Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: er... 13+ish. vague sexual innuendo, some violence.
Set: post-Exodus, AU genre: fluff. AU. Set in the same universe as Marmalade Fluff and Sort-of Everything. That does, indeed, make this kidlet-fic. Run for the hills now.
Pairing: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders (with reference to Anastasia Dualla/Lee Adama.
Words: 1,500+ Notes: started to cheer up rhisilverflame at work, and then continued a bit. And, er, finished while watching Criminal Intent and Captain Jack Harkness have sex on my tv.
There's fluff, here.

To Have and to Hold by ALC Punk!

Kara was trying to do her paperwork. Since Lee knew she could do the damned stuff, he'd dumped a bunch of supply lists and requisitions on her for completion. Unfortunately, protesting that her handwriting was worse than Kat's had done little to make him change his mind. Besides, that was a lie. Kat could barely spell. In the background, however, Kara could hear Sam and Kacey. They were playing and they were being loud. In fact, they were being very loud. So loud that Kara could barely concentrate and had added the same column twice now, coming up with different figures both times.

Finally, it was too much. "Sam!"

"Yes, baby?"

One day, she was going to kill him for calling her that. Since Kacey was there, she figured today wasn't that day. "Take it out in the corridor. Now."

"Are we being too loud?"

The question sounded innocent. Kara doubted it was, "Gosh, no," she replied, tone sarcastic. "I don't know why two shrieking children would be loud at ALL."

A chuckle escaped him and she heard him oof as he scooped Kacey up with a, "C'mon, your mom needs quiet." Then he was right behind her, bending over to drop a kiss on the back of her neck. "Let us know when we're allowed to be noisy again."

"Never." She replied, twitching her shoulders as though to get rid of an annoyance.


They left, Kacey making noise even as the hatch closed on them. The room was blessedly silent. Kara huffed out a sigh, and settled down to her work.

She made it through half the stack before the uncanny quiet became too much. Glaring at the closed hatch, she contemplated shirking her work and going out to play. The old Kara Thrace wouldn't have thought anything of dropping the stack of paper down a toilet. The new Kara Thrace considered it, and eventually discarded the idea. She did, however, decide that she was perfectly capable of abandoning the work half-finished. Let Lee sort the rest of it out.

Tossing her pen down, she stood and stretched before heading to the hatch.

Outside, the corridor was mysteriously silent, with no loud child running up and down followed by an equally-loud husband. Really, Kara figured if they could hook Sam and Kacey up to Galactica, they could power the ship for months on their energy.



The voices came from just down the corridor, and Kara walked around the corner to find Sam seated cross-legged on the floor, Kacey standing on his lap. "Sam?"

"Can't talk," Sam informed her.

Kara stared at him. There was something endearing and frighteningly real about them, sitting there. Like they shouldn't be there, shouldn't be happy, with the world ended. Kacey had one hand on his shoulder, the other gripping his nose. She squeezed it. "Beep!" announced Kacey with a giggle.

"Beep." Sam replied, not quite on the same pitch as her.

Kara reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose, "Sam." she said, tone very careful, "Why are you letting Kacey play with your nose?"

"Because it beeps."


"I've never noticed," she said, tone still mild. She knelt down next to them, "He's silly, Kace."

Kacey shifted her grip and then lunged at Kara, grabbing her nose. "Beep!"

"Beep," Kara intoned solemnly.

A giggle escaped Kacey, and then she tugged at Kara's nose before releasing both adults and clapping.

Kara grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into a hug. With her eyes closed, there was no one in the world but the two of them. No one else, except Sam, of course. A shift in the air and his arms were around both of them. Kara almost objected, But Kacey gave a little squirm and settled between them like she belonged. Sam smelled nice, too. Kara gave him points for that and didn't try to break free.

"You know, public displays of affection are frowned upon in the military," observed an amused voice. Kara felt a smile tug at her lips. Lee Adama. He always had been one for the rule book.

"Lee!" Kacey wriggled free of Kara and Sam and bounced across the deck to grab his knees. "Up!" she demanded imperiously.

Carefully, Kara pulled herself out of Sam's grasp and grinned as Lee swung Kacey up into the air. "Don't see you enforcing the rule, Major," she mocked. She trailed her hand down Sam's arm, fingers absently curling around his before she stood. "Up, Sam."

He looked up at her, eyes gleaming with mischief and stood. "You want an airplane, too?" he asked, tugging her closer.


