Last semester of highschool, senior year, and you'd think Emma would be studying and applying for colleges but she didn't. She sat on her floor, spellbooks all around her and candles lit. AOuiji board laid infront of her. She was whispering chants until somebody interrupted..

"Emmaaaa!" called Spike. Her mother.

Emma scoffed, and opened her eyes. She sat indian style and parted away from her new hobby. It was probably dinner time. Since her best friend had died about a month ago, it's like Spike and Snake finally felt bad about leaving her stranded most of her child hood so now, when she was a young adult and wanted the privacy and space, they were smothering her and trying to 'be there' for her.

Emma jogged up the stairs for dinner but then sighed sadly and looked back at the spell she was trying to create and rolled her eyes. It wasn't working. Who was she kidding? Manny was much more better at the magic thing.

When she left the room alone though, a small familiar laugh was heard and the ghost of Manny stepped where Emma once sat and shook her head. The Ouiji board, cute. Her and Emma use to always fool around with it when younger and just when they had started playing with magic, Manny had suggested it and Emma turned it down. Ironic she'd bring it back to get a hold of her. She sighed, knowing Emma wasn't dealing with her death very well. Then again, it'd be the same thing the other way around if it was Emma who had died. Manny wouldn't give up either.

When an hour went by, Emma came back downstairs. When she got to the last step, she stopped, and gave a puzzled look. The candles were out, but she didn't blow them out. She went to the ouijii board and saw the pointer was directed at the word 'Hi'. She bent down slowly and her eyes looked startled.

Emma swallowed hard and finally whispered, "...Manny?"

Oh god, what if it wasn't her. What if she just disturbed someone else from the dead? And now they were going to go all 'Insidious' on her and her family.


Emma yelped and fell back on her butt, staring up at Manny who suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of her and began laughing adorably. Emma was scared, heart pounding, but happier than she's ever been in weeks.

"MANNY!" she sat back up, staring at her supposed Dead Friend who sat across from her.

"Shhhh." giggled Manny, glancing up the stairs and hoping Emma's parents didn't hear her. "What are you doin Em?" she asked seriously now, gazing sadly around at all the magic Emma was trying to do.

Emma was still staring at her. "Oh my god." She just couldn't believe it! "You're really here."

"I am." Manny pointed to the Oujii board, "This? Doesn't work by the way. You can't 'summon' me. I've always been here."

Emma snapped out of it, and tried to comprehend all this, "You mean this whole time, you've been around? Why didn't you come to me sooner?"

Manny sighed, "I didn't know if it was right. I felt like maybe I was stuck here because of unfinished business. And I saw how sad you were... so maybe this is what I had to do."

"I-I.." Emma couldn't do this. Was she dreaming!? She stood up and Manny did too, "Can I hug you?"

Manny smiled disappointingly, "Sadly not. I'm dead, sweetie."

Emmas face twisted in pain, and her eyes flashed in denial, "No. You're not. I mean you are, but we are dealing with it."

Manny was awfully confused, watching Emma walk to some books. "Dealing with it?"

Emma turned around, a big smile finally slapped on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. She handed the spell book out for Manny to take and Manny gave her a look as she put her hand out to reach it, and her hand went through the book. "Ghost, Em." Manny reminded.

"Oh ..right!" Emma shook her head and shut her eyes. That was silly. She sat down on her bed and explained to Manny as she opened the book, "It's a spell book on how to get back a loved one. How to raise the dead. To bring you back."

Manny froze, and her eyes softened, "Emma... This is dangerous stuff. You can't do this."

"But I need you back." Emma's voice cracked, but she tried to stay strong and pretend she hadn't fell apart since Manny had died, "Ellie's been practicing more magic. She can do it. She said she would."

"I know this was hard on you, Em.. but I didn't think you'd go this crazy without me." Manny tried to joke lightly but meant it, and gave Emma a serious look, "This isn't healthy-"

"I'm bringing you back."

Manny paused. She just, she couldn't believe that they could do that. Once you were dead, you were dead. "Does Jay know you're doing this?"

Emma put her head down, opening her book to look distracted.

