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'Damn it! How did this happen?!' Kratos thought as he ran through the Iselia forest, holding his son to his chest protectively. He looked down at the unconscious boy in his arms. Lloyd had been injured in the fight with Kvar that had cost Anna her life. The small child was wrapped in a red blanket, shivering slightly and pale white. He had a long gash in his forehead that was still bleeding. Kratos had tried everything he could think of to help his son but nothing seemed to stop the bleeding.

'Doctor… I need to find a doctor! Or a healer! Or… something!' he thought franticly. That's when a thought came to him. 'She was a healer. Maybe…'

He pulled out his wings, still trying to think of anywhere else he could go, but it was his only chance. Lloyd's only chance. He held the boy closer and flew, as fast as he could, toward the Tower of Salvation.


Yuan sat in his office on Derris-Kharlan, working on a small laptop. Someone knocked on his door but he didn't look up.

"I'm busy. Come back later." He said, his eyes still on his computer screen. The person knocked more forcefully. Yuan looked up. "I said come back later." he said, going back to his computer screen. He heard a crash as his door was broken down. He looked up to give Kratos, who was standing in the doorway, an angry look. "What part of 'later' did you not understand?"

Kratos glared at him. "Save it, Yuan." he snapped, walking in. Yuan raised an eyebrow at him. He was covered in blood and was holding a red blanket like his life depended on it.

"What happened to you? And what's with the blanket?" He asked. Kratos walked over to him.

"Did Martel teach you any healing arts before she died?" he asked. Yuan looked at him.

"She might have. Why?" he asked. Kratos looked down and showed the injured Lloyd to him. Yuan stood up and walked around his desk.

"Lloyd?!" he gasped, reaching out worriedly to touch him. He didn't know why, but he had formed a strong bond with the toddler while he was helping them hide from Yggdrasill and the desians.

Kratos reluctantly handed his son over to Yuan. Yuan looked over his wound with a calculating look on his face. "Well? Can you help him or not?!"

Yuan nodded slowly, running his hand over the wound until Lloyd jerked back. "It's not fatal but it is serious. We need to get him treated now."

"Can you do it?" He asked hurriedly.

"Yes. Don't worry, I'll take good care of him."

Yuan carried Lloyd into the next room, Kratos right behind him. He put Lloyd on a bed and knelt down beside him, quietly chanting words that Kratos had never heard before.

"What are you doing?" Kratos asked. Yuan stopped chanting, his attention still on Lloyd and the spell.

"An ancient healing art that was lost long ago. Martel was one of the only ones who knew it and she taught it to me. Now be quiet."

Kratos fell silent, fidgeting anxiously. The room was dead silent other then Yuan's whispered chant.

Yuan was interrupted by Yggdrasill's booming voice. "Yuan! Get out here NOW!"

Yuan growled softly. "Damn it…" he cursed quietly, "Why now of all times?!"

"… I'll go take care of Mithos…" Kratos said in a very reluctant tone. Yuan shook his head.

"Forget about him. Focus on Lloyd."

Kratos nodded and sat next to Lloyd on the bed. He took his son's small hand and held it gently. "How did this happen…?" he whispered softly to himself. Yuan watched him out of the corner of his eye.

"You tell me." he said, still casting the healing spell.

"… Anna… Anna was killed…"

Yuan paused. "… I'm sorry… I know it's hard when someone you love is killed-"

"I killed her."

Yuan looked up at him, unable to hide his shock.

"Kvar attacked and removed her exsphere…." Kratos explained, "She… She begged me to kill her…"

Yuan stayed silent, turning back to Lloyd. Kratos reached for the small locket around his neck and held it in his hand.

"I'm just worried about Lloyd. I don't know if he saw it or not..."

"… What happened to the exsphere?" Yuan asked after a long pause. Kratos reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, blood covered stone. Yuan nodded.

"As soon as I know Lloyd is safe, I'll destroy this thing." Kratos declared.

"No. You should give it to Lloyd. He'll need it."

"What?!" Kratos yelled, "Let Lloyd have this thing?! The thing that turned his mother into a monster?! Are you insane?!"

"Keep your voice down," Yuan warned, "He'll need an exsphere, you know that, if he's going to survive here." he finished his spell and stood up, not looking at Kratos. Kratos glared at him.

