably aware of anything, but she could still feel or wanted to feel, like Hannah only saw her at these moments.

She put a dark blue top on and a pair of light blue jeans. Oliver should be here any minute now. He was almost more exciting than Lilly to see the Popstar. Lilly wasn't the only one to secretly hope for something more with Hannah Montana.

Oliver finally showed up. The CD signing was in the town center, not that far from Lilly's house. Thus, they decided to walk there.

''I can't believe I'm finally going to meet Hannah. It's the most beautiful day of my life!'' Oliver said, ecstatic.

''Yeah, yeah, whatever Oliver! Just try to not embarrass yourself... or me for that matter...'' Lilly groaned. She was nervous. She didn't know what she was going to say to Hannah when she will see her. Hi, I'm Lilly, I'm a huge fan of yours... Oh, by the way, I'm in love with you! Lilly shook her head. If Miley heard her, she would probably think she was completely crazy. Of course she couldn't admit her feelings to Hannah. She didn't even know her. She settled for something like ''Hi, I'm Lilly. Big fan of yours. Bye.'' Lilly sighed in frustration.

When they arrived to the Music shop, a huge crowd was already there. The fans were already screaming, and pushing each other, hoping that, this way, they could manage to have a better place to see Hannah.

''Awww man, how are we gonna get in there!'' Oliver whined.

Lilly looked as desperate as Oliver. With all these people, they won't have any chance to get even close to the door! She looked around, trying to figure something out. No way in hell she was going to miss Hannah. She had been waiting for so long to be so close to her... She spotted a tiny alley next to the shop. She smiled, and grabbed Oliver's arm.

''Oliver'' she whispered. ''Look, over there!'' Oliver looked over the direction Lilly's was pointing at. The same smile appeared on his face.

''We have our way in'' Lilly added.

They started to cross the street, trying to not attract attention. They walked toward the alley. There was a door on the wall, probably an entrance for the staff.

''Ok, let's get in.'' Oliver said, coming next to the door.

''Oliver! It's not gonna be THAT easy! The door is probably locked!'' Lilly pointed.

But Oliver pull the door knob Please please please please please, do not be locked! He prayed. It was probably his lucky day, because, the door opened. Lilly, first astonished, came to her senses, and ran toward the entrance. They were going in! Hannah was just a few steps away!