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The mew mews landed on the ground, newly transformed, waiting for their enemy to attack.

"Kish! You won't get away with this!" Ichigo put her hand in the air, balled up in a fist.

"Yeah! You, too, Pai and Taru- Taru!" Pudding shouted.

"I said, don't call me that!" Taruto remarked.

"Go! Chimera animal!" Pai sent the half-elephant/ half mutant chimera after them. They jumped out of the way of its tusks and prepared to attack.

"RIBBON… MINT ECHO!" The attack came hurdling at the foe and knocked him back a little.

"RIBBON… ZAKURO'S PURE!" The attack slashed the foe's back, making it whine in pain. Ichigo smiled. She jumped up in the air with her Strawberry Bell.

"RIBBON… STRAWBERRY… SURPRISE!" She shouted. A bright light shined over the chimera. The aliens and the mew mews shielded their eyes from the flying dust and debris.

Soon the dust and smoke began to clear, and everyone unsheathed their eyes and looked around. The chimera had disappeared and the parasite was floating around.

"Collect!" Masha ate the parasite.

"Yay!" Pudding jumped in the air, "Na no da!" Ichigo crossed her arms looking at Kish, Taruto, and Pai.

"Pft…" Kish crossed his arms and grounded himself from flying. He walked over to Ichigo. Ichigo just stood there, seeing him as no threat. He lifted her chin with his hand and stared at her. She just glared at him.

"Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo… When will you learn?" he smirked.

"What do you mean?" she moved his hand away from her face.

"Well that, one: We were meant to be together, and two: We already have what we wanted…" he smiled devilishly. Ichigo looked at him suspiciously.

"What're you…" she looked up at Pai, and he was holding something shiny. Ichigo's eyes widened.

"He has the-!"

"… Mew Aqua?" he finished her sentence. She glared at Pai. The mews jumped back into action.


"RIBBON… ZAKURO'S PURE!" As their attacks barely reached the sky, Pai and Taruto teleported away.

"Darn it!" Ichigo yelled.

"Ichigo…" Kish got close to her face, "… Come with me…"

"Iie!" she shouted and pushed him away, "We were never meant to be together! Get that in your head…"

"Ichigo, I'm hurt…" he frowned and teleported away.

"I can't believe they got away with another mew aqua…" Ichigo complained. Everyone was sulking inside the café.

"You should've worked harder and maybe they wouldn't have…" Ryo snarled. A throbbing vein appeared on Ichigo's forehead.

"Listen you obsessed science, nerd freak! While were doing all the hard fighting, it wouldn't kill you to look out for important, details, like that!" she yelled at him.

"Hai Hai…" Ryo shoed her away.

"You!" She held up her finger in the air.

"Ichigo…" Keiichirou spoke up, "We al did our best, the aliens were just one step ahead of us…" he tried calming them down. Ichigo just crossed her arms and sat down.

"Ichigo…" Kish was daydreaming in the other dimension, "When will you just realize it? We were meant to be… And you will come with me…" he smiled. He sat there thinking for a second. He looked over to see Pai and Taruto arguing about the Mew Aqua.

"Baka! We should use this to power up, then squash those stupid Mew Mews!" Taruto yelled.

"Taruto! Enough childishness… The mew aquas maybe even more powerful than we thought…"

"Huh?" Taruto tilted his head at Pai's statement. Pai held the mew aqua up in his hand.

"This mew aqua is so powerful, to the fact, that we might even be able to control people with its power…"

"Whoa…" Taruto marveled at the mew aqua's brightness in Pai's hand, "So, what exactly are, we going to do with it?" Pai sat down the mew aqua and crossed his arms.

"We have to figure out exactly how to access that power and use it to help defeat the mew mews…"

"Good thinking Pai…" Taruto grinned. Pai and Taruto walked off leaving the mew aqua sitting alone. Kish was curious about what they were talking about, and went to observe the mew aqua himself…

"Hmm…" he stared at it for a few seconds. He picked it up examining it. An evil grin grew wider on his face.

"I know exactly what to do with this…" he picked up the mew aqua and placed it in his pocket, "Ichigo, you will be with me… Even if I have to force you… Hahahaha!" he laughed.

Kish had left the other dimension and was gone for quite a while. He was scheming about what he should do with the mew aqua he had obtained. He stared down at it in the palm of his hand.

"I know…" he grasped it in his hand, "as long as Pai and Taruto stay out of the way, my plan will work significantly…" he smiled staring down at Tokyo from the top of a building; he, then, teleported away back into the other dimension.

"Yawn… Tsukareta…" Ichigo laid down the mop she had in her hand and stretched, "Well, I'm off…" Ichigo grabbed her bag and clothes and left out the door. The other mews had previously left before her. Ichigo just had some things she needed to finish up because she had been late to work that day.

Ichigo walked down the sidewalk by the street watching all the streetlights, and the cars go by. She yawned once more and just continued on her walk home. She soon arrived home and dropped her things, going straight up to her room.

"Honey… Ichigo?" her mom called from downstairs.


"You missed dinner. Are you hungry?" she asked.

"No mom…" she called back, burying her head into her comfy pillow, "Time for bed…" she said, and was knocked out in less than two minutes…

"Hahahaha!" Kish laughed, "this is perfect…" he held up a necklace he had crafted. It had white and pink beads around it, with the focal point being a beautiful crest with a mew aqua concealed inside. He smiled at his work. "Whoever wears this necklace cannot take it off… Only the one that holds this manual can…" he held up a small booklet that had a couple written pages inside. It wasn't written in the beginning of the book, it was in the middle, so you couldn't read it right away.

It read…

How to use:

The one who wears this necklace may not take it off. No one else may either. Only the person owning this manual can.


How to get your host to obey-

1. You may simply say "sit" and the one wearing the necklace will plop to the floor.

2. You may also simply say "stand" and the one wearing the necklace will respond by standing…

3. The wearer will also respond to these following commands:


-Run around

-Roll Over



That is all the manual has written in it….

Kish smiled happily once again, at what he had made. He looked at the necklace one more time, before carefully placing it into his pant pocket.

"As long as Pai and Taruto don't miss the mew aqua, my plan can never fail…. Hahahahaha!" he continued into his unending laughter……..

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