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(Outside the Castle during a snow flurry)

J- Oi, Evans! Go out with me!

L- It's too warm Potter.

J- What's that suppose to mean?

L- Hell hasn't frozen over yet.

J- Evans, go out with me and I might let you kiss me.

L- I don't do well with threats Potter.

J- Just give in and go out with me Evans. You know you want to.

L- I want to go out with you as much as I want to die. Meaning its the last thing I want to do.

(In the common room)

J- Evans!You, me, broom closet, now!

L- Potter! You, broom, up your arse, now!

(By the Lake)

J- Evans, I heard that the giant squid turned you down. Guess that means you're going to Hogsmeade with me.

L- Actually Potter. We have a very nice picnic planned. I guess that means you get to go to Hogsmeade all by yourself.

J- Evans...

L- Go away Potter. The answer is no.

J- But you don't even know what I was going to say.

L- Alright, what were you going to say?

J- Go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.

L- Wow Potter, you're right. That does change my response.

J- It does?

L- Oh yeah. Instead of the answer being no, it's now drop dead.

(After being partnered together in class)

J- We work so well together in class.

L- I guess.

J- Do you know where else we would work well together?

L- In your dreams?

(Shouted across the Great Hall)

J- Evans! Go out with me and I won't prank the Slytherins today!

L- And let Sirius get ahead in the detention poll? Never!

(In notes)

My Dearest Lily Flower,
Would you be so kind as to accompany me to Hogsmeade this weekend?
Yours Always
James Potter

My Hated Potter,
I am disinclined to acquiest to your request. And if you want to keep the ability to have children, never call me Lily Flower again.
Never Yours
Lily Evans

(Again in Notes)

Lily Flower
I know you don't mean that. I'll meet you outside the Great Hall at midday Saturday.
Your Devoted
James Potter

Do you really want to test that theory?

J- Evans, I love you.

L- Potter, I hate you.

J- Go out with me Evans.

L- I'll go out with you when Professor McGonagall admits to liking Professor Dumbledore as more than a friend or colleague.

J- Tiger Lily, go to Hogsmeade with me?

L- (looks up at the sky) Sorry Potter, but I just don't see any flying pigs.

J- Evans. Hogsmeade. You. Me. Together.

L- Potter, here's a knut. Go and by yourself a life.

J- Go out with me.

L- And risk someone finding out?

J- Evans, this is the most asked question and I need to have an answer, will you go out with me?

L- And the top three most given answers to this question are: No, Never, and Not a chance.

J- The astronomy tower awaits us milady.

L- No, the weather isn't right for it.

J- Be my Valentine?

L- No, not now. Ask me again in a couple million years.

(During class)

J- I see you have a pen and parchment. Make a note. Date with James this weekend. Don't be late.

L- I see you have a pen and parchment too. Write this down. NO.

(In the second floor corridor)

J- I hear Moaning Myrtle haunts the prefects bathroom at this time of night. Do you want check out her cubical together?

L- Oh. Look at the time. I have to go help Hagrid feed Fluffy.

(Common room after curfew)

J- Wanna sneak out to the kitchens?

L- I'll pass.

(On the way to see a quidditch match between two other houses)

J- Will you sit with me Lily?

L- Not today, not tomorrow, but I think I might have time in a couple thousand years.

J- I've got the perfect day set up for this weekend. First stop Madam Puddifoot's, then a stroll to the shrieking shack, the back to Madam Puddifoot's for lunch, then a carriage ride back to Hogwarts. Just you and me. What do you say? Join me?

L- I'd rather eat my sister's mystery meat casserole.

J- If you were my girlfriend Evans, you could sit and watch me play exploding snap with my friends all night long.

L- Gee Potter, I'm already maxed out on fun stuff. I'm getting my teeth pulled. I don't think my heart could handle watch you play with your friends as well.

J- Evans, I'm going to take you higher than you've ever been.

L- Sorry Potter I don't do drugs.

J- I meant on a broom.

L- I'm allergic to heights.

J- Quick there's a closet free over there.

L- You must be mistaking me for an idiot, Potter.

J- Go out with me Evans and I'll never bug you again.

L- Your very existence bugs me Potter.

J- Evans, I'm going to be nice and let you kiss me. But just this once, don't think you can make a habit of it.

L- How do they say "no" on your planet Potter? Better yet, how do they say "dream on"?

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