During the next year, Emma was finally 17 and out of high school. She lived with a new friend, Ellie Nash. The girl was a red head and her age. She filled in for the roomate problem, she was a gothic type. Soon enough Ellie figured out that their apartment was haunted, but Emma explained to her that it was just the old roomate, her best friend...Manny.


Ellie stared at the ghost of Manny "Your kidding right?" she turns to look at Emma who laughs and shakes her head no. Manny snickers crossing her arms over her chest and walked over to beside Emma.

"I thought you said she was all into the ghosts, vampire...witch craft kind of stuff" she asked Emma.

Emma laughed a little at the staring Ellie "I just don't think she really believed in it"

"did too!" exclaims Ellie to then crack a smile, okay so she didn't. Who would? But soon enough the girls were all living with another and spending nights together.

"I can't believe you're a wolf" Ellie said.

Manny raised an eyebrow looking to Emma "I can't believe she hasn't told you what she's been doing lately" she amazed. Emma gave a wierd look at a grinning Ellie.

"I- have been practicing wicca" she smiled proudly. Both Emma and Manny giggled a little, they haven't seen or heard of a witch. They belived in demons and monsters...but not witches "Look, I can do little things" Ellie stood up.

"It's okay, you don't have to proof anything" Emma tried hiding her smile "We believe you" even Manny bursted into laughter until Ellie rolled her eyes and stared at a pencil. The girls looked to it and saw it begin to rise.

"Oh...okay..." drifts Manny, the pencil flying in mid air "Well that's..." the girls just stared in awe. Their were no words for it. They all had their type of forms. Ellie was the witty punk girl. Emma was the wild sweet girl and Manny was the sexy teasing girl. In other words, Ellie was the witch, Emma was the wolf and Manny was the ghost.

Emma and Ellie laid on their beds, Manny sitting on the ground laughing. They always stood up all night on weekends just talking. Mostly about Jay or telling Manny how Sean was doing. He didn't know she was around... it's not like you could lay that on a guy.

'hey your girl friend that died with a knife in her gut, which you still living as a ghost in my apartment. Maybe you guys could be together? Oh, but she can't leave the house' Pfft, yeah right. Emma would love to see the day.

"I happen to be great at dissing guys too" Ellie admits "There way too many players out there. They should all just..." Ellie picked up one of her voodoo dolls "Die" she stabbed a needle in it and both Emma and Manny share a look

"Yeah, like God sent you to earth to stop man kind?" laughs Manny.

The next day with Ellie and Emma at a fast food resturant. They stood in line and Jimmy Brookes smirked with his friends checking the two out, remembering Emma liked to reject him a lot, Jimmy went to the new girl.

"Hey" he greets "Im Jimmy Brookes" he introduced himself to Ellie and Emma rolled her eyes "I was wanna go to the ravine to night? A place in the woods, you should check it out. You know, as a date?" he asks her and Ellie stares bluntly at him.

"no." she simply and dully said. The two girls grabbed their stuff and left.

"Bitch" whispers Jimmy shaking his head as his friends pointed and laughed at him. Emma laughs walking with Ellie.

"Yes, you are the man slayer" Emma said in sarcasm to laugh harder. Ellie smiled shaking her head.

"I panicked okay? I wasn't ready for it. Hell, I didn't even know the guy" Ellie admits "Just let me work on it" she teased. From then on the girls, all 3 of them have been best friends. Ellie got better with magic, Emma learned to controll the wolf in her and they were both looking up a way to help Manny in some way. For anything.