Not giving her time to move, Sam caught her by the waist and swung her in a circle, feet flying out before she yelped and tucked her legs in, hands grabbing his shoulders. When he stopped, she kicked him, making him yelp and set her down abruptly. "Damnit, Kara!"

"Idiot!" She snapped, aiming her foot at him again.

He grabbed her, dodged, and pressed her up against the wall. "No kicking."

Kara head-butted him.

"Ow. Frak!"

Behind him, Kacey started giggling very loud. Kara looked at her, and called, "Sam's an idiot, Kacey. Remember that."

"Idiot!" Kacey managed before Lee swung her upside-down by her ankles.

Lee, for his part, was watching them with amusement.

Elbowing Sam, Kara managed to break free and back away from him, keeping the wall near to hand. He stalked her, murder in his eyes. "C'mon, Sam," Kara said, "I was just playing."

"Hey, Kara, you finish my paperwork?" Lee called.

"Yeah." She called back, dodging Sam's grab for her. "Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"Half!" Kara yelped and dodged another grab. "And I'll finish the rest just as soon as this monkey stops trying to grab me."

"Not a monkey," objected Sam.

Lee snorted, and tucked Kacey against his hip, "Then I won't stop Sam from killing you."

"That's so generous of you, Lee--" Kara yelped. Sam's next grab separated her from the wall and she suddenly had nothing at her back. Kara took one look at him and turned to run. With his longer legs, Sam was upon her before she'd made it halfway down the corridor. He tackled her, and they went down, Sam twisting so they landed together, then rolling so she was on top.

Kara ignored what were sure to be bruises. "Idiot."

"You already said that," he informed her, keeping her flat against him.

Wriggling experimentally, Kara growled, "You are such an ass."

"You kicked me."

"I had provocation."

He snorted, and suddenly let her go, spreading his arms out. "You did, huh?"

Pushing up, Kara straddled him and glared, arms crossing over her chest. "Yeah, I did. Unauthorized touching."

"Like this?" Sam asked, tone mild as he put his hands on her waist.

Oh, he was suggesting an entirely different type of touching. Kara's eyes widened as she realized that she was perched on a portion of his anatomy that was showing interest in that fact. "Uh, Sam, Kacey's still awake."

Lee coughed, "Kacey, let's go visit Dee, hey?"

"D'alla," said Kacey cheerfully. She giggled and bounced against Lee.

Kara looked up at him and rolled her eyes, "Lee, you don't--"

"I like to keep my pilots happy, Kara," he said, tone amused. "Just move it out of the corridor."

"Yessir," Kara tossed him a sloppy salute, then looked down at Sam. "Hey, honey."

"Thanks, Lee," said Sam, craning his neck to look at him. He waved at Kacey, "See you later, Kacey."


When they were gone, Kara shook her head and poked Sam. "Hey, honey."

"Yeah, baby?" He smirked up at her.

Kara leaned down and kissed him, slow and deep, her tongue sliding against his lips. "Wanna go get laid?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

"Not an answer." Kara climbed to her feet and held out a hand.

Sam grabbed it and let her pull him to his feet, using the maneuver to pull her into his arms. He began backing down the corridor to their room. "I should have thought my answer was obvious."

"You're a guy, Sam, the answer is always obvious," she mocked him. "Corner."

Sam adroitly slid backwards around the corner, still pulling her with him. "Yeah, well, you have just as many tells."

"Oh, really?"

"Yep." He grinned smugly as they stopped right outside their quarters. "For instance," his thumb came up and brushed the corner of her lips, "when you're horny, there's this little dimple that pops out. I think it's from the smirk you get."

"I do not have a dimple, Samuel T. Anders." Kara objected.

"Your body language changes," he continued, ignoring her. "You stark stalking your conquest, moving like a jungle cat."

Rolling her eyes, Kara snorted. "Right."

"It's kinda hot, actually," Sam finally moved, walking backwards over the hatchway. "Like, at any second, you could rip my clothes off and devour me from head to toe."

"Hrm." Kicking backwards, Kara slammed the hatch closed. "Sounds like fun, Sam." She smiled, eyes dangerous, "Why don't we strip and find out?"

His answer was to press her up against the hatch and kiss her.

Kara really hoped Lee was keeping Kacey for more than an hour or two. She thought she might need a nap after what she wanted to do to Sam.