A weekend in New York, Chapter 9

Lilly and Miley were walking on the beach. There still were a few families, enjoying the last rays of sun. September was the best month. It was still warm, but the night was cooler, and it was pleasant to hand out outside. The waves were beautifully crashing on the sand. They had both taken off their shoes and were walking in the water. Miley was still holding Lilly's hand, their fingers laced. Lilly didn't mind. Of course she was wondering what was this all about.

Miley finally made Lilly stop and faced her. Her eyes were shining. Lilly looked at Miley intensely. She was nervous. What was Miley going to tell her? Why was she looking at her like that? It won't probably a bad thing because she could feel Miley really close to her tonight. Not physically but emotionally. She was nervous because this moment was maybe the one she had waited for a long time.

The girls didn't move for a while, refusing to stop watching at each other, afraid that this moment would go away. Miley didn't want to let Lilly's eyes go. They had a connection. They had this special connection that nobody else could ever have.

Lilly was starting to feel like she was going to faint under the anxiety. Her legs were shaking, her heart was pounding. She couldn't wait anymore. Why was she so long? Maybe she was wrong after all, maybe Miley wasn't going to say what she wanted. Maybe it was going to be the exact opposite. She finally looked away, unable to sustain Miley's eyes anymore.

Miley gently grabbed her face in her hands and turned it to her.

''Look at me Lilly.'' She breathed tenderly. Lilly could see what she wanted to see in Miley's eyes. Love. Miley wasn't going to wait any longer. She wasn't going to spoil any more seconds. They had already lost too much time. Without their stupidities, they could have been together for a long time. Miley's heart was racing, and Lilly wasn't much better.

Miley's eyes moved from Lilly's eyes, to her lips. She leaned slowly towards her, and closed the space between their lips. And the world stopped turning. Gravity ceased to exist. They were flying. The kiss was shy, and didn't last very long. Lilly, confused, wanted an explanation. She knew what this was all about, she wasn't stupid., but she wanted to know why now. Thus, she pulled away, too soon for Miley's taste. She grabbed the two sides of Lilly's blouse and pulled her against her. She kissed her again, adding more passion. Her hands disappeared under Lilly's shirt, rubbing her naked and soft skin.

Lilly stopped thinking when she felt the contact of Miley's body on her skin. She abandoned herself in Miley's arms, pulling their bodies closer than even possible, causing both of them to moan of pleasure. She wrapped her arms around Miley's neck and slid her tongue in Miley's mouth, discovering an all new sensation. She wasn't Miley her best friend anymore. She was more than that. She was the girls she loved.

Miley pulled away after a while, and looked again in Lilly's eyes. She could see this new light in them. The light that appears when two soul mates finally connect. God, she is so beautiful, and that kiss... I can't believe I've waited that long. Of course they kissed in Central Park, but it was Hannah and Lilly, and it was just an innocent one. Nothing even comparable to this. Miley shivered and snuggled in Lilly's arms. It was all new to them. They had never been so intimate. However, it felt natural.

''Lilly...?'' Miley whispered softly, her head buried in Lilly's neck.

''Yeah...'' Lilly said in a small voice, smiling. Miley pulled back and stood in front of Lilly, looking her in her eyes.

''I love you.''

Lilly's heart missed a beat. Lilly beamed. She took a deep breath. She had waited for months for Miley to tell her that.

She took Miley's hands and neared the space between their bodies. She whispered in her ear ''I love you too Miley.'' She gave her another kiss.

They started to walk again on the beach. Miley put an arm around Lilly's shoulders, as Lilly wrapped her arms around Miley's waist. It was the first time they were holding each other like this. Lilly glanced at Miley.

''You're sure about this?'' She asked her.

Miley looked at her and saw Lilly's worried expression. ''I've never been so sure of anything in all my life...''

Lilly was the one to stop Miley this time. She looked at her and saw how beamed she was. She probably looked the same.

''Gosh, you're so beautiful.'' Lilly let out, caressing Miley's cheek with the tip of her fingers. Miley grabbed her hand and kissed her.

The girls shared another kiss, their bodies closer than possible. Their embrace wasn't shy anymore. They were releasing all this bottled up passion. They were finally giving in to their feelings. Lilly kneed down, dragging Miley with her. She then laid her down gently on the sand not breaking the embrace. Miley rolled Lilly over, and, gaining confidence, kissed her neck and her earlobe. They laid like this on the beach, Miley's on top of Lilly, kissing as they needed it to survive for a good part of the night.

That night, Miley's dreams were filled with Lilly's face. Her body was still shaking from these incredible feelings she had during their kiss. She could still feel Lilly's taste.

That night, Lilly's dreams were filled with Miley's face. Her heart was still pounding from the intensity of the kisses. She could still feel Miley's body on hers.

That night, Miley and Lilly felt just like Juliet and Romeo, and Antony and Cleopatra. They were a whole, they were soul mates. They were in love, and nothing could ever change this.

The End

Author's note: I didn't change a lot. But still... the story is longer, and maybe a little better, I don't know. For all the new readers, don't forget to read the next episodes. And for the old and faithful ones, don't forget to read the new episodes! I'm done writing episode 8, but I'm updating it slowly because I wanna have time to write episode 9, without making you wait a long time before you can read it...