"He's not staying in Cruxis. I'm not staying in Cruxis. I've had enough of Derris-Kharlan. We're leaving and we're not coming back."

"You go ahead and tell yourself that, Kratos. But Cruxis is in your blood, as well as his."

Kratos turned away. "…"

"… Daddy?"

The quiet call made Kratos jump. He turned to see Lloyd sitting up, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Kratos sighed in relief.

"Lloyd, are you alright?" Yuan asked. Lloyd turned to him.

"Yuan? Yeah. Why?"

Yuan looked at Kratos. So did Lloyd.

"Daddy, where awe we?" he asked.

"… We're on Derris-Kharlan, Lloyd."

"But, you said never to go to Dewis-Khawlan…"

"… I know, Lloyd…"

"… Daddy? Why is there blood on you?" Lloyd asked slowly. Kratos looked at his shirt. He had forgotten he was covered in blood. "… Where's mama?"

"… Lloyd… Your mother…" Kratos tried to find the right words.

"…" Yuan watched him. He decided to help his friend. "Your mother was killed in the fight against Kvar."

Lloyd looked at him in disbelief. "W… What?" he turned to Kratos. "… Daddy?"

"… I'm sorry, Lloyd."

Lloyd started crying. "H-how?!"

"…" Kratos wanted to turn away but couldn't.

"Kvar killed her." Yuan said.

"Yuan…" Kratos whispered.

"She died in the fight."

"… wh-what f-fight?" Lloyd asked, his voice shaking.

Kratos looked at Lloyd questioningly. "What do you mean 'what fight?'"

Lloyd cocked his head. "I-I don't wemember any f-fight…" he said, still crying.

Kratos looked from Lloyd to Yuan and back. Yuan gave him a 'don't make a scene' look. He walked to the door. "Lloyd, you should get some rest."


"Lloyd…" Yuan said warningly.

"Okay…" he said in a defeated tone. Yuan walked out of the room. Kratos looked at Lloyd.

"I'll be right back."


Kratos smiled and ran a hand through his son's hair. "I promise, I'll be right back. I'm right outside the door if you need me."

Lloyd nodded, fresh tears falling from his eyes. Kratos stood up and walked into the next room, closing the door behind him. He turned to Yuan.

"Why can't he remember the fight?" he asked accusingly.

"Well, all spells have their side effects… besides, it might be better if he doesn't remember it."

"How is it better if you wipe his memory?!" Kratos snapped.

"What if he had seen Anna being killed? By you, no less." Yuan pointed out, "Imagine if he had seen his mother being killed by his own father."


"Daddy!" Lloyd called from the next room. Kratos turned to the door.

"Yuan. Thank you." he said quietly, turning the handle. Yuan nodded.


Lloyd was sitting on the bed, hugging his knees. Kratos sat down next to him and ran his hand through his son's hair. "You're okay, Lloyd." he said comfortingly.

Lloyd crawled over to his father and climbed into his lap. Kratos waited for him to get settled before pulling the blanket over him.

"Daddy? Is mama really gone?" He asked. Kratos pulled him closer.

"I'm sorry, Lloyd." was the only thing he could think to say.

"Can't you bwing mama back?" he asked pleadingly, looking up at his father. Kratos shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I can't bring the dead back to life."

"Yes you can! You can do anything, daddy! I know it!" he yelled, trying to make his father believe his words.

Kratos looked at him sadly. "I wish that was true… I'm sorry I couldn't help her. This is all my fault."

"It's not your fault! It was somebody else! I know it! You saved me and you can save mama too!" Lloyd argued. Kratos paused.

"… Lloyd, you should get some sleep." he said, pulling the blanket higher. Lloyd groaned defiantly and closed his eyes, falling asleep almost immediately. Kratos watched him silently.

"Mama…" Lloyd whispered in his sleep, tears falling from his eyes. Kratos leaned against the wall.

"I'm sorry, Lloyd, Anna… I'm so sorry…" he whispered, tears falling from his eyes too. He closed his eyes and eventually managed to fall asleep.


Kratos blinked slowly, reaching up to rub his eyes. He looked around and saw that all the lights had been turned off, and someone had put a blanket over him. Lloyd was still asleep in his lap. Kratos shook his head. 'When did I fall asleep?!'

He looked over and saw his Judgment uniform, along with a smaller one looking similar to his own, but was pale red and white. 'There's no way Yuan was serious about us staying on Derris-Kharlan… right?'

