Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: eh.. er... 13+ minor mentions of sex and swearing.
Spoilers: whooboy. All of seasons one and two, with specific season three stuff. The first three episodes, and speculation on the fourth and fifth.
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders.
Genre: Fluff.
Notes: walkingdaydream wanted Kara/Anders fic without their marriage going to hell. This is, ah, a bit schmoopier than I'd expected (my apologies). (this is not, however, the spec fic I've been rambling on about) You can't kill me, btw. (also. walkingdaydream remember that conversation we were having? This isn't that fic, either, but it DOES contain the objectionable part of it)

There is no actual marmalade in this fic.

Marmalade Fluff by ALC Punk!

"What the frak is that?" Okay, so it wasn't the nicest thing Sam Anders could have said to his wife about the child she was holding. But the child was a shock. The fact that the child was blond and female and incredibly cute added to the shock. As did the way Kara was holding her as though she belonged there.

"She's mine," Kara said defensively. She was also glaring. "You can put her out an airlock with me, or you can frak off."

Sam backed off, hands raised, "All right. Fine. She's yours."

"Damn right."

The kid raised her head from Kara's shoulder and eyed Sam. She grinned.

Sam decided that kids were suddenly on his agenda. Because Kara, with a kid, was cute. And hot. Okay, Kara at any time of the day or night was hot. Especially when he hadn't seen her in four months. Given that, he threw caution to the wind and hugged her. Them.

A small hand patted his neck.

"Bastard." Kara mumbled.

"Uh-huh." He tightened his grip.

One of Kara's arms slid around him.

"So," he ventured a few minutes later, "She got a name?"

Kara pulled away from him, "Kacey, this is Samuel Anders." She hesitated, then continued, "He's going to be your dad. Sam, this is Kacey." She met his eyes, "She's half-cylon."

"Ok." He reached out a hand to the kid. "Hi." After all, Kara was his wife. And if Kara wanted to keep the kid, he wasn't going to argue with her even if the kid was half-cylon (and didn't that give him pause--he'd never mock Sharon again). Not that Kara had given him a chance to object--but he didn't mind. Kara was back, she was his again, and he'd put up with hell for her. He might feel entirely unable to care for a child, but he'd attempt it.

The little girl smiled at him and waved.

Unable to help himself, Sam tugged Kara and Kacey back into his arms and bent to bury his face in Kara's neck.

"Hey." Kara said. But she didn't move.


They settled back into the routine of Galactica with only a few hitches. The first was that Kat kept her post as CAG. Kara wasn't happy about it, but she didn't raise too many objections. Besides, she hadn't been in a viper in so long, the running joke was that she was worse than the greenest of the rooks.

Sam had the second hitch--with nothing to do, he was antsy. By the second day, he was walking the decks looking for trouble. It was the marine sergeant that hauled him back under her wing and put him to work. Training, and keeping the records up-to-date. She claimed it was because none of the others could read and write. Sam figured it was to keep him out of trouble, and to give them a place to have Kacey watched during the day.

The third snag was Kacey. Kara refused to have her fostered out to one of the other ships, and she couldn't be there for the child every moment of every day.

At night, it was easier. They'd been given cramped officers' quarters, with a small bed for Kacey to sleep in. This meant that there was no sex, though. And that was the other thing that made Sam jumpy and antsy--Kara was just as bad. Hell, he had bruises on the fourth day from her arriving at his office, shoving Kacey at the startled deck hand who'd followed her and then tackling him onto his desk.

He was pretty sure the deck hand had closed the door, but he hadn't bothered to check.

During the day, he watched Kacey in his office. Sometimes, Kara would be there. Other times, Kara would take Kacey to the hangar deck--most of the Galactica deck crew found her the cutest thing ever. Though the Chief eventually banned her after she got into the oil for the second time when Kara had been repairing her viper.

And all of it wasn't really as much of a struggle as life on New Caprica had been. It was easy to fall into the pattern of loving Kara and Kacey, of holding his wife close at night and waking at the smallest sound to check worriedly in the dark on his daughter.

There was the small matter of the cylons renewing their pursuit of the fleet, of course.


When the call came in, Sam had tried to give Kacey to someone on his hasty journey between his office and the flight deck. No one he trusted would take her--or the people who would were on their way to the same place he was. So it really wasn't his fault that the toddler was on one hip, staring in rapt interest while they cut Kara out of her viper.

There'd been the briefest of explanations for her condition--he didn't remember them, but he figured they included being herself, flying like a maniac, and possibly being an ass to the cylons. He was all for the latter.

"Mama." Kacey said, very softly, as if recognizing the viper. Considering she'd gotten to see Kara climb in and out of her viper several times, he figured that just meant she identified vipers with her mother.

"Yeah. She's gonna be fine."

The words were to reassure himself. Given the mangled condition of Kara's bird, the fact that she was still alive was a miracle.

