Ok, this is my Sakusasu story, called "Smiling at doom." I hope you like it, and it's a songfic to "Angels" by Within Temptation. (Like this song hasn't been used before, eh? But I thought it fit well so I made a version of it myself.)

All legal information:

The story Naruto belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto, as do the characters Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

The song "Angels" belongs to Within Temptation.

I claim none of this. Please enjoy the story.


Fallen angel, I believed. You were my saviour, in my time of need.

He always saved her.

Blinded by faith. I couldn't hear all the whispers. The warnings so clear.

Everyone else knew he'd deflect and leave them, including her. But she ignored it.

I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door. There's no escape now, no mercy no more.

And now, as a criminal, he was there ready and willing to kill her.

No remorse cause I still remember...the smile when you tore me apart.

She smiled as he raised the sword to her head.

"Ashiteru, Sasuke-kun."

You took my heart, decieved me right from the start.

He played her for a fool. All those days they had spent together were lies.

You showed me dreams. I wish they'd turned into real.

She knew deep inside his hate and dreams to kill Itachi, everything he did for that moment, would destroy him.

You broke a promise...

He said it himself, he didn't want to see another person he cared about die again.

and made me realize: it was all just a lie.

No verbal response. Just a sword cutting through her, and then as the darkness closed in...

"Ashiteru, Sakura. Domo arigato."

Ashiteru --- I love you.

Domo Arigato --- Thank you.