I Lay My Isaac Down

Just as the sunrise kissed the day

Their journey had begun.

As Abraham played back the words,

"Your son, your only son."

He walked with his dear Isaac

Just as the Spirit led.

Past the region of Moriah

To the mountains up ahead.

To say he loved his Isaac

Was too small a claim to make.

How could He have commanded this?

It must be a mistake.

Isaac's name means laughter

And what joy came with his life.

Dear Sarah who was barren

Now a mother and wife.

How would she understand this?

What he was told to do.

To even go about this task

Was far more than he knew.

Yet Abraham took Isaac

And placed him on the wood

All this upon an altar

Just as God said he should.

The questioning eyes of Isaac

Shot deeply through his heart

As best he tried to calm him

Knowing they were soon to part.

In faith this Abraham believed,

Hands trembling with the knife.

Then God sent him a ram to kill.

And Isaac kept his life.

This story is a shadow

Of a sacrifice so great

The Lamb of God was crucified

To free our doom and fate.

In thanks, what can I offer?

What talent, gift, or crown?

Myself, a living sacrifice.

I lay my Isaac down.