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Rosalie's POV

I had just returned from shopping with Alice. I had several bags in my hands. I lugged them to my room myself. I had thought perhaps Emmett would hear I was home and come and help me. But no luck. He was probably playing that stupid computer game again. I had no idea what was so appealing about it anyway.

I got into our bedroom and there he was, his eyes glued to the screen. I sighed loudly as I put my things down.

"Oh hi Rose. How was shopping?" he asked. His voice was far away. He obviously didn't care. I could say I had fallen madly in love with the boy who worked at Abercrombie and Fitch and was planning on running off with him this very night and would have nodded and said 'that's nice'. If that boy was willing to pay more attention to me than my own husband I was going to seriously consider it.

"Fine. Are you still playing that stupid game?" I asked impatiently. Since when had a game become more appealing than I was?

"Babe, World of Warcraft is not stupid!"

"Okay Emmett, whatever you say."

"Did you get anything good?" he asked. He was acting like he was interested so I would tell him what I bought and he could pretend as though he was listening. Fine, two could play at that game.

"Some things. A few new shirts, some new shoes, oh and this," I said as I pulled out a Victoria's Secret bag. My last stop at the mall had been to buy some new lingerie. All of my old stuff was more than a few months old and I was getting bored with it already. So I noiselessly slid on one of the very revealing nightgowns and stood in the room, waiting. I could see my reflection in the computer screen. Emmett turned around when he saw the reflection and grinned mischievously.

"Why Mrs. Cullen, what are you wearing?" he asked, lust in his eyes. I knew I was more important than that game.

"Do you not like it?" I asked. He got up and crossed the room to me. I pushed him back on our bed and climbed into his lap. Just as I was about to detail exactly what I was planning to do to show him I was much more interesting than I computer a sharp knock came to the door. Before we had a chance to respond it opened.

"Rosalie I was wondering if perhaps you would be able to—OH MY GOD! I AM SO SORRY!" Carlisle ran out of the room as quickly as he could manage. He was one of the few of the family that would not know if something was going on in our bedroom. Alice would see it beforehand if need be, Edward would hear our thoughts and Jasper would feel the emotions. Only Carlisle or Esme would come in and not know what to expect.

"Well that thoroughly ruined the mood," I mumbled. I felt stupid and embarrassed in this little nighty now. I got off of Emmett and changed into normal clothes.

Suddenly I heard Edward laughing hysterically somewhere in the house. He had either just read Carlisle's thoughts or mine and Emmett's. Either way, he found the situation hilarious.

"SHUT UP EDWARD!" I shouted. He only laughed harder.


I heard a bang and was pretty sure he had fallen to the ground he was laughing so hard. He was such a pain in the ass.

When I turned back to Emmett to ask him what he wanted to do now he was back in his computer chair, playing that infernal game again. I was already irritated that he was so addicted to it and that my fun had been ruined. Without warning I took it and threw the computer through the open window beside him. He looked up at me incredulously.

"Rose what was that for?"

I threw my hands into the air and stormed out of the room. He was impossible. Now, to go pummel Edward…

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