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J- (walks over to Lily carrying a Lily of the Valley)
L- (starts sneezing) You do realize I'm allergic.
J- You're allergic to your namesake?
L- (between sneezes) No, I'm allergic to you.

(In notes and roses)
J- (sending a bouquet of roses with one felt rose)
Lily, I will love you until the last rose dies. Love James
L- (sending felt rose back)
Hopefully this will speed up the process a bit.

J- Evans, I've decided to be nice and tutor you in transfiguration. After all, I am top of the class.
L- Potter, get your head examined. I'm second in that class. I don't need help.
J- Evans, Hogsmeade weekend. I'll meet you at the front gate Saturday, ten o'clock. What do you say?
L- Sorry? Me no speaky engrish. Me no understand.

J- Evans, I've transfigured your owl into a shrubbery. If you want him back, you must agree to go out with me.
L- Nice try Potter, but I don't own an owl.
P- (comes in looking confused) Has anyone seen Mr Kringle? He's not in the owlry.
L- I'm sure Pettigrew will take you up on your offer to get his owl back.

(In notes and a box of chocolates)
S- (pretending to be James)
Lillian, my dearest, darling flower,
These chocolates are almost as sweet as you. Maybe once you eat them, you'll see me in a new light.
Your very whipped slave, James

My name is Lily Evans. It is not, nor has it ever been, Lillian or flower. Also, you would do well to remember that love potions are against school rules. I've given the chocolates to Professor McGonagall for inspection. Lastly, next time you pretend to be Potter, could you at least try to disguise your handwriting?

J- (Wearing a full suit of armour) Let me be your knight in shining armour, Evans.
L- Go jump in the lake Potter.
J- But I'll sink straight to the bottom with this on.
L- Please don't try to get my hopes up.