"Emma." she scowled.

"Its not his business. This is between me and you." Emma declared, looking back up at her.

Manny's eyes widened, "No, it's not! It's all you! How do you know if I even WANT to come back?" Manny paused and awkwardly shifted, "maybe I like being dead.."

Emma gave her a stupid look, "Do you?"

Manny grumbled, staring off in the distance now. "There's no pizza over here I must admit. Or Lucas. Or you. But other than that I guess I'm safe and sound." she finally scoffed, "Fine! I'm in hell. I mean, I literally think I'm in hell. I died a murderous werewolf and I think I'm stuck here haunting you guys or something." she sat down on the bed next to Emma, "I've seen Lucas. But he can't see me, because I don't want him too."

He looked to be really suffering the loss of her. Manny didn't want to confuse or scare him.

Emma sighed hopelessly, "I'm lost without you." she went serious and looked down, playing with her hands sadly. "Nothings the same without you."


Manny took a few seconds to think and took a deep shakey breath "Ok." she admitted, "I wanna come back. I wasn't ready to die and I miss LIFE. I miss all you guys. I miss pizza!"

Emma had to giggle a bit and loved the fact her best friend was sitting right next to her...and tomorrow, she was going to bring Manny back. TO LIFE.

"Lets do it."



Ellie stared at the ghost of Manny "Your kidding right?" she turns to look at Emma who laughs and shakes her head no.

"I thought you said you believed in everything." Manny taunted Ellie, "Wolves, fairies, yada yada... .. why didn't you figure ghosts could be real too?"

Ellie was just mortified and in shock. This spell they were doing to bring back Manny was scary enough, but now they were literally hanging out with a ghost.

"So.." Ellie swallowed the lump in her throat and asked Emma, "Have you told Lucas yet?"

"What am I suppose to say?" Emma said, sharing a look with Manny, "'Hey, remember when Manny died? Well, she's living as a ghost in my house now if you wanna go see her."

Ellie nodded understandingly, "It'd freak him out. He's been pretty upset."

Manny crossed her arms slowly and bit her lip, "Is it weird it makes me feel happy that he's so heart broken over me? I haven't moved on either." she'd hate to see Lucas with another girl or over her. Even if she was dead...

Emma had to laugh, rolling her eyes. But, on the serious side, Lucas really was torn apart..he wasn't even around anymore. Not even Jay could say he'd seen him ever in the last month and a half. Lucas barely spoke to even Jane, and he hated being near Emma because she was a reminder of Manny.

Meanwhile, Jay came into the house from upstairs. Emma had told him her parents were gone this week and she gasped, forgetting to mention that didn't mean COME OVER. He had no idea of their plan.

"HIDE THE SPELLBOOKS!" she hissed at Ellie and Manny.

Ellie dove for them with the blonde as Manny stood there, rolling her eyes, "HELLO!? Ghost remember? How many times do I have to say it?"

"Then disappear." hissed Emma from the ground, shoving the books under the bed.

She stood up when Jay came down the stairs and her and Ellie smiled too happily and suspiciously when he stopped at the end of the stairs, and looked at them.

He was handsome as ever, as always. His icy eyes squinting at the girls acting so strangely. "What are you doing?" he asked them, raising an eyebrow.

Ellie never wanted to mess with a vampire so blurted out, "nothing." she turned, and grabbed her bag, "Just leaving actually. Bye!"

Emma scowled, watching Jay turn to watch Ellie leave. Jay turned back to her, now stepping closer and eyes narrowing at her closely. He knew her too well, "What are you up to?" he corrected.

Emma froze up.. but then slyly grinned. She didn't like lying and she didn't HAVE to lie, she knew other ways to distract Jay. He wore a black windbreaker over his shirt and jeans, and her hands clenched both parts of it that unzipped jacket and sat down on her bed again, bringing him with her.

"I'm up to whatever you wanna be up to." she said seductively, smiling a bit as he grinned and laid on top of her, carefully holding himself up so not to crush her under him.