When they finally pulled her out, he couldn't help but move closer. Cuts, bruises, other things he'd find out about later. She didn't look half-bad. She didn't look half-good, either. Bruises already darkened the skin of her neck and the side of her jaw.


She gasped as they moved her, then glared at him, "Why is Kacey here?"

"There was no one to watch her."

Kacey waved, grinning. "Mama!"

"Heya, kid. Tell your dad to take you out of here, 'k?"

"No." Kacey said promptly, then giggled.

"She learned that from you," Kara informed him.

Rather than dispute that, and point out that Kacey had probably learned 'no' from her mother (just as she'd learned 'frak'), he changed the subject. "I'm not leaving until I find out--" Anders grabbed one of the medics, "Hey, is she gonna be ok?"

Ishay glared at him for interrupting her triage. "She's going to be fine--if you let us do our jobs."

"Right. Yeah." Sam glanced at Kacey, "Your mom's gonna be fine."

The kid grinned at him.

"Now get out of the way!" Ishay shoved at him, "Let's get this stretcher to the medical bay. NOW, people!"


It took them over an hour to work on Kara. Sam tried not to let the length of time worry him. He even tried not to pace, but found that if he didn't, he fidgeted too much. So, with Kacey happily perched on his shoulders, he walked back and forth in the corridor outside the medical bay. Doc Cottle had been very adamant that Sam wasn't going anywhere inside. Something about hovering idiots getting in the way. He'd only obeyed because it would mean Kara would get care that much quicker.

A few minutes before the hour was up, Admiral Adama appeared. He eyed Sam and Kacey, "How is she?"

"They haven't said, sir." Sam stopped pacing, and tried to smile in greeting. It failed miserably.

Adama nodded at Kacey, "How's she holding up?"

Before he could answer, Kacey interrupted them with a gurgle of laughter. She waved one hand at the Admiral and gurgled something unintelligible. It sounded suspiciously like 'grandpa', but Sam wasn't going to make guesses. Not at this stage.

'Frak' had been her first word, of course. Followed by 'mama', and now 'no'. Sam wasn't jealous. He wasn't expecting her to call him anything, even if it would have been nice.

The Admiral studied the child, a slight change of expression indicating he might actually be attempting a smile.

Abruptly, Sam reached up and swung her down. She giggled. "Would you like to hold her, sir?"


The hatch swung open and interrupted him. Sam wondered if the Admiral was grateful for not having to answer, then shoved the thought away and turned to give Doc Cottle his attention. "How is she?"

Cottle glanced between the two of them as he lit a cigarette. "She'll be fine, mostly. Most of it was cuts, although I had to tape up her ribs. She's damned lucky she didn't break anything serious or I'd be grounding her for good." He blew out a breath. "Now get in there before you wear holes in my deck."

"Sir." Sam nodded at the Admiral, "If you'd like to go first?"

Adama looked at him again, then nodded, "Thank you. I won't be long."

After he'd gone, Cottle looked at Sam. "No sex for at least three days."

Sam was surprised to discover he could still blush. "Sir, I--"

"I'd say a week, but given the two of you, I don't think you'd last that long. Her ribs can't handle anything strenuous, and I'm grounding her from flight for at least two weeks." He waved his hand, then puffed on the end of the cigarette and pulled out another. "And don't let her lift anything too heavy."

"I can try, sir."

Cottle snorted and turned to head back into the medical bay. "I'm sure you will."

To distract himself, Sam bounced Kacey from one hip to the other, "Hey. Your mom's gonna be all right."

She giggled and grabbed onto the collar of his shirt. "Mama!"

"We'll go see her in a minute, ok?"

"You can see her now."

Sam nodded to the Admiral, "Thank you, sir."

The old man studied him, then reached out and laid a hand on Kacey's head. "You're taking good care of them. I appreciate that."

"They're my wife and my daughter, sir."


Sam held his gaze steadily, suddenly wondering if he were under some kind of test.

Then Kacey giggled and reached up to tug at Adama's hand.

He almost smiled at her. "Go see your mom, kid."

"Sir." Sam kind of wished he had a hand free to salute. He left the thought behind as he walked through the hatch. Kara was in one of the corner alcoves, propped up on pillows. She was pale, but not as bad as she'd been after the farm. Sam took comfort in that. "Hey."

"Hey." She smiled, "Hey, Kacey. How's your day goin'?"

"Mama!" Kacey leaned out and held out her arms for a hug.

Sam moved and both of them hugged Kara. He did it gently, Kacey made her wince. "Sorry."

"It's ok," she said.

Sam pulled back and Kacey made a grumbly noise. "Frak."

They both chuckled.

"That's your fault, you know," Sam said.

"I know."

They shared what was probably the stupidest smile ever. But Sam didn't care. Because for just an instant, there was nothing to worry about. No cylons, no death, no Earth that needed to be found. Just the three of them.

He could live with that.