He slowly moved Lloyd off of him and picked up his judgment uniform, looking over it bitterly. 'well, this is better then the blood covered clothes I have on now.'

He pulled off his clothes and put the clean ones on. Looking at Lloyd one last time to make sure he was still asleep, he turned and walked out of the room, shutting the door silently behind him. Yuan was there to greet him.

"I didn't think I would see you in that again." he commented when he saw the judgment uniform.

"You put it there." Kratos pointed out bitterly. Yuan shrugged.

"Yeah, but I didn't think you would actually wear it."

Kratos was about to comment when he heard a very angry voice. "Kratos! Get out here right now!"

Kratos glared at Yuan. "Don't give me that look." Yuan said with an annoyed tone, "He would have found out anyway."

Kratos glared in the direction of Yggdrasill's scream. "If he wakes Lloyd, I'll kill him." he turned back to Yuan. "And then I'll come back and kill you."

"Why kill me?"

"I don't know. I just will." he said, storming out of the room. He found Yggdrasill storming around outside the door. He looked up when Kratos walked out.

"Where have you been?!" Yggdrasill yelled. Kratos glared.

"Keep your voice down, Mithos." he warned.

"Why?! So that damn human can sleep?!" Yggdrasill asked, yelling even louder, unable to keep his temper under control. Kratos grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him so their faces were only an inch apart. If looks could kill, Yggdrasill would be in so many pieces, no one would ever be able to tell it was him.

"Don't you ever talk about my son that way, you damn bastard." He said.

"Let go of me." Mithos said angrily. Kratos didn't move.

"Do you understand what will happen to you if you ever go near my son?" he asked. Yggdrasill growled.

"Let go."

"Do you understand, Mithos?!" Kratos yelled. They glared at each other.

"I'm not afraid of you, Kratos. Let. Me. Go." he said. Kratos let go of his shirt, pushing him off to the side.

"Don't go near my son." he warned, turning around and walking away.

"I wasn't going to, damn it!" Yggdrasill yelled. "I came to tell you that he can stay in Cruxis with you and the rest of us!"

Kratos stopped. He turned around to look at him. "What?"

Yggdrasill crossed his arms. "Both you and Lloyd are going to stay here. While he's here, he'll be treated as if he was a seraphim. No one will touch him." he said.

"Why are you doing this?" Kratos asked, trying to understand Yggdrasill's motive.

"I can't let you leave Cruxis and I know the only way you'll stay is if Lloyd's here with you." Yggdrasill paused. "Look, Yuan told me what happened. I can't risk you going off and doing something stupid."

Kratos looked away bitterly. "Why? Because I'm the origin seal?"

"You know why." Yggdrasill said, calmly. Kratos stayed silent, feeling slightly guilty. Yggdrasill turned away.

The door opened and Yuan stepped out, Lloyd clinging to his leg. "Lloyd, get off." he said gently.

"Daddy!" Lloyd called, running to his father and hanging onto his leg instead. Yggdrasill turned back around and looked at him. Lloyd looked up at him nervously, uncomfortable with the Cruxis leader's cold stare. He hid behind his father.

Yggdrasill walked over to him and knelt down. Kratos but his hand on his sword hilt, feeling overprotective.

Lloyd tried to hide as Yggdrasill gave him the same icy stare. "You're Lloyd, right?" he asked. Lloyd nodded slowly.

Yggdrasill reached out and messed with Lloyds hair. He smiled. "Hey Lloyd. I'm lord Yggdrasill, but you can call me uncle Mithos. You're going to be living here now."

Kratos and Yuan stared at him in disbelief. Lloyd inched out from behind his father.

"Uncle Mithos?" he repeated carefully.

"Yep," Yggdrasill said kindly, "If you need anything, just ask me, okay?" he instructed. Lloyd nodded. "Good." he said, standing up and walking away. Lloyd watched him as Kratos and Yuan turned to look at each other.

"Kratos, who was that…?" Yuan asked. Kratos shook his head.

"I have no idea… I wonder what he did with Mithos…"

Lloyd cocked his head. "I live in Cwuxis now." he said, looking up at Kratos and Yuan. Kratos slapped his forehead while Yuan smiled, trying not to laugh.

"This is going to be a very long lifetime…" Kratos whispered to himself.


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