Jay growled a bit when she ran her fingers up the side of his neck to the back of his head and through his hair until she leaned up and kissed him. His hands went on her hips and gripped them, easily pulling them up and against him and she felt how hard he was already. Well, she had to admit, she'd been putting a lot of time into this Manny thing and hadn't seen him much which sucked. So, guess now it was time to make up for it.

He ran his thumb across her cheek, "I'm glad you're getting better." he said lowly.

Emma frowned. He meant about the whole Manny thing... .and she was only better because she was 'fixing' that 'problem' and Manny wasn't really gone. Ugh. Now she felt bad lying to him. But she knew she couldn't tell him what she planned on doing.

"I love you." he said seriously, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear as she looked up at him helplessly.

She groaned and got up, heart skipping wildly, "You had to say that now?"

Jay blinked, staring at where she once laid under him and then crawled up while looking at her insanely, "You want me to take it back?"

"No!" she then scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Ofcourse I don't."

She'd been waiting to hear it since she met him! She always kinda knew deep down, and it was like a silent thing between them that they didn't need to say out loud.. but hearing it ? Ugh. Even better..

..but even HARDER for her to lie to him after that...

Jay stood up, looking down at her like she was from a different planet "I've been alive for 100 years and I haven't met one girl who acted the way you just did to her boyfriend finally telling her he loves her." Jay licked his lips, glaring slightly ridiculously at her. Did she not know how hard this was for him? He hadn't said this to ANYONE before.. not even when he was human.

Emma's body was melting, knees weak. He EVEN called himself her boyfriend. She happily slid her hands up his chest to his shoulders and looked up lovingly at him. "I love you too. If that helps."

"That helps." He said with a sigh and wrapped his arms around her waist, nodding. He smirked when she giggled a little. He pulled her into him rather roughly but playfully and she yelped, then giggled again. Emma bit her lip when he lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck, legs around his waist.

Emma's back met with the wall and she moaned when his hips pressed against hers and she teased him back, moaning the way he liked it.. loud and against his ear. He returned it by nuzzeling her neck, and sucked against the healed scar on her neck and she threw her head back.

"Emma!" they suddenly heard and pulled apart. Emma then growled herself. Her FRIGGEN mother was back home.

Jay even glared up the stairs, "I liked it better when they weren't around."

Emma headed up the stairs and muttered, "me too." she looked behind her shoulder, "Don't go." she said. He nodded, and sat on her bed, waiting for her to come back. What he didn't see, was his foot right near a spell book under the bed.


"Ya?" Emma asked Spike

Spike and Snake turned to her suspiciously, "Em, do you want some dinner?"

"Not hungry." she insisted and watched her mother give Snake a look. Emma sighed, "I ate already."

Spike took a deep breath and raised an eyebrow, "Your sure your eating?"

Emma resisted rolling her eyes. Here comes the concerned parents. The ones who never cared and would rather take 100 trips around the world then raise their daughter until her best friend died.

"I'm fine." she snapped

"Is it drugs?" Snake had to asked.

Emma had to laugh and covered her face with her hands, "Oh my god you guys."

"We are just concerned!" Spike exclaimed.


Emma walked back down the stairs to Jay laying on her bed up against the bed frame. He smirked when she came over to the bed and groaned. "Did you hear all that?"

"You're on drugs and they're just concerned parents." he said with a grin, pulling her onto his lap as she rested her hands on his shoulders.

"I don't know if I want to tell them the reason I'm so different lately is because of drugs or cause I'm dating a vampire." she teased Jay.

He chuckled, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Dating huh?"

"Your the one who called yourself my boyfriend." she said with a grin

He looked up, and sheepishly cringed, "I did, didn't I?"

She answered that by lowering her head, pressing her lips against his and he moved his passionately against hers, running his fingers through her hair.

He was more than some silly boyfriend. So much more..

Baby, listen please
I'm not on drugs, I'm not on drugs,
I'm just in love
Baby, don't you see?
I'm not on drugs, I'm not on drugs,
I'm just in love
You're high enough for me
You're high enough for me
You're high enough for me

-Tove Lo (Not On Drugs)