Chapter 1: Razor! You've Done It Again!

Desert south of Megakat City...Midnight...Clear skies...

"Okay, Razor here we are." T-Bone said as he held the Turbokat in VTOL above their favorite canyon run.

"Whenever you're ready T-Bone!" Razor told him as he flicked on his revamped dimensional radar.

"Right! Here we go!" T-Bone said as he took the jet off hover and sent it plunging into the canyon. The radar clearly showed him a path through the canyon and he raced along smoothly. "Radar image is perfect, buddy. Just like daylight out here."

"Yeah! So far so good." Razor muttered back as he kept his eyes glued to the screen.

Soon targets showed up on the scope and Razor began taking them out. They were nearly through their run when Razor's last set of offensive targets fired at them. They were newly altered banshee missiles. Their signals were more powerful than the failed first batch.

T-Bone ducked and weaved as Razor attempted to pick them off. One, however, managed to hit the jet before the cinnamon tom took it out. The wild barrage of energy flashed over the jet scrambling its circuits.

"Yow!" T-Bone screeched jerking his paws from his controls. Razor echoed his yells as the cockpit lit up like a christmas tree.

During the chaos that ensued over the next few minutes, T-Bone felt the jet spin out of control then it was over and they were hurtling through the sky. T-Bone wrested the jet back under control.

"Woah! Now that was a wild ride I could have done without. Is everything alright back there, Razor?" T-Bone asked as a halted the jet to take stock of what had happened.

"I'm checking..." Razor said distractedly. "Crud! Radar's out!" He said in disgust.

T-Bone looked around while he waited and noticed something strange. "Hey, buddy how can the sun be coming up when it was near midnight when we started?"

"What!" Razor said as he looked out the cockpit window and saw the sun's corona. "That's not possible..." He started to say when the jet was rocked by laser fire. "T-Bone! Bogeys at three o'clock!" He shouted.

"Crud! Who the heck are they?" The big tom shouted as he took the jet off VTOL and tried to escape their pursuers.

Before Razor could answer a loud voice shouted at them over the com, "You two hotshots are ruining our testing. Get your tails down here on the double!" It ordered.

"That's something Feral would say but it doesn't sound like Feral!" T-Bone commented as he continued to dodge and weave trying to escape.

"Yeah! And those jets don't look familiar either. What's going on?" Razor said confused.

"I don't know buddy, but I can't seem to shake these birds off my tail. They're good and as fast as the Turbokat." T-Bone said grimly as he gave up trying to escape to the city and plunged back into the canyon again but his pursuers stayed right on his tail firing lasers at them. Strangely they weren't trying to hit them.

"You might as well give up SWAT Kats and land!" The odd voice commanded.

"I don't think we have a choice buddy. We can't shake them and they haven't tried to hurt us and we can't risk losing our jet. Best we do as the voice says and find out what's going on." Razor said in concern.

"Roger. Going down!" T-Bone acknowledged unhappily and turned the jet toward the plateau where a group of kats were standing.

Landing behind the group, with their pursuers hovering above them, the SWAT Kats jumped down from the cockpit. The small group of strangers walked up to them.

"Who the heck are you?" The apparent leader of the group said as soon as they got close.

"I could ask the same of you. You're not Feral." T-Bone said in confusion. Standing before him was a tall, powerfully built female wearing an Enforcer uniform.

"I am so Commander Feral! Why are you dressed like the SWAT Kats?" The female demanded.

Razor and T-Bone gaped at her in shock!

Then T-Bone turned to his partner and said, "Crud! Razor you've done it again!"